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Here are some pictures of my favorite WWE Superstars. Under their pics, I will tell why I like them and why they are the best!

Triple H

Triple H is simply one of the best superstars that the WWE has to offer. He is one of the best heels ever to step foot in the WWE cause he's the only one who could get the crowd to hate him. Triple H is a 10-Time WWE Champion.  10-Times!  I don't think anybody will ever be able to compete with Hunter.  A lot of people I know hate the man.  I don't know why, but all I keep hearing is that he only won the title 10 times because of him being married to the boss' daughter, but we all know that's beyond bullshit.  Triple H worked his ass off to get to where he is today.  Nobody lives and breathes the WWE business like Triple H.  Nobody!

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle here is my Olympic Hero. He has accomplished so much since he debuted in the WWE.  In less than a year he became the Intercontinental and European Champion. Plus he was the 2000 King Of The Ring. Then finally he won the WWE Championship from The Rock at No Mercy. Then recently he won the WCW Championship from Booker T.  Not only did he win both the WWE and WCW titles, but he won an Olympic Gold Medal and that says a lot right there.  This is why he is one of the best right now and plus he has one good body and is so cute. Oh It's True!  It's damn true!


Now on to the Undertaker. Oh man there are a lot of reasons why Undertaker is the best. There are so many that I may not have enough room to type it all down, so I won't type it all, Imma just put a few reasons why he's the best. First of all, Undertaker was one of my favorite wrestlers when I was small. He was the first person I saw when I was watching it for the first time. He kinda scared me though cause of how he looked. All that don't matter though, the reason why he's the best is because he's been around for so long. He knows everything there is to know about the WWE. Plus he has one of the best moves, which is the Tombstone Piledriver.  Bottom line is that Undertaker is the best and always will be!

The Rock

Now on to The Rock, The People's Champion, The Great One, The Most Electrifying Man in sports entertainment today. There is no tellin on why The Rock is on here. Simply because he is one of the best and plus if I don't put him on here, I got a friend who will get mad at me for not doing it. Plus he is a 10-Time Champion, and I think he's tied with Hunter, although I hate saying it. He was also the Royal Rumble 2000 winner and he got to face Stone Cold at Wrestlemania X-Seven, but of course he lost the title from him cause he sucks. Now The Rock is out in Hollywood somewhere making movies like the traitor he is.  Rock states he'll return, but he never does.  I really wouldn't care if he made a return to the WWE either.  If he ever does, I hope Triple H beats the crap out of him AGAIN!

Dave Batista

I remember watching Smackdown! when Batista first debuted.  Batista was this huge man walking along side D-Von Dudley.  I never paid much attention to the guy until he went over to RAW and joined Evolution.  I noticed that Batista was the guy who protected everybody else like Hunter, Orton, and Flair.  Batista was the only man who could take out Bill Goldberg just like that.  Dave is almost as powerful as Kane because he could empty out a ring filled with superstars as well if he wanted.  Batista is a 1-time World heavyweight champion that doesn't like to be angry.  Once you angry Batista, he'll unleash The Animal that's inside of him.  Just ask Triple H.  ha!

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has been in the WWE for years now and he has become one of my favorite superstars. He is funny as hell on the mic, and he has a great finishing move. I don't know much about him because he was in ECW and WCW before he came to the WWE. I remember when he first came, he interrupted The Rock and so The Rock said his mean things and made Jericho cry. It was funny. You had to see it.  Jericho is the first ever Undisputed Champion who defeated The Rock and Stone Cold, two of the greatest superstars ever.  Jericho is the only wrestler who has held the Intercontinental Championship 7 times.  It makes me mad that the WWE won't give him another title shot, but we all know he'll be the champion again very soon.

Ric Flair... WOOOO!

'To be the man, you've got to beat the man!'  Nobody says it better than Ric Flair himself.  This man happens to be one of the greatest wrestlers ever!  Flair is a 16-time world champion!  Not only that, but Flair also won the Intercontinental Championship for the first time in 2005 by defeating the young Carlito.  Flair prooved that he was still the man that night.  I really don't know much because Flair was in WCW and I was an anti-WCW person growing up.  I just remember him making his return to the WWE one night by becoming the new GM of RAW.  I just remember being in total shock that night.  Later on, he became my favorite by joining forces with The Game and Evolution.  Today The Nature Boy still runs wild in the business.  It'll be a while before this man retires.


JBL, the only superstar to hold the WWE Championship for 10 months making him the longest-reigning WWE Champion in 10 years!  How amazing is that?  Not that amazing I tell ya!  Triple H has held the World Heavyweight Championship for over a year!  HA!  JBL has had a very successful career with the WWE.  JBL was a tag team champion on many occasions and a hardcore champ as well.  I remember when he changed the hardcore title belt into one of his own.  All I can say is that his belt looked a lot better than John Cena's.  I've been a fan of JBL for quite some time now.  It just sucked that he returned to Smackdown! rather than RAW because with a powerful guy like him, he needs to be on RAW.  I can't wait until he becomes champion again.


X-Pac Sucks?! No, X-Pac doesn't suck, YOU SUCK! X-Pac is one of the very best in the business cause he's been around for a long time and I remember watching him when I was small. He was called the 1-2-3-Kid back then. X-Pac is a generation superstar cause of his cool moves and cause of the history in the WWE. X-Pac is simply one of my favorite superstars because of the way he wrestles and cause of his moves and his martial art skills.  I just wish that he had never dated Chyna...


Victoria is an awesome diva!  This is the diva that used to be one of The Godfather's hoes.  Victoria was then powerbombed through a table by The Godfather when he became part of the Right To Censor and then became The Goodfather.  Victoria recovered and became this evil diva that was very psycho.  I instantly became a fan of hers because she didn't take shit from nobody!  Every time somebody got in her way she would finish them off with her deadly finishing move she calls The Widows Peak.  Victoria is a former WWE Women's Champion.  This woman has a long future ahead and I know she'll accomplish a lot.  Victoria is just awesome!

Rob Van Dam

Mr. Monday Night, Mr. Pay Per View, The Whole F*ckin Show! RVD! I remember seeing RVD on WWE 'Raw Is War' back in 97, but I didn't care for him because I didn't really know the guy. Now when I see him and watch him wrestle, omg he makes me drool. RVD has great wrestling skills and has a very nice body and omg I love his long beautiful hair when it's down. I just wish he wasn't married. RVD is just the best out there and one day he might become the WWE Champion. Cause he's R-V-D!!!

Stephanie McMahon Helmsley

Stephanie here is nothing but a b!tch, but I thought I would add her here anyway. I remember when I first seen Stephanie. All I thought was "Damn could she be anymore ugly?" and then as time went on, she finally started to dress better, but after she got them fake implants, she got more stupider and stupider. The thing I like about her is the way she acts in the ring. Man she makes me laugh like hell. She is very powerful in my opinion cause she has a Genius for a father. Stephanie is just kool, but needs to stop acting like a b!tch at other times. Plus she needs to get with someone else and leave my Triple H alone!


Now I don't really know much about Kane, but he does belong here cause he is a former WWE Champion. Therefore, he is one of the best in the business and although him and his brother Undertaker have had so many fights, they still get along very well. Kane is one big tough guy when it comes to fighting cause he ain't afraid of nobody. He could walk over anybody cause he is so huge and nothing can stop him from hurting them.  You can throw in a ring filled with wrestlers and Kane will over power them like nothing.  That's why Kane is so cool, and plus his chokeslams are the best.  I can't wait for him to become the champion again.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and I dont deserve to be treated like this! Well that fact of the matterr is that Stone Cold will go in and out of the WWE cause he sucks like that and all, but that's not the point. The point to all of this is that he was one of the best and he was one of my favorites back then.  I do remember that he used to annoy the hell out of me with his stupid 'WHAT?!' saying.  It was funny at the same time though.  Stone Cold goes back and forth into the WWE.  The man hasn't been champion for a while, but he is the toughest son of a bitch that the WWE has to offer.  And that's the bottom line!

Shawn Michaels

What can I say about Shawn Michaels?  Not only is he one of the greatest WWE performers, but one of the greatest legends as well.  Shawn Michaels is the only Grand Slam Champion that the WWE has.  Back when Wrestlemania 14 ended, HBK had a serious back injury.  This injury forced The Showstopper to retire from the WWE.  All us fans thought he'd never make a return, but surprise surprise.  Shawn Michaels made a return and instantly started a feud with his former best friend Triple H.  At the 2002 Survivor Series, HBK became the World Heavyweight Champion by winning the Elimination Chamber match, one of the most dangerous matches in the WWE today!  I grew up watching him win championship after championship.  Shawn Michaels will be known as one of the greatest legeneds in the near future.

Randy Orton

Not only is Randy Orton cute, but he's the youngest superstar to ever win the World Heavyweight Championship in the WWE.  At age 23, Orton successfully defeated Chris Benoit at the 2004 Summerslam event.  Evolution didn't help him win the match either.  Orton did it on his own and made history!  This 3rd generation superstar has a bright future with the WWE.  I never cared for him when he made his debut until he joined forces with Evolution of course.  Orton likes to call himself The Legend Killer because he's beaten them all, including The Undertaker and Mick Foley.  Orton defeated Foley in a hardcore match with barbed wire, thumbtacks, steel chairs, etc.  After that match, I now have respect for Orton with the beatings he took on that night.  Orton prooved that he could be inside the ring with the bigger superstars.

Road Dogg

OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW?! Well all of you wrestling fans should know that Road Dogg here was one of the very best in the WWE. He was founder of the New Age Outlaws. Plus I have always liked Road Dogg for the way he came to the ring and the way he did his kool quote. I miss Road Dogg. He was the best and still is, and one day I hope to see him make a return to the WWE and become the Hardcore Champion again.

Owen Hart

Owen Hart was one of the greatest WWF superstars that has ever lived. He was one of my favorites growing up because I loved the finishing move him and his brother Bret used. The Sharpshooter. I remember seeing Owen and Bret fight each other for the "King Of Harts" battle at a King Of The Ring ppv. Those were the best matches ever. Pwen used to make me laugh a lot when he was partners with Jeff Jarret. That was when everybody started calling him "Nugget". He got that name because there was a little guy who could make his voice like every WWF superstar and one night he made it into Owen's voice and started saying "My name is Owen Hart and I'm a nugget" and from there everybody called him that. That's when Owen's quote came famous. He would say "Enough Is Enough! It's Time For A Change! WOOOOO!" Owen was just the best ever. He still is! He is not a nugget either. He is THE KING OF HEARTS!!!

Trish Stratus

Let me be honest and say that I was not a huge Trish Stratus fan when she debuted.  This bitch used to annoy the hell out of me actually.  I do, however, have a lot of respect for her.  Trish is the type that would rather show off her in-ring skills and talent rather than pose for Playboy.  Trish actually turned them down so many times, and that's what I liked.  Her character just annoyed me back then.  I only put her up because she's the only WWE Diva that has ever won the Women's Championship over 5 times.  Trish is also a 3-time Babe Of The Year, so that's a huge accomplishment considering the fans were the one's who voted for her.  Trish can also put up one hell of a fight when she wants.  I wish she would just turn heel because the evil side of Trish is just awesome!

Ken Shamrock

The World's Most Dangerous Man Ken Shamrock was probably another favorite of mine. He was a very good wrestler and oh man he had the nicest body and still does. I have watched Shamrock for a long time also and I loved his ankle lock submission. He would go challenge any wrestler and break their damn ankle like that. I wish he would come back to the WWE to win the championship.


Chyna here has always been my favorite Diva. I remember when I saw her walkin down to the ring with Triple H. All I thought was "Omg who in the hell is he walkin with or what is he walkin with" and then when she started to hit the guys and give them her famous "Low Blows" she became my favorite. I don't know why everybody hates her. I hate it when they say that Chyna is a mna. SHE IS NOT A MAN! I seen pics of her when she was younger and I met her in person and she is not a man. I just wish Chyna was still in the WWE. At least she was the IC Champion and the Women's champion.