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This is the page where you'll find lots of pictures that include me.  Some with my friends and some with my family.  I even posted my Senior pictures.  Just click on the thumbnails to view the actual size of the image.  Enjoy!

Senior Pictures

Me With Family

Me and Noah Me and my sister Dawn Me and my siblings Nichole, Dopey, and me

Me and Nichole Me and the whole family Me and Racheal Me and my cousins

Me and Jenelle Me and Raelene, who's all fucked up right there. Me and Racheal Me and Tana

Me and William Me and Christon.

Me With Friends

Me and Keith Me and Raelynn Me and Chantel Crystal, me, and Jamie

Me and Derrick Me and Julian Me, Dewey, and Brooke Marita and I

Me and Hayden Me and Mike Me and Conan Me and the entire group

Me and Wes Me and Mike standing in the rain. Me and Louis BEFORE he started drinking. Me and Leandra with her 40oz.  Eww!

Me and Louis AFTER he started drinking. Leandra & her damn 40 covering up my smile.  Raelene is to my right.

Me and Donna Me and Marcine

Me and Hayden with some good shit! Catching Jay by surprise Kicking it outside my house Too bad Jay covered my face lol

Marcus and me Kicking it at Mike's Jay, Me, Mike, and Pam Nichole, Rach, Dewey, Me, and Darnell

Donna passes out on us! Desirae and myself all wasted Me and Donna again... we're drunk this time. Jay, Me, and Pam

Look at me all drunk! Wow we're very drunk there!

Random Photos

Easter 2005 Me, Christon, and Noah.  Easter 2005 Me smoking away Me exhaling

That's me right under my nickname there that Marcine tagged on to her house. Smoking a fat blunt. Me drunk off my ass at my cousins. Damn sun blinds me!

I'm all crack happy there. Staring right back at you. The people's eyebrow? All crack happy again even after we ran out of gas!

Hmm... Too bad I didn't smile there. How's the weather down there? I smiled!  Too bad I was high.

Showing off my awesome jacket Stoned off my ass! Smoking a blunt Smoking a joint

Smoking a joint again I heart marijuana And another joint... BLUNT TIME!!

You can never get enough... This is an old photo... not sure what I was doing Passed the fuck out!! That shit fucked me over!