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Here are some pictures I took while partying, smoking, etc.  None of them include me.  These are just pictures I snapped of my friends and/or family.  The other pictures below are from a while back when I was still in high school.

Racheal and Conan Racheal and her man, Mike Jenelle and Conan making out The two couples paring up for a picture.

Everybody Conan and a tiny portion of me.  Jenelle took this and only got Conan in. There's the psycho Carl and Mike Conan posing as a 'thug.'

Hayden during his graduation Marita during her prom Hayden driving off in his awesome little car Toni and her awesome car.

Toni enjoying a late night drink The result of having a late night drink Marcine's baby boy, Malcolm Darnell, Dopey, and Dewey enjoying their drinks

Marcine looking all evil here Marcine dying Marita's hair.  No, Marita isn't picking her nose.  That
                                    was how she posed. Marita again. Marita yet again.  Just not sure what she's doing there

Marcine and Skyler here. Hayden Marcine trying to dance Mike Sloan drinking a beer

Jenelle and Conan again. Jenelle and Conan being stupid Conan Raelene spacing out

Me and Donna's nicknames tagged on her house Conan smoking a blunt. Mike smoking a blunt. Racheal and Donna chilling.

Jenelle and her buddy Julio. Conan pointing his BB gun at me. Hayden wishing he could smoke Tough guy there lol

Marcus smoking a blunt Marcus and Mike smoking Paula acting crazy Mike having a good time in my room

Jay and Pam Donna and Marita Donna and Marita Mike and Marcus' best picture

Hayden Racheal and Hayden representin' The 'Gay Music' group here Hayden all wasted

Mike, Terrence, and Hayden Racheal and Hayden again

Rhiannon and Lanette
Rhiannon & Lanette. They look like they're on crack or something.

Rhiannon & Michelle
Rhiannon & Michelle. Michelle looks like she's all depressed in this picture.

Keith (The One Dressed In Black) walking down the hallway to get to his next class.

Front Of School
Here is how the front of my school looks.

The center part of my school.
The center part of my school.

This is what you see right when you walk inside!
This is what you see right when you walk through the front doors.

Our lunch room.
That's the lunch room. Pretty small for a huge school huh?