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Here are some of my very good friends at home and online!

My BFF Heather <3

This here is Heather. Me and her have been friends for about 8 years now.  I can't believe that.  We've been through a bunch of shit together.  There was a time where she was never on, but once she came back online, our friendship grew closer and closer.  It's now to the point where we go crazy when we don't talk for a week or so.  It's pretty funny, but awesome when one of your friends like her tells you that they actually miss you.  Not only that, but when they say they need you and shit.  Heather's the only friend I have who's ever told me this and it made me feel so good.  Plus she hasn't stabbed me in the back like some of my other friends.  I'm lucky to have a friend like her.  I love her a lot.  Don't know what I'd do without her.  She's so much better than some of my other friends... like Amber.  SONIC 4 LIFE!!  <3

Nigel & Rachel

This is my good friend Rach and her husband Nigel. This is one of my favorite pics of them together. Rach is just always there for me, and I try to do the same for her. She is the one who is quiet. I hardly chat with her that much now because I'm never up during the day anymore. She is still kool though. Rach is just a good friend and there aint nothin to it.

Jamie FUCKING Rizzo <333

Jamie FUCKING Rizzo!!  I've known this stupid gothic for about 5 or 6 years now.  Stupid goth lied to us all about her identity when we first met.  Of course we all lost contact with her until fucking myspace came about.  Jamie found me there and we just became great friends.  Now we talk every fucking day about the dumbest things.  We just love talking about our own amazing stories, but Jamie always cuts us off because all she cares about is her mohawk boyfriend!  HAHA!  I just love talking to her over the phone.  Non-stop laughter there too.  Plus I can talk to her in my own way without having someone tell me I'm weird or gay because she talks EXACTLY like me, so it rules!  I love this girl so much.  I'm glad she found me when she did!  JJAS FOR LIFE!! <333


This is my very good friend Tammy. I don't remember how we met, but we just did in school and been friends ever since. Me and Tammy just talk to each other online now because we both got no lives and are always online. Tammy makes me laugh like hell every time I see her. Just the way she cusses at me makes me laugh because she does not sound like a person who cusses. Tammy is just a good friend and has been for the past 5 years. Tammy Dogg is just kool to be with, especially when you're high!

Nima aka JTP <3

Here is Nima aka JTP.  But he would rather have me call him Nima, his real name.  Me and him have been friends for like 5-6 years now maybe.  He makes me laugh every time he signs in.  Just the way he annoys other people makes me laugh hard, although the things he says are stupid.  We've had our ups and downs, but he's always the one to get mad.  If I don't want to do something he wants me to do, he gets mad and signs off, but he always comes back on and talks to me.  He's my baby.  hehe.  Seriously... I love this boy.  Our best times are always on the webcam.  hehe.  ;)

My boy Keith

Yes this is Keith.  I've known him since the 8th grade.  Man he used to piss me off everyday.  He would throw spit wads at you, put gum in your hair, trip you in the hallways, and he would walk by and punch your arm as hard as he could.  He don't pick on me anymore though.  Probably cause I give him money and that I'm always nice to him, but he makes me laugh like hell in class.  Me and Him would laugh all hour in Geology class and I'm sure Mr. Wade got sick of us.  Keith is kool and hope he stays funny till we both graduate.

This is Toni.  I've been friends with her since the 7th grade.  We never hung out as much because her and another friend of mine decided to not be friends anymore.  Plus she joined the Army right after she graduated from high school.  We barely started talking again not too long ago.  I came home one day and noticed that she had called me, so I had my niece tell her I was home.  She calls and we been talking ever since.  Of course we haven't seen each other in about 3 years at least.  Right now she's in Iraq fighting for our country and all.  Toni's pretty cool.  She makes me laugh a lot because of the stupid shit she does when she's drunk.  Hopefully we get to see each other again very soon.

That's Preston.  He happens to be Rhiannon's little brother.  Man I've known this boy for 7 or 8 years now.  He was still in the 4th grade when I started hanging out at their place.  Now he's in high school going to the same school as me.  How sad is that?  I'm going to school with my friend's little brother.  haha!  But it could be worse.  I could be graduating with him in a few years if I wanted, but this year is my final year.  Preston is cool.  I played video games with him, bought crap off of him, and so on.  But he's still the same to me in every way.  hehe.


Here is Jason.  I've known him for a while now.  My sister Nichole introduced me to him because he's a huge WWE fan just like I am.  I just wish his favorite star wasn't The Rock.  Jason and I are good friends now.  He usually calls me up every weekend just to see what's going on and to see if I need some stuff from him.  I just hope that my sister doesn't piss him off to a point where he'll stop calling.  I need Jason for my stuff and plus he's just cool to be with.


This is Dante, the weirdo. Man I swear he is so stupid, its funny! Every time I'm with him, all I do is laugh. Especially when it comes to my sister Nichole. He is always asking about her and just saying stupid things about her. I've been friends with Dante for a few years now. He's just funny to be with and you always laugh. He moved to Utah, so hardly talk to him, but he has a computer down there, so I'll just be talking with him on the net!  Plus he's always coming back to G-Town, so I could always catch him and talk for a while.  Dante is just cool!

Kathleen with her man Eric

Kathleen and I have been friends for a few years now.  I met her in high school.  The two of us had drama class and math class together.  Kathleen always helped me out when it came down to homework.  I copied her paper everyday.  She was very helpful.  If it wasn't for her, I'd probably still be in high school.  haha!  She's a great friend to have.


This here is my good friend Nathan. He is the guy who helps me out with a lot of things on the computer that I dont know about. Plus he is also there for me when he knows I'm feeling bad. I've been his friend for years now, and we only had a few fights and none after that. Nate is just cool to talk with, especially when it's with Dirk! They argue like hell and its just fun to be with them.  Of course we only talk every so often because we're both in school and always busy.  OMFG I love this picture so much! Nate actually looks good there.

Dirk and Liz at their wedding.

Liz and Dirk, 2 of my best friends.  I don't even know where to start.  I've known them both for about 5 years now.  These two are huge WWE fans like myself.  I get along well with Liz because she's a Triple H fan like myself.  Dirk and I had a bad start because he always talked shit to me about Hunter.  Dirk knew he could piss me off, so he always did it on purpose.  I eventually got used to it and he and I became great friends.  There were tough times when he and Liz wouldn't talk and it just sucked.  I remember saying things I never meant to say, but that was long ago.  Today, the three of us still talk with one another and Dirk is still an ass when it comes down to Hunter.  Liz and I became close, so we talk all the time.  I'm so thankful that they're my friends.  I just wish I was at their wedding in 2004.  I still can't believe I missed it!  I love them both dearly and wish them nothing but happiness in the near future.  Let's hope they name one of their kids after me.  HA!

Jen my WWE and Hunter love lol

Jen is another friend I've known for about 7-8 years.  We both met in a chatroom and instantly got along because of our un-dying love and obsession for Triple H.  I swear me and her know EVERYTHING about him.  Not only are we obsessed with Triple H, but we're obsessed with wrestling.  We're insane WWE fanatics.  We can go on and on.  People might find it boring, but we can't help it!  I love her a lot.  Can't wait for the day to come when she finally gets high again.  haha!  JJAS FOR LIFE!! <3

Click here to view a larger image.

This is Marcine here.  After so many years of my homepage being up, I finally added a picture of the whore.  This is the girl I grew up with.  She's my best friend.  I go to her every time I need someone to talk to or when I just feel like bitching and crying.  Only reason I go to her is because she knows me more than anybody else does.  She's a good person when she's not drinking, which she probably won't be doing for a long time.  What else could I say about her?  She's been a good friend to me since I met her.  I'm surprised we're still friends to this very day.

Hayden in his uniform.

There's Hayden.  I also grew up with the fool too because this is Marcine's younger brother.  Hayden is the type that doesn't give a shit about anything.  He could date 3 girls at one time and he wouldn't care.  He'd just laugh about it all.  He's funny.  Every time I'm around him, we just usually talk shit about Marcine and joke about everything else.  He's cool toward me though.  Can't help but like him.

Rhiannon here has been a friend of mine for quite some time now.  Of course we barely started talking again not too long ago.  I've known her since she was 14.  That was 6 years ago!  Man where does the time go?  We used to talk on the mic every other night and all.  Plus I think it's neat to know someone from Australia.  That's one place I must visit before I die too!  Rhiannon's a good friend and hopefully she will become a Triple H fan soon.  I doubt it'll happen, but you never know.  And The Rock sucks might I add!

Liv lookin like she's 30.

Liv here is a fool.  LoL!  She likes to pick on me when it comes down to Triple H.  But I know she likes him.  She just won't admit it.  I met Liv through LiveJournal, the WWE Community we're both in.  Me and her have so much in common.  It freaked me out when we first started talking on MSN.  It's cool though because I know how she feels from some of the shit she goes through because I go through the same thing.  Liv's a good friend and she has good taste in music.  hehe.

Unibrow haha

Here's Amber and her Unibrow!  LOL!!  Man me and this whore have been friends for about 8 years.  We've been into a few fights and didn't talk and all, but we started talking again somehow.  Now we're really good friends.  All we do is talk about stupid shit online and on the phone.  I just love our 3-ways with Jamie.  Non-stop laughter there.  Plus I must remember the name Tyler.  She's obsessed with him, but I have no clue on who the fag is.  haha!  JJAS FOR LIFE!! <3

Click here to view a larger image.

Kim on the left side is Keith's twin sister.  I forget who's older, but I knew Kim was about 3 years now.  I just never really talked to her until this year.  Man she acts exactly like Keith does.  It  amazes me too.  Same attitude, same everything.
Racena in the center is one of the cool girls.  I met her last year in a class we had together.  We always pissed off our teacher and said shit back to her because of how stupid she was.  Man that teacher sucked.  But Racena was the one who always said shit.  haha!  I found it pretty funny too.
Chantel on the right side is a stoner just like myself.  I met her just this year in my math class.  Her, Kim, and Racena always laugh at other girls in the class saying their little whores and all.  It's pretty damn funny talking with them.  And Chantel and I happen to have our third hour together too.  So everything works out great this year.

My cousin Kez with her man Brandon

This is Kez. That's her boyfriend she's posing with.  His name is Brandon.  I've known her my whole life almost. It's like we grew up together or something because we hung out everyday and walked everywhere together. Of course both our families knew each other and that's why me and her consider ourselves cousins, although we aren't so sure if we are or not. Anyway Kez is a very good friend and she's funny and just stupid sometimes. She lives in Phoenix, but she comes down once in a while to visit. She's crazy!  All me, her, and Brandon do is get high and drive around town for a while until we're burnt out.  We also talk on the phone a lot.