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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail and tell you about part of my life, but not all.  At the very bottom you'll find pictures I've taken of my room.

Well first of all my name is Seandae and I just barely turned 17 cause today is my birthday.  I'm Native American/Navajo.  It's August 8th and the time is 3:22am, so therefore it's my birthday today.  Me working on my website on my birthday and not out partying like I usually do?  That's because I would rather chat than party now. I'm from Thoreau, New Mexico and I got 3 older sisters and 1 older brother.  My parents divorced when I was 3, so I grew up without a Dad, but I still see him and he gives me money. Alright enough about all that already.  I don't know anything else about that part, so let's move on.
I'm 5'6" and I weigh about 180 cause I eat too damn much.  I'm always eating Pizza cause that's my favorite food.  I got brown hair and brown eyes.  By the way, I don't look fat and I never get any bigger so don't be thinking that I'm all huge and all cause I'm not!

Now let's see here. I grew up living in Thoreau, New Mexico which is 30 miles away from Gallup. I have lived here my whole life and I still do. Thoreau sucks big time cause it's such a small city and only about 300-500 people live here in this small boring town.
When I was small I was a weird child, or so I heard. I don't think I will tell any of the stories about me when I was small, so Imma skip that part.  What I will tell you is that I was a huge wrestling fan.  That explains why most kids picked on me in school because they never seen a girl that was so into the sport.  I didn't care though.
Well I will tell you about my life in school cause I've done a lot of crazy things in school. In pre-school I used to take off from there all the time and come back home. The school is about 1 block away from my house and so of course I would take off and come back home. Then from Kindergarden through 5th grade I would always be in the office for talking back to my teachers or for breaking things on the playground during recess. Man I would get sent home almost everyday. I remember in 5th grade when we had that stupid D.A.R.E. program, I was chosen as one of the top 2 students for my class because of the essay I wrote about all them drugs and what it could do to you. I knew everything about them because hell, I was smoking and getting high already by the time I was in 5th grade. Then I had to read my essay in front of 100 people 1 week later when they had that stupid thing on it. Man I was all high that night and here they make me read my stupid essay, and when I was trying to read what I wrote, it was all blurry, and I was readin so slow. Finally when it was all over I hurried and ran back and while I was going down the stage stairs, I missed a step and fell down. Man everybody in my class was laughing at me and I just laughed myself thanking that I fell in front of them and not in front of the whole audience there. That night was messed up though because I had won all kinds of stupid things from D.A.R.E., like a shirt, bag, poster, pencils, folders, and a Yo-Yo. The next day at school everybody had on their shirts except me cause I wasn't a "Drug-Free" person. That day during lunch I was dieing to smoke a cigarette, and so I went behind the gym with a couple of friends and we smoked a cigarette, but then some other fat chick saw us and told the teachers, so we all got in trouble and got sent to the office. That day I got suspended from school. When I came back after 5 dayz of being suspended, the D.A.R.E. officer came to my class and he said he needed all my D.A.R.E. stuff back that I had won and that he needed to talk to me outside, so I went out there and he was yelling in my face big time. I remember him saying to me "What's the matter with you and smoking? This is Bull$h!t" and man right when he said that I started laughing and told him that he could take back all his stuff, cause I wasn't "Drug free". That was all that happened that whole week while I was at school and in the 5th grade, now let's move onto Mid School.
Well when I first went to the mid-school, I thought it was going to be hard, but it was pretty easy. The only problem was that I never did my work and I would always fall asleep in class. Nothing really happened during my 6th grade year, so let's move to 7th. Man in 7th grade I was ALWAYS getting into trouble. I would bring my CD Player and jam out to it in class and when my teacher cought me doing that, she told me to give her my CD player, but I wasn't going to, so I told her no and she sent me to the office. Then with all the talking back I did, I was in the office everyday. Finally I was on a contract, and if I got sent to the office once more for any reason, I would get kicked out for good, so of course I got sent for talking back and I got kicked out. I had to repeat that grade again, but only this time I wasn't going to Thoreau anymore. My Mom transferred me to Gallup because I was getting into too much trouble down in Thoreau. Man the first day of school in Gallup was weird cause all the kids stared at me like they had seen a ghost or something. I didn't care though cause I didn't know any of them and so I wouldn't talk in class or anything. I was always doing my work and getting good grades there, so my Mom kept me in Gallup. Then when 9th grade came around, I was starting to get into trouble again because the teachers would piss me off. I got kicked out that year of course, so finally my Mom sent me to some stupid Christian school that could only have 50 people. Man I knew people there because I guess all the kids that got kicked out went there, so of course I knew most of them that were there. Man that school was so easy. It was like doing 3rd grade work or something, so I passed 9th grade with no problem. In 10th grade I went back to that same school cause my Mom said I was doing good there. Of course I would get in trouble there anyway cause the teacher there was so annoying. Man she wouldnt allow us to say "Damn" and so every time I said that, she would yell at me. At least I made it through 10th grade.
Right now I'm in the 11th grade and so far school is going ok. I haven't got into troulbe YET! The work is pretty easy, but my 4th hour class sucks. The teacher gives us too much work. To make things worse, I have Keith in that class and it's not easy to do your work while he is there. He makes you laugh hard and you just never get to your work cause you're too busy laughin your a$$ off. Like my Mom told me "All you got to do is try" and to me, try is a bunch of BS! I'm doin good so far in that class though, so hopefully I will pass it this semester.
Now I'm a senior!  YAY!  Although I shouldn't get too happy because there's a chance that I won't be graduating again this year.  *Sighs*  I will be short of credits this year.  I got to have 27 to graduate, and right now I only have 16.  Even if I pass every class this year, that will give me 24 and I will be short three.  Man when i found out, I was so depressed that I wanted to cry right there in school.  I just walked slowly back to class thinking about what I should do.  I just made plans to take Saturday Academy and Night School.  Saturday Academy is a piece of cake, but Night School is what I'm worried about.  I can only take it if I failed a class, and so since I failed Geometry last year, I'm going to take it for Night School.  That's if enough students sign up for the class.  If enough student don't sign up, then they're not going to have the class and that's going to screw me over big time.  I'm sure that I can graduate though because all I have to do is try and work my ass off!  This year seems to be going by pretty quick though.  I'm going to make this year one of the best years ever with my friends because I know this will be the last time I see them again.  It'll be alright though.  I plan on staying at home for a while and then head off to a Tech school some where in Albuquerque and move into a nice place with my friend Tammy.  Everything will work out ok.
Hmm...well I didn;t graduate the class of 2003 like I thought I would.  Actually...I knew I wouldn't make it from the start, but there's always next year.  I'm in no hurry to get out of high school.  I'm not ready for the real world just yet.  I'd rather stay home and do nothing for the rest of my life.  Just take care of mother and all.  But right now I'm just at home doing nothing since school is out.  I don't think I will be going to summer school either, but that's good.  I just miss school.  I miss my friends.  Blah!  Let's all hope I pass next year and get out of high school.  hehe.
Well that's my whole history of school, hope you liked it as much as I did.
(11-14-03) - I'm back folks.  And yeah it's a new school year and I still attend high school.  I failed last year and never graduated with my class, so it's 2004 for me.  I don't care.  Just as long as I don't need to work or any crap like that.  I'm just trying to make this the best year ever considering it's my last.  I already met some new friends in weight-lifting class.  They know who they are because they're probably reading this right now and laughing their ass off at what I typed above...HILARY!  haha!  But yes, I still live at home in Thoreau.  I still get online each night because I have no life.  I'm still that same person.  So yeah that'll be all until the next update hopefully.  Who knows when that will be.
(8-15-04) - Well have I got some good news for all of you out there.  I've finally graduated from high school!  Class of 2004 baby!  WOOOO!  It only took me 6 long years to finally make it through without fucking up and all.  I was actually surprised at myself because during the last 9 weeks, I had a D in one class.  I thought it'd turn into an F or something.  heh.  But I do miss high school so much right now.  I'm not doing anything with my life.  I just sleep all day and watch TV once I'm awake and ready.  I'm not the type that would go out and get myself a job because my mother spoiled me hardcore while growing up.  Plus she told me I didn't need to work if I didn't want to.  I will, however, join the Army soon.  I thought about it for a while and realized that I didn't want to go back to school for a while, so joining the Army will really make time go by fast and all.  I just hope I don't die and all.  haha!  I'm not sure on when I'll leave.  I was planning on leaving at the end of August, but my siblings tell me to leave until the election is over, so maybe I'll stick around until then and continue to waste my life away.  That's all I'm up to right now.  I just stay up late, sleep all day, and watch TV.  Nothing interesting.  I'll try to keep updated with this thing though.
(4-27-05) - Hello peeps!  Nothing much has happened with me lately.  I didn't enlist into the Army like I wanted.  My family wasn't up for my decision, so I decided not to.  Plus I talked to a few of my friends in the military and they tell me that joining right now isn't worth it.  Instead, I'm going back to school.  I start sometime next month in May.  I'm hoping that I get my Bachlors' very soon.  By the time I'm 25 at least because I still want to enlist.  I don't think I want to enlist in the Army though.  I thought a lot about the Air Force.  I thought that it would be awesome to fly a jet or a plane for that matter.  It would rule all.  Of course I still live here at home.  I think I'll live at home for the rest of my life since school is just 30 miles away from here.  I still sleep all day and I still stay up late.  All of that will change once school starts back up.  And yes, I still watch wrestling.  I will always be into wrestling.  Remember that.  Anyway, I better get back to updating.  I'm trying to get rid of a few things here so that my pages will load better.  Hope you're all doing well.
(10-19-05) - Man the last few months have been very busy for me.  I went back to school and have been keeping up with it so far.  I get paid to come to school anyway, so that's the only reason I came back.  I'm passing all of my classes though.  I'm such a nerd and never knew it!  I don't work right now of course.  Not sure when I'll get a job, but that's not the case here.  I've just been going to school everyday and trying to learn things, but it hardly happens.  I'm always tired because I'm awake at 6 every morning.  Classes start at 8 for me and I don't get home until 6 in the evening sometimes.  It sucks!  People tell me that it'll all be worth it when I get my degree, so lets see what happens.  I also started smoking weed again too.  I've been trying to quit again, but it doesn't seem to work.  Oh well.  I don't know how to save my money either.  I bought a lot of junk that I know I'll never use.  It's cool though.  I like it better when I have no money.  So yeah, that's all I've been up to.  School keeps me busy and keeps me away from trouble, so that's always a good thing.  I just wonder how long I'll last in school.  Hmm...

Triple H

Here is a picture of the hottest WWE star.  I don't know why I put it up, but I did anyway.  He is too damn fine!

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