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My Boring Journal

November 30th, 2001, 5:16pm-

Today was a good day. I got to stay home because of what happened to my sister last night. My Mom wanted me to help her today to do this and that, but of course I was asleep all day and she did everything herself probably. There ain't no way in hell Imma help her out even if she had 2 broken legs. She has put me through hell my whole life and so now she can see how it feels for onc ein her life!

Man I just found somehtin out that freaked the hell out of me too. Man I really wish I was in Phoenix right now to help my poor cousin and to at leats talk to her or SOMETHING! I just can't f*ckin believe what happened! Anyway I got to call her now! Laterz!

8:32pm-Well since my friend Amber gets all hurt when I don't put her on here, I might as well add somethin! Last night when we were in a chatroom we were all argueing about who I was gonna call. Amber wanted me to call her and then call Chris on 3-way, but of course I didn't want to, so to get her mad, I told her I would call up Stephanie aka ToriBabes. Of course I didn't call anybody at all last night because I got kinda too scared to. I would fell weird if I had called Amber. I remember that stupid dream I had about her when she called me up! I would freak out if that ever happened. Anyway I don't know what else to say about Amber exceot that she is a BIG BOOBED girl LMAO! Ok Imma go now before I say somethin stupid again! Laterz!AmbeR says:
AmbeR says:
AmbeR says:

November 29th, 2001, 7:11pm-

Well today was ok. I didn't a whole lot of fun, but it was an ok day i guess. I didn't have any homework thank god and even if I did have work, I wouldn't be workin on it, so why bother. Anyway lunch time was so boring today because my friends just tell me to watch their bags while they go look for someone and so I stood there myself for a good 5 minutes watchin their stuff and then they came bakc and I hurried and left again before they could leave.

After school sucked too because my Mom had pissed me off once again. Her and my sister Nichole must like to piss me off or somethin. One day they will regret gettin me mad. One day. They will just have to wait till that day comes though! My Mom wants me to do good in school like my other sisters Dawn and Lynn, but there ain't no way I will succeed in college like they did. Man I wish they would stop counting on me to do good because I know I won't. Once college hits, there will be all kinds of $hit goin on that I will wnat to fit in and do all that and then I will end up missin school and all just like Nichole, but oh well.

LOL! My sister Nichole did somethin to her ankle too. She has to use crutches to get to where ever now. She said she slipped on ice that was on the porch at my other sisters trailer. Oh man its funny though! Now if she gets me mad, Imma kick her ankle hard and let her suffer the pain that she puts me through every damn week. It's funny though!

Anyway I got nothing more to say so Laterz!

November 28th, 2001, 10:01pm-

Today was actually a fun day for me. Well not that fun, but for once I woke up this morning not tired at all. I finally fell asleep early last night around 11 and I slept good too. It's such a great feeling wakin up not tired, but then around 3rd hour I fell asleep like always. We just took a test in there and then did nothing for the rest of the hour, but sit there. I just went to sleep because I had nothin to do.

During lunch all my friends had gone to take their buddy pics, but I didn't cause of course I didn't want to and they are too weird, so I just stayed and talked to my other friends Rhiannon and Michelle. They have first lunch and I got second, but they decided to ditch their 3rd hour class and go to my lunch. All we did was laugh. I just wish she had my lunch because I laugh all the time with her.

Fourth hour was ok because Rachel made me laugh hard there. The guy that sits behind her pushed thedesk up and here it scared Rach big time because she jumped and me and Ronnie just started laughin at her and my teacher was all "Seandae are you ok or are you about to have an accident there in your seat?" and I was all tryin to talk, but I was laughin too damn hard to even say anything. Plus we got our tests back and it turned out that I got a C on it. At least I passed it though right!

After school me and my Mom went to JcPenny's to wait around for my step-dad to get off work. About 5:30 we went out to go eat and I was telling my Mom that I wanted a new CD, but she said she didn't have any money and of coyrse that was plain bull$hit! She got paid on friday and so I'm sure she has all kinds of money left! Thats when my step-dad said he would take me and buy me my CD and it freaked the hell out of me. Usually he don't buy me $hit, but I guess he felt like being nice tonight. We just bought my CD and then came home.

I didn't do anything when I got home because I didn't get back until 9. I just got online and checked my mail and then decided to update my website here. Of course after this, I will be gettin ready for school tomorrow because I got to go to bed here very soon, so Imma take off now. Goodnight!

November 27th, 2001, 6:06pm-

OMFG I was sooooo tired in school today. Last night I tried goin to bed at 12, but I couldn't at all. I'm not used to goin to sleep early. Over Thanksgiving break I went to bed around 5 or 6 every morning and slept till 4 or 5 in the evening, and so now I don't go to bed till like 1 and HAVE to wake up at 6:30 every morning! Man it sux too. Today I fell asleep in History and in Drivers Ed class. I swear I have never been so tired. It was a good day though, so it was worth it.

During lunch my friend Daniel was tellin us that he went to a dance last night and he saw a teacher he knew there and he said she was all wasted and when he was dancing, she was gettin down with him and all. I just laughed and here she happened to walk by us and we all laughed at her. That's when she came to us and Daniel was all "Why did you go half way and not all the way down?" and she was all "You would have saw my booty if I did that" and he was all "Oh no and I would have went blind if I seen it too" and she was all "yeah thats true cause I just shaved it last night" and we all got quiet for about 2 seconds and looked at each other and we busted up laughing like hell. OMG you just don't tell other people stuff like that. It's just wrong. I laughed for a good 3 minutes there. Thats when Daniel was being all stupid and acting like he was shaving his and we laughed even more hard that our other friend Dez spit out her soda all over him. Man I had a good time at lunch.

In my fourth hour, we had a test. I'm sure I passed it though because it was easy and it was on planets of course, so it was a piece of cake. I just hope I don't got the highest grade again because then everybody will give me that evil look like they all did that last time. I just really hope I pass my semester test in all my classes, so I won't got to take them again next semester. The only thing I won't like is that I will be having my math next semester. I HATE MATH!!! It's the hardest subject for me. I'm sure it will be ok though because my sister LOVES math and she will be willin to do my math homework for me. I hope.

Right now I;m doing nothing because I'm the only one home again. Everybody went to the basketball game and I stayed because they got boring to me. They aren't fun like they use to be, so I would rather buy me a pack of cigarettes than waste $2 on the damn game! ANYWAY! Imma go now because I got nothing more to say. Laterz!

November 26th, 2001, 6:47pm-

Man I was so tired today. I went to school not too happy, but at least I got to see all my friends again cause I actually missed talkin with Keith, and laughin with Jesse. Man I missed my fourth hour class big time and when I got there today my teacher was all "Alright blabber mouth, don't laugh today cause as you can see I'm not feeling too good." and so I was all "Umm Im kinda tired anyway, so maybe there's a chance I won't be laughin much." My teacher had cought a cold and so he sounded like crap today. Man we got a test in that class tomorrow too. I didn't even have time to study! I'll pass though. I know I will.

After school was out, me and my friend Josh went over to Rhiannon's house again and just laughed there. I guess she was in trouble and she couldn't have any friends over, but she didn't tell us until we got off the bus, so we went over to her place anyway. Her Mom didn't seem to care though because she didn't say anything to us. She just made Rhiannon wash the dishes while we sat in the living room watching movies and laughing like hell. Plus Josh and Rhiannon's older brother Brandon were showing off to each other with their cell phones. I just told them to stop bragging to each other because EVERYBODY has a cell phone! No need to show off with them!

Right now Imma take off and go watch RAW cause it starts in 5 minutes, so I will kontinue after its over. Lets hope Triple H returns! Laterz!

10:11pm-Well I watched RAW and it was alright I guess. The only thing I loved was when RVD had his legs spread WIDE OPEN! OMG I LOVED IT!!! Plus the ending was kool too because now Undertaker is a heel again. I knew he was gonna turn his back on JR cause evry time they are in his hometown, something always happens to him. It sux to be him though. Plus the funny part was when Stone Cold was whooping Vince's white a$$ with his belt. Man that had to freakin hurt big time. Of course after RAW was over, I got back online and chatted to Kim, which I'm doin right now.

Anyway Imma go take off now because I got to go get ready for freakin school. I hate school! Only one or two more weeks till we get our Christmas break. I'm sure I'll make it. Laterz!

November 25th, 2001, 5:57pm-

Like always, nothing new today. Just slept all day because I didn't go to bed until around 7 this morning and woke up at 2 in the afternoon. Last night while I was online, my sister and her bf got all drunk and started knocking on my window cause the door was locked. I just ignored them when they came over because I was too damn lazy to get up and open the door for them. They knocked for about 10 minutes, left, came back and started knocking again. Finally I got sick of it and opened the door and saw that it was snowing like hell out there. She just came in and here I didn't notice her bf because he didn't have his glasses on and I was all "Umm who the hell is that behind you" and here he looked at me and he was drunk as hell. I just laughed and they went to the room.

I got offline around 5am and then started watching some of my old WWF taped from 99 and 2000. I am sick of all my movies, so of course I watched wrestling. Anyway! I just did that today and tomorrow is school again! Ugh! I hate school, but at least I won't be bored during the day anymore. I will be laughin in class with my friend Keith. Man I had homework too and I had a whole 7 dayz to do it, but I didn't do $hit.

Of course after all that, I got online and decided to add a little more things to my WWF site. I just added a huge @$$ weed plant and a nice pic of Triple H to it of course. After doin that, I just went back to the chatrooms and started chattin with Heather and the rest of the peepz that were there. It was actually boring though! I just decided to mess around with my hotmail address book cause I had nothing betetr to do.

Anyway Imma go now because I dont know what Im talking about! Laterz!

November 24th, 2001, 8:25pm-

Nothin at all happened today. I didn't go to bed until 5 this morning and woke up around 1:45 this afternoon because my sisiter was talkin to her damn bf on the phone and omg she talks all loud and her laughin is worse. I got up cause of that and I wanted to throw my shoe at her, but I didn't and after that I couldn't go back to sleep. I was all pissed layin in bed all tired and $hit! I think around 3 I finally fell asleep and woke up around 5:30 when it was all dark outside. I just got up and got ready cause my Mom had come home from town and she gets mad when she see's me asleep late.

After I woke up, I just chatted with my friend Dirk about the Dudley Boyz site we or HE goes to a lot and then started in on the match that will be takin place at Vengeance! OMFG! I didn't believe it till I saw it with my own eyes! At Vengeance there is a match that will be between BOTH my men! Triple H vs Rob Van Dam! I don't want this to happen because I love them both so much and I wouldn't know who to go for! Dirk is very happy about it though! The only weird thing was that under the pic of RVD and Triple H, all they talked about was The Rock and it didn't say a damn thing about why that match was takin plave. For all we know, the site could be f*cked up! That means if it is, then there is no RVD vs Triple H! Let's hope it is f*cked up! I sure hope it is!

Anyway I got nothing more to say, so Imma go before I bore you all! Laterz!

November 23rd, 2001, 6:14pm-

First and most important, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! She is 76 today! Now on to today! It was just a boring day for me. A very tiring day I might add. This morning I woke up around 9 because I heard the door shut and so I checked to see who it was, but it was my step-dad leaving. I'm surprised he didn't cook breakfast for me, but oh well. I just went back to sleep after that and woke up every hour to check on the fireplace. I would get up and shove like 3 more logs in the fireplace and go back to sleep. Finally around 12noon I heard the damn phone rining. Man it would not stop and so I got up all pissed and it ended up being my sister Nichole! It went like this:
Nichole: Seandae did Bennie come down and take any of my jackets?
Me: NO!
Nichole: Are you sure?
Me: YES!
Nichole: Oh alright then

I really wish people wouldn't call during the day cause they know how I am when I'm still sleeping! I am never in a good modd when I'm tired and most people know this now, but yet they still decide to freakin call and wake me up! Ugh! It pisses me off big time.

Of course after that little phone call, I couldn't go back to sleep and so I just got online and checked my e-mail and then got my a$$ in the shower and got ready. After doin all that, I had nothin else to do and so I got back online and surfed the net and chatted to my friend Heather most of the day, and I still am chattin with her.

OH! Since my friend Amber gets mad when I don't mention her in here, I will say this! Last night I had the weirdest dream! I dreamed that my sister was waiting for a phone call like always and when the phone rang, I answered it and here I heard someone say "Seeeaaannndaeee" and I was all "UHHH WHAAAAAT?" and then the person was all "Its me" and I was all "Uhh Me as in a person? An animal? Me as in Im stupid and cant say my name out loud?" and thats when the person was all "God damn b!tch its Amber" and I was all "Omg Amber as in the one who lives in Kurt Angle's state?" and she laughed and we started talkin to each other! Of course she started singing on the phone like she does on the mic, and then thats when me and her hung up! All I got to say is that she has a VERY soft voice, well in my dream she did, but I don't know about real life! LOL!

Anyway I got nothing else to say because tonight looks like it will be ANOTHER BORING NIGHT for me! Laterz!

November 22nd, 2001, 9:28pm-

Just another boring day today. I will say it anyway! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! All I did today was watch movies and chat to everybody. Plus when I woke up this afternoon around 2, I saw that it was cloudy outside and so I hurried and ran out there and brought some fire wood in, so that way it wouldn't get all wet. Plus if I hadn't done that, my Mom would've been yelling at me sayin "You don't do nothin all day, at least you could of brought in some wood to build a fire to keep the house warm", but now I won't have to be hearing that. I brought in wood, built a fire, and got ready. Now my house is all nice and warm, but I kinda made it smell like smoke. No one will care anyway. My step-dad don't seem to care.

Around 5 I got off the internet cause my step-dad was gonna call and ask me what I wanna eat. While waitin for his phone call, I watched DOUBLE JEOPARDY. That movie is cool to watch. I was about to fall asleep on it though, but right when my eyeys shut, the phone rang and it ended up being my Mom. She was all "Are you doin ok dear?" and I was all "Uhh No Im not because Im tired as hell and Im hungry too, so you betetr come home and feed me damnit" and she just laughed about it. She just called to see if I was ok and then hung up. Plus she also asked "Did you bring in some wood to keep the place warm" and I was all "No I forgot to do that" and she started yellin and I laughed about it and hung up on her.

After the movie was over my step-dad called and asked what I wanted and so I told him. He than came home with my food and I ate it like nothing. I ate too much though because now my stomach probably weighs more than a turkey itself! Of course to make it worse, I had a root beer float after that, so now I just fell tired and wanna go to bed. I can't do that though because my friend Kim told me to stay online till 3am! 3 in the freakin morning! All I will do is try to stay up that late, but I doubt that will happen. If she gets mad, then thats her fault for not being online! LoL!

Anyway that was how my Thanksgiving went. Imma go now because my friend Josh is annoying me about turkey! Laterz!

November 21st, 2001, 11:02pm-

WOOOOO! I'm home alone! I will have the house all to myself for the next 2 dayz. My parents and the whole family went down to Page, Arizona for Thanksgiving. I didn't want to go because my family down there sux and all my cousins got kids or have turned gay. Yes I said gay! Plus I hate staying over night there. If they were making a one-day trip, then I wouldve gone just for the food. My friend Tammy thinks that I won't survive not eating, but I told her I had plenty of junk food and that my step-dad will bring me food tomorrow evening.

Anyway! Nothing good happened today. I just woke up around 11:30 this morning because I could hear my Mom and everyone else talkin this morning and I don't mean normal talkin. They were yelling stuff to each other like they were a mile away. I got up and I was all "She is just right there, you dont got to yell it, damn you guys are too loud its no wonder why I'm up so early" and my Mom was all "shut up and go back to sleep". LoL!

Around 1, thats when I went back to sleep for a bit, but then I heard "SEANDAE WERE LEAVING NOW MAKE SURE YOU DONT ANSWER THE DOOR FOR ANYBODY AND KEEP THE HOUSE WARM" and I was all "OK JUST GO ALREADY" and so my Mom comes in and yells right at me, "YOU STAY OFF THE COMPUTER TOMORROW EVENING, LARRY (step-dad) IS GOING TO CALL AND ASK WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT, SO HE COULD BRING IT BACK FOR YOU" and omg I wanted to hit her right there for yellin it like that. I was so happy when they left. Now I can jam to my stereo with my volume at 30 and not hear "SEANDAE TURN THAT DOWN" and I could stay online as long as I want.

After my parents left, Kim got online and we started chattin to each other. She is makin ANOTHER website. This will be her third one too. She still don't know what to make it on either. I told her to make it about herself, but she said it will be boring cause she had a boring life, but I had one too, and ppl still come to mine. I think they only come to mine for my Journal. Anyway so now I might help her find a little bit of this and that to put on it, but right now we are tryin to decide on what to put for her "Enter" page. Of course she will put up Corey Taylor on it.

Well right now I'm doin nothin and I'm so damn bored. I'm tryin to change my picture on my homepage. Im tryin to take off the "Winner Take All" Survivor Series pic and tryin to put the VenGeance ppv pic up with Triple H, but damn Tripod wont let me. It lets me update my journal, but not a damn pic. This $hit is weird.

I also downloaded MSN Explorer AGAIN. When I downloaded the new MSN Messenger 4.5, Explorer wouldn't work for me, and so I just uninstalled it, and today I started to miss it and so I tried downloading it one last time and guess what? IT WORKED! WOOOOO! I missed it so much and now I got it back. MSN Explorer rules all! Ok enough before I start to scare you guys.

Ok Imma go now because I ran out of things to say. Plus I got to go read the e-mail that my online lover JTP sent me. HAHA Tammy it worked for me! LoL! Laterz!

November 20th, 2001, 5:03pm-

Nothin good happened today. All that happened to me was that I froze a$$ last night because it was so freakin cold in my room. This morning it got worse, but I had my huge blanket coverin me up and so it wasn't all that bad. Plus my sisters cat usually sleep on top of our bookcase and she has her wine glasses up there for some reason. Here next thing you know, we hear something break and it scared the livin hell out of me. It ended up being my sisters wine glasses and her other glass that she had since her high school prom, and she wasn't too happy about it because she wanted to kill her cat this morning. Of course she told me to clean up the floor after the cat had dropped the glasses.

Last night I was actually chattin on the computer with my annoying friend Josh. He was askin me if I wanted to sell him my Playstation 1, but I ain't stupid enough to sell it to him, so he ended up gettin mad about that. We just started chattin about video games after that and then ended up goin to a chatroom and actin like we were lesbian lovers. Oh man it was funny because people would leave after Josh would tell them that he was my lesbian lover. Thats when some guy there said "Who just queefed?" and me and Josh laughed hard and I was all "Uhh Josh there did." and here we didn't even know wth that word meant, we just kept using it in a lot of different ways. Finally we went to a Albuquerque chatroom and some guy there told us what that word meant and omg we couldn't stop laughing at it. Of course I wont mention what it means, so you guys can find out for yourselves.

Today I didn't do a damn thing, but clean up all the broken glass in my room. I woke up around 12:45 and I couldn't go back to sleep after that, so i got online to check my mail. Thats when my friend Chris asked me if I was mad at Heather, but of course I wasn't mad. He just laughed at the both of us. Heather may think Im mad at her, but I aint, so it dont really matter cause its nothin new with her and I fighting. We always fight.

Wrestling was actually good last night. The WWF had brought back Jerry "The King" Lawler and I was so happy to see him back because Paul Heyman sucked as the commentator. I laughed so hard when J.R. beat the crap out of Paul Heyman. I also laughed hard when I seen William Regal kiss Vince McMahon's WHITE A$$! Vince was all "Look I can even make my a$$ do tricks" ROTFLMFAO! Damn that part was funny as hell. Stephanie was tryin to beg her daddy for her job back to by blaming everything on Shane and she is so stupid. I won't even get into what I wanna say about her. The ending of it got me kind of mad though because now Ric Flair and Vince are business partners. Man that means Ric will bring back BOTH Shane and Stephanie, and all them sucky a$$ WCW/ECW superstars.

Tomorrow my family is goin out to Page, Arizona for Thanksgiving. I don't know if I should go or not because than I will have nothin to eat cause I can't cook. The house will always be cold. Plus it will just be very borin with me home alone and nobody to talk to. The only thing about goin out to Page is that we won't be back until Friday and I don't wanna stay there for too long cause my family out there is weird and they arent fun to be with anymore. They got kids and stupid a$$ girlfriends. I might just go though just so I wont be hungry on Thanksgiving. So if I ain't online for about 2 dayz, then Im out at Page. Don't think I died now. LoL!

Anyway I got nothin else to say so Imma go back to the chatroom I was in and chat with everybody. Laterz!

November 19th, 2001, 4:13pm-

Again I'm sorry for not having a journal for yesterday, but Tripod wouldn't work for me AGAIN. This is really startin to annoy me, but I was told by a lot of people that Tripod sucked, and so I didn't listen to them, but now I know. To anybody out there thinkin of makin a website, DON'T USE TRIPOD! It sux big time.

Anyway! Yesterday was a very boring day of course cause it was a sunday. I woke up around 12:30 and couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to get ready. After all that I watched ERASER for the first time in a long time. That movie kicks a$$! Then after that I got online like always and waited for Survivor Series to come on ppv. I actually did a good job on not ordering it for once because I had a feelin it was gonna suck and it did. I was hoping that Triple H would return, but he didn't and so I saved $30.

After tha ppv was over, I decided to add a little bit of this and that to ALL my yahoo clubs I joined. I also got bored after doin that, so I was up most of the night makin myself some AOL Icons. They don't come out the way I want them to be, but oh well. It's not like Im puttin them up anywhere.

Right now I'm so damn bored. I got nothing to do and so Im sittin here waiting for RAW to come on. I slept late today cause I woke up around 3 and got right on the computer, but of course I didn't do anythin else after that. Anyway Imma go get ready now before my Mom comes home from work. She will yell at me if she see's me not dressed and on the computer. I will write more later on tonight if anything happens. Laterz!

November 17th, 2001, 10:36pm-

Today was actually a good day for me, although I didn't do anything. I slept till 3 today and boy it felt good cause I haven't done that since summer. I got only a week to be sleepin late like that, but then we got Christmas break after that, so I got time to be sleepin late.

After getting ready and all, I got back online and updated my site a little and then updated my friends Hardy site for her. That's how bored I got, but at least I was doing something. I added like A LOT of Hardy walls. She better be thankful damnit. LoL jk! Of course while I was doin all that, her and her "bf" Chris were fighting and I didn't wanna be in the middle of it, so I told Chris to leave me out of it. Of course I helped him anyway cause she wanted to piss him off and it was workin too. I told him to agree with her and everything, and it ended up backfirin on Heather and she started to get pissed. Me and Chris laughed so hard at her, but she never knew that it was me tellin him what to say to her. It was fun.

After they got offline, I decided to update my friends site again by addin 8 more walls. Thats when Kim got online =, but we chatted for about 20 minutes at the most and she fell asleep at her computer. Last night I was sooooo freakin tired too, but she wouldn't let me go to sleep, so I decided to call her up, but I ended up fallin asleep on her while she was tellin me somethin. Man Kim is funny on the phone cause we were talkin about Letterman's Jackets, and she was sayin her mascot was a Tiger. When she got her jacket made, she said her Tiger was supposed to be "growling" but it looked like it was cryin. Man I laughed so hard when she was tellin me the story. Tonight she knew exactly how I felt when she was tellin me she was tired. Tomorrow Imma have to call her when Survivor Series is on. I wanna see if my man returns. He better damnit!

Right now I got NOTHING to do. I might just turn my computer off and go watch a movie or somethin cause there is nothin to do on the net anymore. Anyway! Imma go now. Laterz!

November 16th, 2001, 7:10pm-

Nothing interesting.....OH WAIT! As a matter of fact, somethin did happen that shocked the hell out of me. Ok Im sittin in my 4th hour class laughin like hell as always cause of Keith. Then the teacher was passin out our Progress Reports and he kept lookin at me. I knew he was gonna say somethin about me cause he was givin me that weird look. Then when my friend Larry went up to get his progress report, he asked who had the highest grade in the class and Mr. Wade was all "Wonder Woman back there has the highest grade. I don't know how she does it with all the laughin and trouble she causes with Keith back there." and then everybody turns around and looks at me and I was in total shock. Thats when he was all "Seandae got a 87% in this class and thats the highest grade." I sat there freakin out big time and thought to myself "Man my Mom is gonna die a happy person when she see's this" and then I continued to laugh and act stupid with Keith again.

After school my Mom took me to Burger King. I told her Deca was closed at school and so I couldn't eat SubWay. That's why she took me out to eat after school. I eat too much though and I got to stop that because people always tell me that it's not good to eat a lot, especially if you're young. I don't listen to them anyway, and so I eat and eat till I get full. I just wish I had a CODE RED right now because I'm dyin for a soda right now.

I'm so glad it is friday today cause now we got a week out of school for our Thanksgiving break. Now I can FINALLY go to bed late and wake up late too. Last night I made my sister do my term paper for me cause she is good at $hit like that. I don't even know how to do a term paper, and here mine was due today, and so she finished it last night in like 2 or 3 hours. I don't think I could ever do that. Thanks to her, I will be gettin a good grade in World History class now. Hopefully a C or a B at least.

Oh yeah! My neice won a contest in poetry and so I decided to put it on here. Here it is:
The Taste of Autumn

Cold dead leaves blowing
Silent lonely scarecrows scared
No more soft green grass

Scarecrows scaring crows
A full moon on halloween
The taste of chocolate

Good taste of stuffing
The warm taste of hot cocoa
Autumn is here, yes!

Janie Corey Shorty
Copyright 2001 Janie Shorty

Anyway I'm sittin here waitin for my friend Kim to get online and I have nothin more to say, so Imma go now. Laterz!

November 15th, 2001, 6:50pm-

Again nothin at all happened at school. Today was a borin day for me. I also starved in school cause our Deca ain't open today or tomorrow and so all they got is the school lunch and there ain't no way in hell Imma eat that $hit cause it looks nasty and it probably taste gross too, so all I had today was a Fruitopia. Those rule.

After my Mom got off work, we went to go get some junk food and then she took me to McDonald's. I had me the #1 Value meal as always, with it supersized. Man I ate it all down like nothin and after that I wanted more, but my Mom says I eat too much, but I don't think I eat that much food. I can only eat like 16 slices of pizza. How is that too much? Plus she says I drink too much pop when all I drink is a liter in the mornings, 20oz at lunch, and then about 4 cans when I get home. That's not a lot of soda...or is it?

Man tomorrow I have a term paper due in my World History class, but I'm glad that my sister is doin it for me. She just told me to get some information from the net, but I did that about a month ago when the teacher let us go to the library to research, so now all my sis has to do is type it out for me. She is the smart kid out of our family. She can do a term paper in one night and so tonight thats what she will do for me. Thank God!

Well I got nothin more to say, so Imma go now. Let's hope that tripod works for my friend Tammy tonight like it did for me. LoL! Laterz!

November 14th, 2001, 8:12pm-

Ok first off I wanna apologize for not updatin my site here for about a week, but somethin is wrong with Tripod and it hasn't been workin for me OR for my friend Tammy. I don't know what the hell they're doin, but they better do it fast cause this is startin to piss me off. I log in everyday and expect it to be workin, but that stupid "Temporary Interruption" $hit keeps coming up and so I just tried it again and look where it got me after a week of tryin.

Anyway the 9th was my Mom's birthday and we took her out to eat. We ate at Pawnz and some guy that was workin there was all "Is your name Seandae?" and I was all "uhh yeah why?" and he was all "Oh do you remember me? We went to school together" and I had no clue on who he was and so I ignored him LoL!

Oh yeah! Before I forget. On friday of last week our Geology was talkin about the test we took the day before that, which was thursday, and he kept lookin at me and then he goes "I don't know how she did it, but Seandae there got the highest grade on the test by getting an A-. Everybody was in shock and they turn around and look at me. I was all "Don't look at me damnit" and I felt like a nerd after that. I never get A's on my tests. Guess I got lucky there.

As for today. I did nothin at all, but go to school. Durin lunch I called up my friend Heather and man I was on a phone card and if you use it on a payphone, it takes 9 minutes. I didn't care though cause Heather is funny as hell and plus Kim would of been sleepin if I had tried callin her. Me and Heather talked all through my lunch hour and her Dad and brother freaked out cause she told them I was still in school and on my lunch break. All I heard was "she's in school still?" and I busted up laughing.

After school we went to some barber shop so my Mom could get a haircut. I got bored just sitting there with my sister, so I went to the payphone and called up Rachel, and again it took 9 minutes out of my phonecard. Man I was all expecting to talk to her for a while and she was all "I dont got time to talk cause Im busy and I never have time on the weekdays to talk" and it got me mad cause I had just wasted 9 minutes that it charged from me for using a payphone, and then like another 5 minutes talkin to her, so I wasted about 15 minutes there. If I had known she would be busy, then I wouldn't even call her at all. I will stick to writin e-mail to her, that way I will save my minutes for me and heather to talk. LoL!

Right now I got nothin to do and I wanted to see if this damn tripod was workin. Lets hope it does. Imma go now. Laterz!

November 8th, 2001, 8:03pm-

Nothing good happened today. All I did was wake up tired as hell and went to school. The only thing that sucked about school was we had a test in Geology class. I'm sure I got my essay questions right, but what I have problems with the most are the "True and false." I hate those cause they always seem true to me. The rest I usually guess on and always end up having a C on my test. Hopefully this test will be good cause it was easy to me.

After school I was bull$hitting with my Mom at her office and my sister runs in and says "Dad wants to talk to you outside" and I freaked out and ran out there. Right when he seen me, he hugged me and started crying. I don't know why he did, but I kinda wanted to cry while I was in his arms standing out in the rain. Me and him talked for a bit and then me and my sister had to drive him back up to my other sister's apartment. The three of us just talked till about 4:45 and thats when my Mom called and told us to go pick her up, so he gave us money and we left.

When I got home, all I did was get online to check my e-mail and then chatted with my friend Heather of course. I was tryin to get me a phone card so that I could call her up, but they sent me an e-mail sayin it will take a day to approve me and to send my callin card. Now I will just have to call her tomorrow after school or something. I'm sure she can wait.

Well anyway I better go now because I got nothing else to say. Laterz!

November 7th, 2001, 10:59pm-

Damnit! I was doin good on adding a entry everyday, but stupid tripod had to go and f*ck up or something because it wouldn't let me on at all yesterday and then today. It was workin tuesday evening when I updated, but when I tried again around 10pm it wouldn't let me in. Damn thing pissed me off, but hey it was only one day without writing an entry. Today I decide to try it one last time before I went to bed and it works, so Imma add a quick entry here.

School was good today. I was tired as hell, but it was good. I got no homework at all and plus I am finally cought up on all my work in every class. Plus in Geology I'm starting to do good on my test. Before I would get D's or F's, but now when he passes it back to me, I always get a C, so I'm barely improving. At least I'm passing the damn class. The only class that bores me to death would be World History. We don't so $hit in there. All he gives us are worksheets and I finish them in like 10 minutes and have nothin to do after that.

When I got home, I got online for a bit and just checked my e-mail and sent that stupid survey to everybody again. That's when I decided to check to see if Tripod was up and running, but it wasn't. After being online for an hour, I went into the living room and watched TV until I heard someone knock on the door and so I made my older sister answer it. It turned out to be Tammy again. It shocked the hell out of me that she came over again, but of course she didn't come to see my fat a$$! She came over for the computer and to check her mail, but we were being stupid as always. Tomorrow we are planning to get high when I get home, but we aren't sure cause I sometimes get home late, so it depends on the time. Let's hope timing is perfect.

Well Imma go to bed now so I wont be tired in school tomorrow. Laterz!

November 5th, 2001, 8:53pm-

Today just sucked because it's a monday you know. I hate waking up on monday mornings because I always wake up very tired. The only good thing about mondays is that WWF RAW shows, which is good because then I get to see my men fight and show off their nice bodies. Other than that, mondays suck ballz.

Nothing good happened in school. I just went to class and ate, and then went back to my Mom's office and did nothing while I was there. Sometimes I wish I lived in Gallup, so that I won't got to wait around for my Mom to get off work. I could just take the car to school and go home and go to sleep, but nooooo! I would go to Rhiannon's house after school, but it's so boring there and I always fall asleep while I'm there, so I think I'm better off goin to my Mom's office. The only time I go to Rhiannon's is on fridays. We got a "tradition" thing going on with me, Rhiannon, and Josh and so every friday we go to her house and play games. It's fun too cause all we do is laugh.

When I got home I just turned my computer on and the phone rings, and it was Tammy. She just wanted to know what I was doin and to see what I have been up to, but she should have known that I don't do $hit! Tammy never calls me and I was all wonderin what she wanted cause thats the only time she calls me, is when she wants something. I guess her internet got disconnected and so she was goin insane without it, so she asked me if she could check her e-mail and come down, and of course I let her. I was just taking pics of my room again while she was here and I took a quick picture of her too, so if you wanna know who Tammy is and why I always bring her up, then go to the photo album.

I also talked to my long lost cousin Kez tonight. It's been so long since we seen each other and I miss her so much because I remembered the old times me and her had and omg I just wanted to cry right there because she was tellin me she wanted to be here and talk with me. Kez is graduating this year and she wants me to go to it, but how am I goin to get all the way down to Phoenix? I really wanna go see it, but I don't got a way. I just miss my cousin. I told her I was doin good and etc then she had to leave and we said our goodbyes and omg she almost made me cry cause she started crying too.

Well thats all I got to say, so Imma go take more pics outside. That way I can add them here to my stupid site. Laterz!

November 4th, 2001, 8:52pm-

Today was a sunday and so all of you should know by now that I did absolutely NOTHING. I woke up around 10 this morning and got online, but for once there was NOBODY on. I just checked my mail. After that Amber finally decides to sign in and so we started chatting about how bored we were. She decided to let me update her community for her so that I got something to do. I didn't mind at all because that kept me busy for a good 2 hours. I just added wallpapers and links.

After I was done with that, I decided to take a shower and get ready. I took my time and so I was probably in the shower for a good hour maybe or more, but thats alright. After I was done, I got right back online and chatted with Amber again. Man her brother is so f*ckin funny. He makes me laugh non-stop. Every time we do netmeeting, her brother happens to be there and he just makes us laugh like hell. Plus Amber was singing to me most of the time. I would just name a singer like Madonna and she would sing "Like A Virgin" and omg I couldn't stop laughing at that. Yesterday was fun.

Right now I'm sitting here thinking whether or not I should work for my friend Nate. He is so into his website that he wants me to be the "secretary" of it and so on. He said he would pay me for it though, so I'm thinkin about it. I don't even know what I will be doing if I say yes, so Imma have to ask him about that and see wth the job is.

Right now I'm just sitting here chatting to April cause it's been so long since we chatted. I'm also on my webcam again, just incase she forgot about me or something. Imma be going to bed soon anyway cause school is tomorrow. Man I'm getting behind on all my school work. Especially in my World History class. That class is so easy, but the group things we got to do, is what I dont like. I would rather do book work. Man that reminds me that I got a speech due tomorrow for my Communications class. Ugh!

Well I got nothing more to say, so Imma go now. Laterz!

November 3rd, 2001, 6:31pm-

Today sucked big time. I didn't do anything at all. I just watched Home Alone 1 and 2. I pretty muched laughed throughout both movies cause I haven't seen them in a while. After watching movies I got online to check my mail and then got in the shower and got ready.

Right now I'm just sitting here bored as hell cause there is nothing to do. Man for some reason, my friedn Josh gets on my damn nerves when we're both on the computer chatting, but at school he ain't annoying at all. Maybe it's just me, but he really is annoying online. He just ordered a pizza from Papa John's online and sent it to Rhiannon's house using my damn e-mail address. Now she will think it was me who did it, but she should know better. Josh must like to piss me off or something, but I blocked his a$$.

Anyway who cares. I wish my Mom would hurry home because she is bringing us back SubWay and I'm starving cause I didn't eat all day. Let's hope she brings me back some Ice Cream too. LoL! I got to have ice cream after I eat.

Anyway I got nothin to say at all, so Imma go now. Sorry for putting you all to sleep with my journal, but its a weekend! Nothing to do damnit! Laterz!

November 2nd, 2001, 10:35am-

Well I'm very bored right now because I do not want to do any research for my term paper. My sister will be doing my term paper for me, so I don't got to worry about it. I'm just sitting here in school at the Library supposed to be researching. There's too much to write about Christopher Columbus. Only my sister knows how to do these things.

Man today is goin to be boring. I can see it already. This morning we left late from the house. We left around 7:15 and my Mom was rushing in, but I told her we weren't going to make it to the bus stop, and so wen just took our time and she called in to work and told them she was goin to the hospital. She took me to McDonalds and then from there I waited at the hospital for a good 30 minutes doing nothing a all. After I ate I smoked a cigarette and then sat there for maybe 5 minutes lookin at the radio and finally decided to do a little homework while I waited. My step-dad finally showed up around 8:40 and took me to school. First hour was ok, but I didn't do nothing cause I had no idea on how to do the damn worksheets. As for second hour, I'm here at the library writing my journal here when I'm supposed to be researching. That will never happen.

9:36pm: Ok I'm back. Man what a day it was. My third hour class sucked a big one because all the teacher did was go over the whole damn chapter and all we did was sit there and listen to him talk for an hour and a half. Man I wanted to go to sleep so bad, but if we fell asleep, he makes us do 100 push ups. I don't think I would wanan do that, so I sat and did nothing all hour. My fourth hour sucked as well because we got a new seating chart and now me and Keith don't sit by one another anymore. It sux cause its always quiet now and not all like it used to be.

After school me and Rhiannon decided to walk back to her trailer from the store since Josh didn't come to school today, but as soon as she said that, Josh walks out of the store and seen us. Man I laughed like hell and Josh walked back with us and all we did was talk and chain smoke.

After my Mom picked us up and dropped off Josh, we went to Holiday Inn to go eat. They had a "all you can eat" special and so thats what we all had and mna I feel like Im about to explode. I ate way too much tonight and hopefully I don't get sick.

Right now I'm doing nothing. Just gonna check my e-mail and then go to bed because my parents are going to Albuquerque tomorrow, but they're leaving early and so if I wanna go, I got to be ready. That means Imma have to get my fat a$$ in bed early as if Im goin to school or something. The reason I wanna go is to buy me a new CD player. I broke mine and so I need another because it sux not having a CD player. I sit there having to listen to my Mom's oldies radio station every damn day. Usually I would just turn on my player and jam out, but that hasn't been happening lately.

Anyway I better go now. Have a good weekend! Laterz!

November 1st, 2001, 10:43pm-

Nothing exciting happened today. This morning I was waiting all by myself at the bus stop because Rhiannon didn't come to school. I was just standing there dying for a cigarette. When the bus came, I got on and didn't see Josh anywhere. I thought I was going to be alone, but it turned out that Josh had missed the bus this morning. I don't know how exactly, but he did.

In my fourth hour class, we have seating charts now because me and my friends just laugh and don't do nothing. Now Keith is waaaaay on the other side of the room while I'm stuck in the same place. Today the teacher was not in a good mood at all, but it turned out good cause we had a test today. I'm sure I did good cause the test was easy.

When I got home I just checked my mail and then ate dinner. Following that, I started chatting with Nate and we brought up the late Owen Hart, so I decided to add a page about him. I added lots of pics there, so hope you like it. Plus I changed Nate's link, so go to his site.

Anyway its very late and I should be in bed by now, so Imma go get ready for school. Laterz!

October 31st, 2001, 8:17pm-

Happy Halloween everybody! So what did everybody do on this scary night? I did nothing. Everybody at school was dressed up in their costumes. School was boring though. After my Mom got off work we went to go pick up Josh. We just went out to eat at Big Cheese Pizza and ate there. Josh was all happy and walking around saying "Oh I feel sp special since I'm eatin out with you" and I just gave him a weird look. After we ate, we went to K-Mart and got some candy for all them dumb little kids who go trick-or-treating. I saw a cool CD Player I liked and it was only $70, so my Mom or my step-dad might buy it for me tomorrow. She didn't wanna buy it for me in front of Josh. I don't know why either.

When I got home, I got online and chatted with Heather. Right now I still am doing that cause I got nothing else to do, and so Imma go now. Hope everybody had fun. Laterz!

October 30th, 2001, 6:58pm-

Today was good. I almost missed the bus again this morning, but it wouldn't have mattered cause my sister could've took me to school anyway. The bus got there like 5 minutes after I got dropped off, so I guess my morning started off good. We got our report cards today and I didn't do as good as I expected, but oh well this is just for the first nine weeks of school. I got three more to go to bring up my grades. Anyway here it is:
1st Hour: Communications - B
2nd Hour: World History - B-
3rd Hour: Gym aka P.E. - C (I know! Im lazy alright!)
4th Hour: Geology - D
My GPA, Grade Point Average, is 2.250

Yes I know what most of you are thinking about my third hour, but damnit I didn't like the things they were playing and plus I'm not the type of person to be doin sports. The only thing I did was play basketball. I'm a lazy b!tch. There ain't anything anybody can do about it, so shut up. That goes for Tammy cause she just loves to lecture me!

Today our school was selling them candygrams where you send a bag of candy to someone the next day during second hour. Me and my friend Keith sent one to our friend Rhiannon and said it was from someone she hates and so tomorrow she might be all grossed out and surprised. I'm sure she will know it was us who sent it, but oh well.

After school we came staright home and I just got online and set up my address book and added more people to it. Then I just chatted with Heather about guys and how STUPID some can be!!! Ugh! I swear some guys can be such A$$HOLES!!!

Anyway Imma go now. Laterz!

October 29th, 2001, 9:42pm-

Well today was a good day because I got to sleep an extra hour, but then had an extra hour of school. School was alright. I had lots of homework though for missing school on friday, but you know me! I will TRY to get it done, but I doubt on it. I was actually wide awake in every single class. I didn't yawn at all and I was in a good mood all day. Everybody thought I was sick or something cause I'm never happy. The only person that wasn't happy was Josh cause he was sick all day. All I heard all day from him was "Oh Seandae my stomach isn't feeling good" and so I told him it was his fault cause he has sour cream and onion chips this morning. Anyway who cares.

After school we went to Wal-Mart as always and got some stuff we actually needed. I was out of lotion and shampoo, so I got those two things. Then I got me a 2 liter of Code Red and two bags of chips. Man me and my sister Nichole were being stupid while we were looking for my Mom. She was carrying around a 12-pack of Juice and she was swinging it back and fourth, and next thing you know the damn thing tore on her and a can rolled out and here all them people just stopped and stared at her while she picked it up and I just started laughing like hell. I laughed for a good 5 minutes.

After that we went to go eat at the California Chinese fast food place. Everything was goin good for a bit till I started talking to her with my mouth full and here some food ended up flying out of my mouth and landing on her jacket. Man I laughed hard again and here I was about to say something again, but I ended up laughin and this time a lot of food flew out of my mouth and into Nichole's tray and man we kept laughing like hell at that. My Mom just looked at me and said "Stop spitting your food at your sister and don't laugh or your gonna choke on your food" and I sat there all laughing and right after she said that, I was ready to choke so I hurried and swallowed and then me and my sister left cause we only had 30 more minutes till RAW started.

When we left, we were at a intersection and the light was red, so when the green arrow came on, she turned, but she turned in the wrong lane and cars were coming towards us, so she just drove over the damn median and took off. Man I kept laughing and I asked her "Damn wtf is wrong with us tonight? We're acting all stupid and $hit!" and she just laughed and said "Maybe cause there's a full moon". Man I had fun tonight.

We got home around 6:58 and man I ran to my room and turned the TV on and RAW had barely started. We barely made it home. I just watched RAW and then decided to update this journal of mine. RAW was actually good tonight because my Man Kurt is a heel again. I was so sick of seing him as a babyface. Now that means there are 2 heels in the alliance and so that means Triple H will return to Survivor Series and help the WWF win. The two top leaders for WWF will be The Rock and Triple H! The only thing I don't like about that is Triple H will be a face. I'm gonna have to get used to that. Man I can't wait till Survivor Series now.

Well this will be all. I got to get ready for school, so Laterz!

October 28th, 2001, 7:58pm-

Today was a sunday, so most of you should know that there is nothing to do on a sunday except sleep and sit around. That's exactly what I did. I woke up around 12 in the afternoon, but I forgot all about daylight savings time, so it was actually 11 when I got up. I just got in the shower and then did my homework for Geology. I only had to do like 10 questions and I had the answers, so why not finish it. After I finished that I got online of course and man it was so boring because nobody was on and there was nothing to do, so I just checked my mail and then logged off.

After I shut down, I laid down for a little bit thinking if I should have watched a movie or go watch TV, but while layin there for a good 10 minutes, I fell asleep and slept for about 2 hours. I woke up because I heard all them stupid little kids screaming and crying and omg I just wanted to go in there and knock the $hit out of all of them, but I didn't or else I would of been in trouble. I can't stand kids! They drive me crazy and the only time I hit them or beat their a$$'s is when nobody is around. They like to talk their $hit to me, and usually I ignore it, but when I'm not in the mood, then thats when I make them cry. I hope I was never as bad as they are when I was small cause if I was then I must have been a little brat!

After waking up I just got bored all over again and I was tired still, but I didn't want to go to bed cause then I would be up all night and tired at school tomorrow. I just put in my RAW tape from last monday and watched that. After it was over I just got back on the computer and chatted for a bit and now I'm sitting here adding this boring journal. After this I will probably go watch a movie or go into a chatroom and see what's going on with everybody since I got nothing better to do.

Well that will be it for today so have a fun night everyone. Laterz!

October 27th, 2001, 7:54pm-

Nothing much happened to me today. Man last night I did the dumbest thing ever, but I'm not gonna say, so forget I said that. LoL! All I did today was stay home and got on the computer. What is there for me to do anyway? Yeah thats right. NOTHING!

Right now I'm laughing and being stupid with Heather. We were gonna voice chat, but she didn't have the new 4.5 MSN messenger, so I made her download it and now she is saying she wnats the old one back cause the new one is gay. I actually agree with her cause I don't like the new one at all. The faces look gay etc etc. I already said this how many times, so why say it again.

Anyway Heather is waiting for me to finish, so we could go on our webcams, so Laterz!

October 26th, 2001, 7:47pm-

Today was such a boring day. I woke up around 12 this afternoon, but I didn't sleep good at all this morning. My friend Josh kept calling me from school and he knew I would be sleeping, but nooooo he has to call and wake me up. I was getting mad, and so I finally got kinda mad and we just hung up and I went back to sleep. I do not like it when people wake me up in the mornings. I am never in a good mood when I'm tired. Most people know that I hope.

When I got up, I got in the shower and got ready. Then I got online and Nate sent me an award (Under my poll on the homepage) I got for my website, but like I said, I don't deserve it because my site here sux. In speaking of Nate, he got all hurt because I don't mention him in my journal. Looks like I got to start putting his name in here jsut so he will feel special. LoL! All me and him did was chat with my friend Kim on MSN and man I couldn't stop laughing at the things he was saying. I'm sure Kim got a kick out of it.

After Kim left, I tried downloading the new MSN Messenger again, but the damn thing sux and won't work for me, so from now on, Im not gonna mess with it anymore. I will just stick with the 3.6 version. Hopefully by next year it will work for me and then I can finally use the gay faces on it.

Tonight is my homecomign game. If we win it, then it will be the first time winning again in about 6 or 7 years. Let's hope they don't screw up this time. Man my team used to suck big time back then. I still think that they suck too because they always miss the damn ball when its passed to them. How sad is that!? Oh well you never know what could happen tonight. Let's just hope they don't screw up because they are against the Albuquerque Bulldogs. A very good team I might add. GO BENGALS!!! LoL!

Well thats about all I did for today. Nothing at all happened. Laterz!

October 25th, 2001, 9:36pm-

Just another boring day as always. I don't know why I bother to add an entry everyday because the same $hit happens everyday. Nothing new ever happens, BUT something happened to me today. I dropped my damn cd player and the middle part that holds the cd in broke off, and so now only my radio on it works. The cd part still works, but there's nothing to hold the cd in, so on saturday my step-dad will buy me a new one hopefully. Man I was sooooo pissed cause that damn thing cost over a $100! The good thing is that this next cd player is only $80.

In my second hour, I fell asleep because all the teacher was doin was discussing the chapter to us. That was so boring because I was just sitting there listening to him talk about all the bull$hit. I got sick of it and so I put my head down and passed out. To make things worse, my friends were throwing $hit at me and waking me up. I was not in a good mood once the bell rang. I just went straight to my Drivers Ed class and fell asleep again. That class is so easy. Now I will FINALLY be driving by the end of this semester. I don't wanna learn how to drive to be honest cause then people will be coming over and saying "Seandae take me here, take me there" and I will be too lazy to take them here and there. At least I will get to drive to school though and not ride the damn bus anymore with all them stupid preps that discuss their cheerleading or the band memebers that talk about the football games. UGH! I'm so sick of it all!

After school me and my friend Josh went over to Rhiannon's place and played a Playstation for once. Well, only they did and I just sat there and watched like I always do. I just borrowed a game from Josh and his game kicks a$$! I'm thinkin of buying it from him, but it's his sisters, so he has to ask her first. That just sux! I hope she says yes cause I can't get enough of that game.

After we got picked up and dropped off Josh, we went to K-Mart again and got junk we didn't need and then came home. I just got online and checked to see if the new MSN Messenger was out yet. It's out, but then they got a new MSN Explorer coming out and that will come with the new Messenger automatically, so Imma wait until Explorer comes out and then Imma download that so that I won't be wasting my space on my computer. Hopefully it comes out tomorrow. It better too cause I want the new MSN Messenger. Everybody says it rules!

Right now I'm just in my chatroom chatting to everybody and then Imma see if I can update me and Stephy's Hardy Boy site. Thats if Im not tired. I'm gonna be so bored tomorrow cause I never have anything to do when I'm home. Everybody else will be in school while I'm stuck at home bored as hell. At least I will finally get to chat with Rachel again. Her a$$ better be online tomorrow or Imma be pissed! Damn I need a cigarette!

Well Imma go now. Im in desperate need for a cigarette. Laterz!

October 24th, 2001, 9:20pm-

My day went alright, but man last night I was so worried about my friend Josh. I won't say why, but he kinda freaked me out, but this morning on the bus he was all happy and everything, so that made me feel better. Now I know he is ok. I just had a good day.

Man in second hour I took a drink of my soda, and right there I knew I was about to choke, so I tried not to cough by holding it in, and I cough anyway and I made a weird sound. Man everybody just looked at me and started laughing while I was sitting there choking and about to die. Man that was so embarassing. I'm so glad we only had about 10 students there.

After my Mom got off work, we went to the bank and cashed my check that the WWF sent back to me. I guess I had paid too much for my Triple H jersey and so they sent me back $6. Of course all that is gone already because I bought me some cigarettes and some junk food with it. I was gonna save it and buy me another jersey, but my Mom can buy that for me friday since she gets paid. It's only $25 anyway.

After the bank we took off to the mall and my Mom just paid her bills and then we went to Wal-Mart and got $hit we needed and then came home. Once we got home, we saw my sister's bf parked outside and so we hung out with him all night and just laughed and talked. I swear him and Nichole are so stupid somethimes it makes me laugh. They both got issues with the word "Boner". She would be like "Damnit you better stop or Imma kick you in your boner" and so he says "Shut up or Imma cut off your boner" and we just laugh. They are so weird sometimes.

Right now I'm just sitting here jamming out to some old rap music. I don't know if any of you ever jammed to Bone Thugs ~N~ Harmony, but I'm jamming to their "Creepin On A Come Up" CD. I remember listening to this when I was in the 7th grade. The CD still rules too.

Anyway it was a boring day I had. Sorry for borin you all, but its the best I could do. Anyway! Imma go now because its so boring. Laterz!

October 23rd, 2001, 6:39pm-

Just another boring day for me and a very tiring one too. Man I went to bed around 11 last night and when I woke up this morning, I was wide awake. Then I got to first hour and all I did was sleep during the whole hour. In my second hour, we just did some stupid group project and it was ok, but not fun at all cause the people I was working with, did nothing at all. As for my third hour, he just talked about the safety of driving and all that other bull$hit. I wanted to sleep so bad, but if he seen me asleep, he would of made me run around the track outside two times. I wouldn't have liked that either. As for my fourth hour, well lets just say I laughed the whole damn hour and didn't do a single thing in that class. Keith that little b!tch was being a little jerk and was makin me laugh till I cried and so the teacher finally got smart and put him in a room all by himself where I wouldnt laugh. Now my teacher tells me that it looks like Im doin a commercial for toothpaste "Colgate" cause Im always smiling. LoL! My teacher in fourth hour rules.

After school I sat at my Mom's office and did nothing. Her boss was off today, so I was messing around on the internet while she was working. Her boss is such an a$$hole. I don't like him at all and him and my Mom don't get along too good either, so I'm sure he hates me and my sisters when we go there. I don't care though because my Mom only gots two more years to go and then she is gonna retire. She has been workin there for 23 years now.

Around 4:30 my sister and her bf came over and I went back home with them because I didn't wanna wait for my Mom. I swear them two are so stupid and they make me laugh cause they are always hitting each other and just being stupid like I said.

When I finally got home, I got online and chatted to everybody and then decided to make my pics on here a little bigger, then decided to write an entry, but I didn't know what to put so Amber said this:
~A*m*b*e*r~ says:
man we usually talk more. wdf you doin? lol
SeandaeLewis420 says:
SeandaeLewis420 says:
Im adding my boring journal
~A*m*b*e*r~ says:
SeandaeLewis420 says:
I dont know what to say though
~A*m*b*e*r~ says:
dat u talked to the wonderful amber today lol
SeandaeLewis420 says:
lol ok

That's about all I did today. I'm sure that is very boring to you all, but what can I do?! Laterz!

October 22nd, 2001, 8:47pm-

Today was a tiring day. Last night I tried goin to bed around 11:30, but I just layed there for a good hour and finally fell asleep. The bad thing was that I got up very tired this morning. I didn't wanna go to school at all, but I had no choice. The funny part is that when I got there, I was all happy and wide awake sayin Hi to everybody.

Today I started my Drivers Ed class, but I miss Gym because we never had to do book work. Now Imma be having extra homework everyday cause of that damn class, but hey I get to get my drivers license after this 9 weeks. *Holds her breath* 9 more weeks to go. Oh goody!

When my Mom got off work, we went out to go eat cause it's my step-dad's birthday today and he is somewhere in the 50's. Old bastard should just die already! j/k! What got me mad was that I eat like a f*ckin little kid and I got that red chile all over my damn Triple H jersey. Now Imma have to have my Mom wash it for me, and she better not mess it up or Imma be very pissed.

When I got home, I watched RAW for a while and then got online and chatted to Amber and Nina while Raw is on. Man they make me laugh like hell. Its just funny because Amber wanted her pic on here, so I added it and then added her and HG to my friends page. I didn't forget Nina either.

Well I better end my sad entry here and get back to chatting with Nina and Amber. Laterz!

October 21st, 2001, 3:25pm-

Just another boring day for me and a very tiring one too. I am so tired today and tonight I'm goin to bed early because school starts back up tomorrow. I wish a plane would crash into our school or something so that it could go away and let us all sleep in late like we want to. At least let school start at 11 or 12 and not so early.

Anyway. Yesterday I didn't feel like adding a journal cause I was being stupid with Heather in the chatrooms. Then I had to work on her Hardy Boyz site and add more AOL Icons to it. After that Kim signed on and I got me a new AOL SN and added all my buddys back on. By the time Kim signed off, I went to bed.

I woke up around 11 today and watched a movie and then got ready. Thats when I got online and Heather signed on, but I wasn't in the modd to chat with anybody today cause I'm tired and in a bad mood. All she talked about was what she is gonna get me for christmas. She picked out the ugliest Rock jersey I've ever seen. She can get it, but I'm not goin to wear the ugly thing around. She expects me to get her something, but wth am I goin to get her? I'm thinkin of just getting her something that has to do with The Rock. The only problem is that Imma have to mail it off in a huge envelope.

Right now I have nothing to do, so Imma just go into a chatroom and watch all them people argue and fight about No Mercy tonight. Laterz!

9:44pm-Well the ppv sucked a big one because all the matches sucked. The only good match was The Rock and Y2J. I was so surprised when I saw Stephanie help Y2J defeat The Rock. Looks like Y2J is with the alliance now. I don't knwo though. I got to find out tomorrow night on RAW when it shows the results and when Y2J talks about it. The thing that really pissed me off was the main event. I was hoping for RVD or Kurt Angle to win, but nooooo Stone Cold won the damn belt again. I'm so sick of seeing him as the WWF champion.

Anyway I better now cause I got school tomorrow. Laterz!

October 19th, 2001, 9:14pm-

Well today not much happened because I slept till 12:30 and it felt good. I got up around 7 this morning and then went back to sleep for once. I was so glad that we didn't have school today. I wish we could have it like this the whole school year. Have school from monday-thursday and get fridays off. That would be so cool if it was like that. Of course that will never happen.

Today all I did was play my playstation for once and then got online and chatted with Heather. She is grounded again and so she won't be online for a week or so. Her and her brother got into a fight over the TV remote, so their parents grounded them both for a week. Of course Heather is gonna get on late tonight when her parents are asleep, so I just got to stay awake.

That was about all I did for today. Laterz!

October 18th, 2001, 10:35pm-

Man I'm so bored and tired right now and since I got nothing better to do, I decided to add an entry for once. I just wish that somebody like Heather or Kim was online cause then I always laugh when I talk to them, but I dont know where the hell heather is. She is probably out with Jimmy somewhere, or at home sleeping cause she is sick and she sounds like a frog when she talks. Kim is sleeping right now too cause she has to go to work at 3am today and so I won't talk to her until tomorrow. Tonight just sux because there is absolutely NOBODY online!

Well as some of you may know, there is a new MSN Messenger coming out on the 25th, but to all of you who use it, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!!! It sux big time and it just got gay. The faces are gay, and it takes FOREVER to sign you in. When I first got it, it wouldn't sign me in at all, but today I tried it again and it worked, but I didn't like it. I just uninstalled it and downloaded the old version again because I like it better. If you wanna download the new version, then go on ahead, but I think it sux and so will you.

Well I'm so glad that this week is over because I don't got to worry about taking anymore 9 weeks test for school. I didn't do too good on my World History or my Geology test, but I did pass them both. I got a 61% on my World History and a 67% on my geology test. I thought I would do good in geology because I finished it in about 30 minutes. I think it was the "True + False" section that I messed up on cause I'm not good at those. I didn't study at all for my World History test, so thats why I didn't do good, but I passed, so that's good enough.

Starting monday, I will have driver's ed and tech lab. I do not want to have tech lab because I heard that the teacher for that class was a real b!tch. I'm sure that we won't be getting along at all if that's true. Plus I really don't need that class, but its required. I already know how to use a computer as you can see, so why take it? I don;t care though cause then I get a credit for it. I really need it too because my 4th hour teacher told us that they changed the high school credits AGAIN, and so I need 27 credits to graduate. I hope I do good, which I doubt will happen.

After school today, we went to Rhiannon's place again and played the 64. This time they had Mario Kart and so I played, but I suck at it big time. I always cam in 3rd place, which is last, and so after playing two races, I gave up. Then my Mom came at 4:30 and we took my friend Josh home and I kept his jacket cause I was cold.

After we dropped off that weirdo, we went to JcPenny to wait for my step-dad and I ended up buying me a new pair of JNCO pants because they were on sale. There was only one good pair of pants, so I picked that one and left with it. My Mom of course bought her stuff and then my step-dad called and wanted to eat somewhere. We just ate at Giant cause I told them I wanted a root-beer float.

Well I guess this will be all because I can't think of anything else to put in here. Laterz!

October 17th, 2001, 8:20pm-

Well again I'm sorry for not having an entry for the past 3 dayz, but I've been very busy with school this week. We had to take our 9 weeks test for our classes and turn in all our missing homework assignments before thursday, so you can imagine how busy I was seeing that I never do my work.

Today I took my geology test and I'm sure I passed, but I just didn't finish my test by the time the bell rang. I had about 10 more questions to go on the whole "True and False" page, but it was too hard, so now tomorrow morning I got to go back to that class and finish up.

Right now I don't feel too good. I think I ate too much. I'm gonna go now. Laterz!

October 14th, 2001, 10:52pm-

Today is was sunday and what a boring day it was. Well, not really because Heather was on and we voice chatted all day and laughed about chris cause he is suck a dumbass sometimes.

Today all I did was work on my websites for my friends. I worked on me and Tori's Hardy website and just added some wallpapers to it. After that I worked on Heather's Hardy site a little because it needed a lot of work to it. I added some wallpapers to hers and changed her guestbook.

I didn't do anything else for today, so I shall be on my way to bed cause I got school tomorrow. Laterz!

October 13th, 2001, 3:57pm-

Well before I get into anything else, I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nate! He is barely 19, but he looks like he's 23 or something! Anyway Nate is one of my very good friends and I've known him for a long time now. Almost a year I believe. Hope he has fun today!

Now on to why I haven't been adding my journals again. On thursday I didn't have time to be messing with my homepage here because I'm helping out my friend Tori on making a Hardy Boyz website. It's a lot of work, but I agreed because I got nothing else to do in my pathetic life. Plus that night I was on my webcam with my friend Heather and we were being stupid on there laughing our a$$'s off! I didn't get offline until around 1:30am and I was too tired to update my site.

Yesterday was fun, but I was very tired from not getting enough sleep. I only had 5 hours of sleep and in my second hour we just watched a movie and I fell asleep. I slept for a good hour at the most, but it felt good. I was wide awake by the time the bell rang for gym class.

Speaking of Gym, I am actually having fun in there now that we are playing basketball. I made 9 backets out of 25 and then we had to play a game called Knockout. Man I sucked at it, but when we had to shoot from the 3-point line, I kept making it. Man it got me tired. When it was time to go back into the locker room, I wanted to die because I was very tired. I'm all sore now too. At least I had fun though!

After school me and my friend Josh went to Rhiannon's place again and played the Nintendo 64. Of course I just sat there and watched them play. Me and Josh planned to go over to her place every friday from now on. It's fun just being there and laughing our a$$'s off at Josh because he acts so stupid!

When I got picked up, we took Josh home and then went to Wal-Mart from there. I was tired and wanted to go home, but they dragged me to Wal-Mart with them. I just got me a mouse pad because I need one very bad. I also got me some junk food and my mom and my sister got their junk.

When I got home, I got online for a while just to check my mail and then I watched StepMom. That movie is funny, but the mother and that little girl pissed me off. They try to act like they're the $hit. Made me wanna slap them! Other than that, the movie is kool and funny to watch.

After the movie was over, I just went to bed because I was sooooo tired. That's about all that hapened the past two dayz! Laterz!

October 10th, 2001, 8:51pm-

Today was ok. My school pics finally came in and so I went and got them during lunch. I swear I look like $hit because my right eye is all open and my left eye is all low. I look stupid and I don't think I should of got high that morning because look what happened! Now tomorrow I will have to send some off to my friends through the mail and not just e-mail! Why? I don't know! I just feel like sending them, but only three are goin out through the mail. I HAVE TO send one to Kim, Heather, and Rach! They are the three I talk to the most!

During first hour I had a speech due, but I forgot all about it, so I just used my stupid WWF site for it. I didn't get a good grade, but it's better than getting a zero on it. I got 88 out of 150. That's about a C. I still passed it, so now I don't got to worry about one until two weeks. I'm sure my B+ will drop down to a C, but thats alright cause I don't care!

In my second hour, we took down some notes, but then we had a fire drill around 11 and we all stood outside until the beel rang. All I did was laugh and be stupid with my friends. The only thing is that I was late for Gym class, but we had a sub, so again I didn't dress out. They just played basketball and I just watched them play. How fun!

Well I don't think I will tell about what happened in my fourth hour because I'm sure all of you know how that class is. The only thing was that everybody wanted to see my pictures, but I only showed Ronnie because she is cool!

After school we came straight home and of course I got online, but nobody interesting was on, so all I did was check my mail and chat with Kim. Man I swear she is so obsessed with Slipknot now. She knows the singer Corey Taylor personally, so maybe thats why she loves them so much. I still think Staind is better. Aaron Lewis is the $hit! I don't see why other people choose Limp Bizkit over them or WEEZER! They know that Staind is waaaaay better, but they don't want to admit it.

I got tons of homework to do for not going to school yesterday, but I'm not gonna do it because I'm too lazy to and plus I can always copy off of someone else's paper.

Anyway I got nothing more to tell, so Imma go now! Laterz!

October 9th, 2001, 9:51pm-

Nothing happened today. I just stayed home from school because my Mom went to a funeral and she wouldn't have had time to drop me off and pick me up, so she just let me stay home.

I slept until 12:30 today and woke up to watch cartoons. I actually watched the Bugs & Daffy Show on the Cartoon Network today. Man all I did was laugh because some of them are crazy!

After that was over, I decided to finish up what I started yesterday. I updated my wwf site by adding some greeting cards to it, but the only thing is that the damn pics won't show up on them and so I don't wanna mess with it. This weekend I'll figure out what the problem is and then fix it. That's if I'm not too lazy!

Well that was all that happened today. I'm gonna get ready for bed now! Laterz!

October 8th, 2001, 9:40pm-

Well today we were off because of Columbus day. It felt good sleeping in late on a monday. I woke up around 11 and took a shower and got ready. Afterwards, I just got online and started chatting with Heather.

LMAO! Man Heather makes me laugh like crazy when we chat. She was telling me a story about how she got her a$$ kicked when she was 8 or 9. She said that these girls wanted to kick her a$$ cause she was a b!tch. All they did was throw rocks and sticks at her though. Man that story made me laugh like hell.

Then she had to get offline and so I gave her my phone number for the 4th time cause she told me that she would try to call me. I got off when she did because if she did call, then the line would be busy cause of my dumba$$ being online. I just got off and watched Me, Myself, & Irene and then watched WWF Raw after that.

When Raw was over, I chatted with Marcine for a bit, but it was kinda annoying because she has a virues and it keeps askin me to accept a file, but I wont so now its starting to get on my nerve.

Anyway that was all that happened for today. Im gonna get ready for bed now. Laterz!

October 7th, 2001, 4:10pm-

Well I will be leaving here in about 20 minutes cause my nephew is having his birthday party at Big Cheese Pizza, so now my Mom and my sister are getting ready. I just thought that I would update my journal here while they take their time.

Anyway as always, it's a sunday and for once we are gonna be doin something today. This morning and afternoon, I just watched my movie twice. I watched it when I woke up and then my sister watched it, so we were laughing our a$$'s off all day.

Well if anything interesting happens in Gallup, I will be sure to type it out. Until then, Laterz!

9:23pm-Well I'm back and nothing happened while I was at the birthday party. All I did was eat and eat until I got full. I had me 16 slices of Pizza. My sisters grossed out on me, but thats ok. I don't know why I told you all, but I thought I would share it. Anyway thats all I came back for. Laterz!

October 6th, 2001, 5:36pm-

Well I had nothing better to do, so I decided to type out a journal for today. I'm over at my sisters apartment right now because we have her son Christon with us. Today is his birthday and he turned 5. My sister is out getting his birthday gift, which is a GameBoy Advanced, and she don't want him to know what it is, so we are just sittin at her place doin nothing. I just got right on her computer when we got here because she don't got her Digital Cable anymore.

Yesterday when we got to school, me and my friend Josh were talking about Nintendo's and how they were kool back in the 90's. Here I told him that Rhiannon had the regular Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and the 64, so he said that we were gonna go to her place after school and play Nintendo. I thought he was just messin around, but it turned out that he was serious. After school he told the bud driver to let him get off and then back on so he could get his controllers. Then when we got off with Rhiannon she was just laughing. I just smoked a cigarette and then went back inside and watched them play. They wanted me to play, but I suck at 64's. I'm not good with the little joystick. I kick a$$ at my Playstation and Playstation 2 though.

My Mom picked me up from there when she got off work. I had to take Josh home too and when my Mom saw his garden, she was all "Oh wow I like your garden with all the flowers" and here Josh was all happy and said "Thanx its all cause of me" and then he leaves, but i doubt he planted them flowers himself.

When I got home, all I did was chat online and then checked my e-mail. That's when my cousin came over t check her mail, so I let her, but I ended up falling asleep and so she was online till like 4 or 5 in the morning. Here she left it on and didn't shut down, so I was pissed off this morning when I woke up. I asked my sister why it was still on and she told me that it froze on her, but when I was shutting it down, it was workin fine and nothing froze, so now Imma have to watch out for her when she is chatting to everybody. Well just when she is getting off.

I got in the shower after that and got ready. Of course I got online after that and chatted with Tammy for a while. I got her mad though because she wanted to borrow my Afroman CD, but I said no! I don't let anybody borrow my cd's anymore because they come back all scratched up. She went to Albuquerque today and so I'm sure she will be goin shopping because she said she was getting her senior pics taken.

Speaking of pics, my Mom was talking to me about all that on the way home from Gallup. She was all "Man we're goin to be buying a lot of stuff next year when you graduate" and I looked at her and asked "Like what? What is happening next year?" and she was all "Well your graduation will be next year, so now we will be buyign you a class ring, and you will have to have your senior pictures taken" and I just looked at her and told her that I didn't want a ring because it will make me look gay and $hit. I also told her that buying me my pictures will be a waste of money because I will have nothing to do with them. The only thing I want is a ..... well I'm not sure on how to spell it, so I will do my best on it. I want a letterman's jacket. That's the only thing I want.

All we did in Gallup was go to Wal-Mart and get some food and junk food. We didn't go anywhere else after that because me and my Mom got hungry, so we just went out to go eat. I ate good because I didn't feel like I was goin to explode for once, but after eating my huge cherry dip, man I was full! It was good though. Haven't had one of those in liek a year.

When I got home, I went right to work on my journal here, so thats what I'm doin right now as you can see. After I'm done here, I am goin to go watch ME, MYSELF, & IRENE. That movie makes me laugh so hard. Jim Carey rules!

Well now I got nothin to say or do, so Imma go watch my movie now. Laterz!

October 4th, 2001, 8:20pm-

Well I can't write much because my sister is waiting for a phone call, so if there are any mistakes on here, ignore them because I'm typin this in a hurry.

Anyway! Nothing all that good happened in school today, so I guess I won't type anything out!

Damnit! Sorry I didn't write much, but my sister is makin me get off the computer and plus we agreed that if I got off, she would do my term paper for me, so I better go if I want a good grade on that. Laterz!

October 3rd, 2001, 8:26pm-

My day went alright. The only thing I didn't like was Gym class of course cause I had to walk the damn track all hour in the hot sun. I thought I was goin to pass out for a minute there, so I smoked a cigarette while walkin and I felt better after that. Yes I know I'm stupid. I know Tammy will give me a small lecture for smokin, but that's alright cause she lectured me about Twinkies the other day.

During my fourth hour, my friends, Keith and Larry, were telling us some gross jokes and man all we did was laugh. He was all "Seandae what do you call a blonde with a dollor on top of her head?" and I didn't know, so he said "Everything under a dollor" and I just thought it was kind of stupid. He just laughed about it, but it wasn't all that funny to me.

OH! I forgot to tell you about my lunch period. Well it really ain't important, but Imma tell anyway. I wanted to buy me a soda, but I had no more money of course, so I asked Dante for a dollor, but he was bein a little b!tch with his money. Here he goes and buys a Fruitopia drink in front of me, but when he set it down, I grabbed it and got me a different drink, and then I sat right by him and acted like I didnt do anything. Then he finally noticed it was gone and asked me where it was, but I told him that if I had taken it, he would of saw, so he thought someone else took it. He just went back up and got another one for free. Ok how borin was that story.

After my Mom got off work, we went out to eat and then went to Walgreens to ge her pictures developed. They got some cool $hit there cause I saw some WWF notebooks and folders. Man I wanted to get them, but the were too damn expensive. A notebook was $2.99, and the folder was $1.99! I could buy me two packs of cigarettes with that money. I just looked there and then looked at the magazines. Nothing good though.

After that, we came home. When I came back, I got online of course to check my mail, but it was junk mail. Now I'm just sitting here fighting with some dumba$$ on yahoo messenger. I swear he gets on my nerve sometime, but that's alright cause JTP is worse than this guy is.

Anyway I better go now before this puts you all to sleep. Laterz!

October 2nd, 2001, 7:20pm-

Nothin good happened today as usual. I just woke up a little late this morning, but I made it. I thought I was gonna miss my bus for a moment there, but we got to the stop around 7:32am this morning and the bus came like 10 minutes after that.

I was tired all day in school. I had to take two tests today also. One in my second hour and the other was in my fourth hour. I passed my second hour test with a 68%, but I don't know how I did in my fourth. I'm sure I did well because it was easy to me. In gym class I did the same exact thing I did yesterday, except that I was in my gym clothes. I saw my friend walkin toward the track, so I ran in front of him and hid. I don't like doin anything in gym, so I just usually walk the track and smoke a cigarette.

Man in fourth hour, all I did was laugh like hell. Keith is funny as hell and he makes everybody laugh. I know none of you will care, so I will just leave the story out of it.

Right now I'm starving. I'm waiting for my step-dad to come home with our food, but he ain't of course. I will live through the night with or without food. I just want a cigarette really bad right now, so Imma go smoke one. Sorry for bein so boring, but I got nothin to tell as always. Laterz!

October 1st, 2001, 6:24pm-

I don't got anything interesting to put in here, so i will just tell you about my day, and it will sound like my old entries, but damnit I got nothing to say!

Anyway nothing good happened in school, but the good thing is that I got no homework for tonight. In Gym class, I didn't dress out like I was supposed to because I was wearin my new shoes and I didn't want to get them dirty. The teacher told us to go walk the track, but we just sat under a shade where he couldnt see us. All we did was talk.

After school I went with my mom again to the grocery store to get things we dont need. All I got was a 12-pack of CODE RED Mountain Dew. I got like 36 cans of soda here in my room now.

Well that was my exciting day. RAW Is gonna be on soon, so Imma go now. Laterz!

10:06pm- RAW was actually ok tonight. My man RVD looked good, but he was fighting Kane. It was me against Kim again, but this time she didn't beat me, and I didn't beat her, so thats good. The ending of RAW was ok, but the match sucked because Shane was the one beating up Kurt until he was in the Ankle lock. Oh well, at least Kurt won and regained the WWF title!

Right now I'm doin nothing. I'm sitting here waiting for my sister to get home because I'm dying for a cigarette. I tried asking Tammy for $2, but she is all tight with her money. I wanted to buy me some cigarettes, but Tammy is tight and said I have to admit something about Rivers.

Well I just thought I would add a little more to my entry here and now I have nothin more to tell, so Imma go get ready for bed cause I'm tired of waitin on my sis. Laterz!

September, 30th, 2001, 12:56am-

Man I'm so tired right now, but Tammy demands that I type out an entry, so here I am. Well I got a whole lot to say about my weekend, but I really don't feel like typing it all out right now, so when I wake up in the morning or afternoon, I will get right back on and tell you all about it. Until then, stay tuned! I'm off to bed now! Goodnight!

12:01pm- Ok I am back. Man it felt good sleeping in my own bed again because the Motel beds suck a$$! Anyway let me get on with my weekend and how much it sucked.

Friday after school we were supposed to go eat out some where with my sister Dawn, but when we were leaving, my Mom said that we had to go pick up my sister Nichole in Phoenix. I asked why, and she told me, but I don't think I want to say cause other people will be reading this as well. We just went straight home friday after my Mom got off work, and she packed her clothes and everything. I just laid in bed of course cause I didn't want to go to Phoenix. It's still too hot to be there and hot weather gets me sick when I stay in it too long. When my Mom was done packing, she got mad cause I wasn't ready and I told her I was gonna stay home, but she wouldn't let me, so I was all pissed off.

Friday we left around 6 in the evening and my older sister Dawn went with us. We just drove to Flagstaff and stayed the night there. Man it was so boring because I had no computer with me. I missed my computer and all my friends on it. I just wanted to shoot myself when my Mom was watching the "Food Network" channel. Man she watches that channel everyday and I wanted to change it to mtv, but she wouldn't let me! I just went outside and smoked about 3 cigarettes and then went to bed.

Early Saturday morning we got up around 8 Arizona time. Man I was tired as hell for some reason. I went to bed around 11 friday night and so I don't see why I was tired Saturday morning. I just got up and got ready and then we were out the door and on our way to Phoenix.

When we got there, we went staright to where my sis Nichole was and she put all her stuff in and then we went to the mall from there. All I got was a CD and a new pair of shoes. Nichole got her clothes of course and she could've got some shoes too, but she didn't for some reason. I wanted to go to the other stores in the mall, but my Mom said that it was too late and that we had to get home, so we left and came back home.

When we got back into Gallup, we went to my sister's apartment cause that was where my Mom left her car. Plus we had to get Nichole's $hit and out it in our car and then leave. I just went upstairs and smoked a cigarette while they were doing all that.

When they were done, we left. I was hungry of course, so I made my Mom stop and buy me some Wendy's. I ate on the way home and talked with my Mom and Nichole for once. When we got home, the first thing I did was get online and check my mail. Man I missed my computer so much. Myfriend Kim must have missed me too cause she wrote me some long a$$ e-mail's telling me that she got her letter from me and that she was bored. I was bored not chattin with her too, so she wasn't the only one!

As for today, nothing much has happened yet. My Mom just bought me some chips this morning and then told me that she was goin some where, but I was half asleep and so I didn't hear where she was going. I just said "uhh ok then bye" and then fell aslep again. I'm sure nothing interesting will happen today cause its a sunday!

Well that was all that went on with me for the weekend. I'm gonna go watch some old WWF tapes now. Laterz!

September 27th, 2001, 6:45pm-

Man I'm sore as f*ck right now. We had to do push-ups all hour in gym class yesterday. I did at least 100 cause he said we had to do ten every 5 minutes for the whole hour, so now Imma be sore for at least a week. I hate my gym class.

Today school was alright, and for once I didn't srgue with my second hour teacher. All we did was watch some stupid video on Alexander The Great and then read a section out loud from our books. After we finished that, he just told us to do the section review questions. It was all easy, so I got it all done and then just started eating my chips cause I got hungry and I didn't want to wait for lunch.

After second hour is first lunch and Rhiannon has first lunch, so she told me to ditch Gym class and hang out with her. I was thinking and then I thought to myself "Wtf am I gonna do for an hour after first lunch ends" and so I asked her that and she told me that they had a sub in her 3rd hour, so I ditched. All we did was walk around and talk, so it was pretty boring and I ditched for nothing, but then again I was happy cause I didn't have to exercise today or run.

After the bell rang for first lunch, we went to her third hour and she just did her work while I sat there doing nothing at all. When she finished, we started planning on how we were gonna get out of class for second lunch. Well it was amazing, but we got out of class and went to second lunch and just went to go smoke a cigarette cause I was dying for one!

In my fourth hour, we just did a open book quiz and then talked the rest of the hour. The quiz was easy as hell, so I was done in like 45 minutes with it. After everybody was finished, we started talkin about the kid that got hit by the bus yesterday. Man Keith said he saw the whole thing and he just laughed about it. I thought it was funny too.

After my Mom got off work, we came staright home for once. I just got right on the computer when we got home and started chatting with my friends.

Well that was all that happened for today. Laterz!

September 26th, 2001, 6:50pm-

Well, well, well! Look who didn't type out an entry for another three dayz again! That's right! It was me! Again I'm sorry about not typing one out, but I been busy with my damn term paper for my World History class and plus I keep forgetting about this homepage of mine. I will try to add an entry for everyday, but it will be tough, so Tammy if you're reading this, you're gonna have to remind me to add an entry! Anyway let me get on with how my week went.

Well on monday nothing exciting happened to me, so there really isn't nothin to talk about. The only good thing was that RAW was on that night, but it pissed me off of course because my man RVD lost to The Rock. Man RVD had the damn title won cause he climbed on to the top rope and was ready to give The Rock a 5-star frog splash, but nooooo! That dumb little b!tch Stephanie had to go and shove the Ref into the ropes. RVD then fell on his jewels and then Rock got up and gave him the Rock-Bottom to pick up the win and regain his WCW title! Ugh! I was mad the whole night cause of that!

As for tuesday! I was having a very good day on tuesday until I went to my second hour class! I swear the teachers in there are so damn strict! I was in class doin my work and minding my own damn business. Here that dumba$$ b!tch came up to me and said "I need your walkman" and so I acted like I didn't hear her and so she said it again and I was all "I'm not giving it to you cause I'm not listening to it, so you can do whatever you want cause you ain't gettin it" and so she sent me down to the damn office and I was argueing with the Principal! After fighting with him for 10 minutes, he said he was gonna send me home, but that wouldn't have worked cause I live 30 miles away from my school! Then he told me he was gonna call my Mom, so I had no choice but to give up my CD player. I was pissed! I just called up my sister Dawn and told her to pick it up for me and she did, so I got my CD player back and now I have to hide it during my second hour!

After that class I went to my Gym class, but I didn't do nothing at all in there. Then when fourth hour came, of course all I did was laugh like hell. That class is just fun and cool to be in. The teacher is cool too. He makes us laugh all the time. I'm sure he is sick of me and Keith cause all we do is say $hit to each other.

Now for today! My day was alright, its just that in second hour, I sat down and my teacher was all "Seandae give me your head set now" and so I just put it away and he just gave me a weird look and started with our work. Man I hate the teachers in that class. They are b!tches! I would switch, but that class is very easy! I just sat there doin my work and ignored them when they asked me a question.

In my fourth hour, it was actually quiet cause our assignment he gave us was due before the end of the hour, so we all did our work and then acted stupid for the last 15 minutes of class.

When school was out, I got on the bus, and then next thing you know the bus that was ahead of us ran over some kid that was crossing the street. Here our busdriver saw it all happen. She said that he flew five or six feet back and when he hit the ground, his head bounced off the pavement. Then she said that he got up all quick and was all staggering and then he fell down again, so she ran out to check on him and asked him if he was ok. He just said "Yeah I'm home" and so she knew he was all out of it, and then thats when everybody was staring and watching. It was weird cause that never happens! Then our gay principal was yelling at our busdriver cause she was saying that there was no supervision to tell him to stay back while the buses leave and so he yelled at her, but she won the battle! Man we sat there waiting for about 30 minutes and then the fire trucks came, then the ambulance, and then the cops. Here it wasn't that big of a deal cause after 10 minutes that kid that got hit, he was walking around. It was weird, but funny at the same time. Stupid kid shouldnt be running across the road while the buses are leaving!

When I got back to my Mom's office, she asked why our bus was late, so I told her the story and she was all "Oh my god how awful" and I just laughed. Then when she got off, we went to my sister's place and I picked up my CD player. She was askin me why it got taken and I told her and she just said "God some teachers can be a big pain in the a$$!" and I agree with her. Teachers suck!

After that we came home and I got online as always and just chatted. That was my whole three dayz! I'm goin now. Laterz!

September 23rd, 2001, 7:32pm-

Well it'd sunday and of course there ain't nothing to do on a sunday except for sleep and be lazy, which is exactly what i did today. Well I didn't sleep all day, but I was being lazy as always. The only thing I did was work on my WWF site. I haven't updated that in like a month, so I just added more stuff to the "Triple H & Stephanie" section. I would add more stuff to thsi HomePage of mine, but when I feel taking my Digital Camera to school, then I will take more pics of my friends and of the school. Then all of you will see how $hitty my school is. As for now, go to my WWF site and see all the things I added.

Man tomorrow is school, but I don't feel like going. I got no choice though. I don't mind school, but I hate going to Gym class. The people in there take the games too seriously. Right now we are playing Hockey and when I don't hit the damn ball, they get all hurt and tell me to hit it. They act as if we're playing for a championship!

I also have to do my homework tonight for my Communication class and for my Geology class, but I know I won't have it done, so why worry about it. Plus I could always copy off of someone else in class. OH $HIT! That reminds me! I got to work on my stupid speech report for Communication class also about a famous criminal! Man now Imma be up all night doin this $hit! This sux.

Well I better go now and do at least a little bit of my homework. Laterz!

September 22nd, 2001, 9:16pm-

Nothing interesting happened today. I woke up around 11am this morning and my Mom told me that she was going into town and she told me that they were going to go eat out for my little nephew's birthday. She asked me if I wanted to go and of course I said yes cause I was hungry. I just got ready as fast as I could and grabbed my CD player.

When we got to the restaurant, I saw my two older sisters and they freaked out cause I was actaully outside during the day. I'm not an outside person, so I usually spend the whole day inside my room and on the computer. the only time I go outside is at night when I smoke a cigarette.

After we ate, we just went to the mall, and I got stuff I needed, which was just lotion and a CD. My Mom got herself her stuff and then we left. After the mall, we just got gas and then came home.

As soon as I got home, I turned on my computer and got online. I just wrote Kim an e-mail telling her what i did today and then I started chatting with my friend Heather. Man she makes me laugh hard. Today we chatted for four or five hours and then we were on the webcam being stupid.

After Heather left, I had nothing to do, so I decided to update here. I'm done of course cause I ain't got anything else to say. Imma go to a chatroom now. Laterz!

September 21st, 2001, 8:04pm-

Well my day was kind of exciting, but not really cause it was too hot! This morning my Mom woke me up and told me that they were going to Farmington to pick up some Hay! :S Then after she yelled it to me, I couldn't go back to sleep, sp she told me to go with them since I had nothing better to do. She was actually right for once cause when I'm home, I just sleep and do nothing at all that whole day. I decided to get up and get ready.

When we left, we stopped over at my step-dad's place and picked up his trailer and hooked it on to his truck, so that he could haul that hay on it. Man I swear I sat in the truck for about 30 minutes just jamming out to my Cd player. I was getting mad because it was too f*ckin hot to be sitting there doing nothing. To make it worse, his windows weren't tinted, so I sat there in my black t-shirt sweating away.

After sitting there, he finally got the damn trailer hooked on to the truck and we took off. About 10 minutes after leaving, I had to pee really bad and I sat there holding it and hoping that we would stop at a store. When we were out of town, there was a store nearby and right when I was gonna make him stop, he turned and went to the store. Man I jumped off and used the bathroom. After that I grabbed me a liter of water cause it was about 90 degrees outside. I'm so glad I wore short pants today.

After the store, we were on our way to Shiprock. It took us like 45 minutes to get there. When I saw how it looked, I was very surprised cause the last time I had seen it was when I was 5 or 6 years old. The place has changed big time. They FINALLY have a McDonald's and a Burger King. Of course we didn't stop anywhere at Shiprock, we just passed through. It seemed weird being there again.

When we finally got to Farmington, it was 11:30am and first thing we did was go get the damn Hay. That took like 30 minutes and so again, I sat there ignorning everybody and jammed to my CD player. Man I think my step-dad bought about 3 or 4 tons of Hay. He said he spent like $600 on all of it too. Do you know what I could of bought with that kind of money?! I could of bought me a damn Wrestlemania X8 Travel Package!

When he was all done with that, we went to go eat and I wasn't at all hungry because while we were on the road, we stopped at like 3 stores and I always got me a bag of chips and a Soda. That means I had two bags of chips and two 20oz soda's. I just had me two tacos and a ice cream cone.

After we ate, we went to K-Mart and looked around there for a bit. Man their K-Mart sux big time because they ain't got $hit in there. I tried lookin for Juvennile's new CD with the song "Set It Off", but I didn't find any rap CD's at all! Tomorrow when I go into Gallup, Imma buy me that CD.

Finally after we left cheap a$$ K-Mart, we came home. Right when I got home, I just ran to my room and turned on my computer and checked my e-mail. After readin all of it, I decided to update my journal here. This weekend Imma have to work on my homework assignment for my Communication's class. It has to be about a Famous Criminal.

Well that's all that happened today, so Imma go now and get busy on my stupid homework assignment. Laterz!

September 20th, 2001, 6:41pm-

Well I'm back everybody. Sorry I haven't had a entry for the past three dayz, but I actually forgot all about my website until my friend messaged me last night and asked why I haven't been adding my journal entries. That's why I'm here right now. Plus I really had nothing to say in those three dayz. I just did the same thing I always do everyday. That was go to school and do my work, come home and get back on the computer.

I have been busy the past three dayz cause I haven't been going to school and so I would come home with a lot of homework. I would just sit there and work on it and by the time I was done, it was already 10 and I wouldnt have time to get online.

Other than that I am back cause I'm all cought up with my homework assignments! I just have more homework right now cause I didn't go to school yesterday. I got three whole dayz to work on them, so I got plenty of time. I just hope I get them done or Imma be failing my class.

Well that's all I got to say for now. Laterz!

September 16th, 2001, 10:47pm-

Well today was a slow and boring day. It's a sunday and there is never anything to do on a sunday, so I didn't do much today. All I did was lay in bed and watch movies while eating Twinkies and chips and drinking Cherry Pepsi and Mountain Dew CODE RED.

The only thing that got me mad was when that stupid little boy Josh sent me a virus through MSN Messenger. I swear buys got to grow up and stop doing this $hit. They think we are stupid or something because then they try to get into our hotmail accounts by sending a virus, but it never works because I always clean out my computer once I get a virus. That was what I did like 5 minutes ago. I restarted and cleaned out my system and threw the virus away. Boys got to get a f*ckin life! Also boys need to leave my friends community alone. They took over WWF DIVAS like 4 times so far, but we keep comin back.

Well I better go now cause I'm tired. Laterz!

P.S.-Don't accept ANY files from anybody, unless you know them or unless you really trust them!

September 15th, 2001, 11:31pm-

Well I had a fun day. Woke up this morning around 8 and called up my cousin and told him to come with me to the State Fair. I didn't wanna go myself cause then I would have nobody to ride the rides with, so of course thats the reason why I called him.

We left around 8:45 this morning and stopped in Sky City to eat breakfast and then left from there to Albuquerque. We didn't get to the State Fair till around 12:30 this afternoon. Man it was sooooo hot at the fair. To make things worse, I was wearing black. Black pants, shoes, and my black Rock shirt. I nearly died from the heat. We walked around the whole damn thing for about 3 hours and finally decided to go ride the rides. We rode the Zipper and the Hammer twice. Those were the only good rides there. All the others were baby rides, so I spent $25 on tickets for nothing. The only good thing about going was that I bought three WWF shirts. I got The Rock, Kane, and one with both Kane and Undertaker. The thing was that my Undertaker and Kane shirt is too small on me. That dumb ass black dude gave me size Medium. I told him right to his face "Give me an XX-LARGE" and he gave me the wrong size. Pissed me off when I got home and saw that it was small. I tried it on anyway and all you see is my fat stomach sticking out.

After the fair we went to Sam's Club and got some $hit there and all I got was a 24-Pack of Mountain Dew and a JUMBO BOX of Twinkies! I would of got more things, but it's just that I didn't need them, so I left them alone. I also tried begging my Mom to buy me a phone card that had 1,000 minutes on it for $41, but she wouldn't. That card would of lasted me for only about two weeks cause I call up Heather all the time and talk. Plus I would've called my friend Kim and Rachel. They make me laugh all the time.

After that we went to K-Mart of all stores. We didn't get much there. The only thing I saw there was a mouse pad for my mouse, but that thing was $14. I'm not going to spend that much on a damn mouse pad. I would buy me a carton of cigarettes with that, or a CD. I just left it alone.

After that we finally came home. The first thing I did was get online and check my mail. I was sooooo tired too cause of all the damn walking me and my cousin did at the fair in the hot sun. I just wanted to change into my night clothes and go to sleep, but I got online to check my e-mail and to see if my best friend Kim was online. Of course she wasn't, so I just read the survey she sent back to me and man I nver laughed so hard. Here is part of it that she did:
Place To Be On A Friday Night: out drinking with friends or on the pc talking to my best bud Kurt! She makes me laugh endlessly! (Who is Kurt and why is she a she?! She knows who she is)
Time You Felt So Happy You Couldn't Stop From Smiling: When Seandae and I were talking about me beating her up in the airport, and when Seandae kept arguing with her step-dad about getting off the computer.

Man I couldn't stop laughing at those. Those nights we were being stupid and saying stupid things and all we did was laugh. By the way, the "Kurt" name is my nickname that she calls me cause I love Kurt Angle.

While I was still reading that, Kim signed on and we started chatting to each other. We still are, but not now cause I'm sitting here typing out this stupid journal of mine. After I get done chattin with Kim, Imma head to bed cause I'm very tired right now.

Well I got nothing else to say, so Imma go chat with Kane (Kim) now. Laterz!

September 14th, 2001, 4:24pm-

Well I didn't do anything at all today. I just stayed home from school cause I didn't feel like going. I am so sick and tired of school. The first week was fun, but now it got boring and the fact that I got to wake up every damn morning at 6:45am. Plus I hate doing the work and the class I really hate is my third hour Gym class.

The only thing I did from 7:40am this morning until now is chat online and surf the web. Plus I chatted with my good friend rachel again after like 3 or 4 weeks. I think I freaked out Kim a little because she was surprised that I was online this morning when she got back from work. Plus Kittie was online to and she got to stay home and so me and her were on all day. Man nobody was online at all this morning. Only 9 people were on, and usually by 8:30am here, my buddy list is uaually in the 20's. I guess everybody was in school.

OMFG! I am so embaressed right now. My friend rach sent me a survey and one question was "Have You Ever skinned dipped" and of course I said no and I didn't know wtf skinny dipping was, and so the next question asked "Would you ever go skinny dipping?" and I said yes cause again I didn't know wtf it was and so I thought it was something like swimming. Then that's when Heather kept laughing at me about that and finally I asked her what it was and when she told me, Man I have never felt so stupid in my life. I would NEVER go skinny dipping! So if any of you got that survey about me, then ignore that question.

I'm still pissed about not going to the State Fair too. This is the first time I have missed it. Here all my friends told me to meet them there tomorrow and now watch, when I get to school on monday they will all say, "Seandae you dumb b!tch, where the f*ck were you on saturday" and then I will have to tell them everything. The only funny thing about it is that they will hate my step-dad even more for tellin me that we werent going.

Well that was all I did so far for today, so if anything else interesting happens, I will write more tonight. Laterz!

9:34pm-Well nothing happened for tonight. I just got very bored and decided to call up my friend Rachel. Man I kept laughing while I was on the phone with her. Me and her talked about WWF for like 5 minutes and then she asked me if I wanted to hear Nigel talk and so I was all "umm ok" and so when he got on the phone he was all "Ok Rach told me to say 'Do You Want Some Water'" and I was all "what?" and so he said it again and we all started laughin and thats when he gave the phone back to rach and she asked if I heard what he said and I was all "Umm I didn't Understand what he said" and so she told me and man I laughed so hard about it. It sounded funny the way he said it.

After I got off the phone with rach, I called up Rhiannon cause I had nothing better to do and all she was doin was messing around with her cousin like a little kid, so right when I was gonna hang up, my cousin pulled in the drive-way and so I told her that I would call her back, but to hell if Imma do that and be bored again. Me and my cousin were just talkin outside smoking a cigarette.

Then while we we were outside talkin still, my Mom comes out and says "Seandae you better go to bed early tomorrow cause were going to Albuquerque for the State Fair" and I was all "State Fair my ass" and it got me mad cause now she wants to go while I ain't in the mood to go anymore. I was all expecting to go today and I was all happy, but nooooo she didn't want to go today, so it pissed me off, so now I don't want to go anymore. Of course she will make me, so Imma go and buy me some new shoes from JUST FOR FEET. That way I will have shoes that nobody else has.

Well that was all that happened tonight, plus Kim is messaging me on AOL, so Imma go. I got to wake up early tomorrow anyway. Laterz!

September 13th, 2001, 8:49pm-

Well I actually had a good day today. It all started out with this morning while I was on my way into town. There was a rainbow in front of us and it was so kool. It was all bright and it was just kool, you had to see it. When I got to the bus stop, you could see the whole thing. Man I was hitting myself cause that would of been a very kool picture for my site here, but of course I didn't have my digital camera.

School was the same as always. Did nothing but work and then school was out. Nothing funny or interesting happened to me on the bus, but what did happen was that I heard the most disgusting news ever. Rhiannon told me about our friend Heather and her "man" aaron. Man that is some sick $hit I heard about them two. Aaron is all fat and f*ckin ugly as hell, but Heather is just a freak cause she is all into Heavy Metal now. I don't know why I told you all this, but I better shut up now.

After Mom got off work, we went to Papa John's and ordered me a Large Pizza. Then from there we went to the grocery store and got some stuff my Mom needed. Then we to pick the pizza up. The only thing that got me in a bad mood was that my Mom was tellin me that we might not go to the State Fair this year. Never in my whole life have I missed a State Fair and I don't want it to happen now. We better go because I need some stuff from Albuquerque that Gallup don't have. Like shoes.

When I got home, I ate my pizza and then got online and did nothing but chat to everybody. I'm gonna go now because I ran out of things to say. Laterz!

September 12th, 2001, 8:40pm-

Well today is what everybody is calling "The Day After" and of course you all know what I'm talking about, so no need to explain it. Man that still kinda freaks me out cause they still don't know if we are going to War or not. Man I hope we do cause we are the most strongest country and we have other powerful countries helping us and so they better just back the f*ck up before they all end up dead.

Well again at school all we watched was CNN in every single class because of the Attack that went on. I wasn't paying attention to it because I hate having homework, so I was just doing my work. Then we got called out for our pictures to be taken and so I left my hair down for once and took the damn pic. I tried very hard not to smile because my friends were makin me laugh. I made it through because I didn't smile. Thank God!

After we took our pics, I took off to my second hour, world history, and that class made me wanna go to sleep. We didn't do $hit there. All I did was sit there the whole f*ckin hour doing nothing because I had already finished my work that was due today.

When the bell finally rang after that class, we took off to Gym and of course we went outside in the hot weather. Again that class made me wanna lay on the grass and go to sleep cause I was just standing there doing nothing while everybody was takin the game all serious. Man boys are so serious when it comes to playing a game. It's very annoying. Like I said, I didn't do nothing at all in that class because I'm not an outside person and I'm very lazy!

When fourth hour came along, I started on my work right away because I wanted to get me a Mountain Dew in the last 10 minutes of class. Plus Keith was called out to go take his pictures, so he wasn't there to distract me or to stop me from doin my work by makin me laugh. The only bad thing was that he wanted to copy my worksheet after he came back and of course I let him because he is kool. Then finally at 3 something I finished my work and went to go get me my Mountain Dew. It was nice and cold and refreshing!

After my Mom got off work we went to K-Mart because I needed more shampoo and I DO NOT likme using hers because it smells like $hit! Plus I bought me 2 huge bottles of Powerade. Now watch, tomorrow morning on the bus, my friend Josh will be bugging me for one, but of course he can kiss my fat a$$. Sometimes he gets on my nerve because he will talk about stupid $hit. I sit there like "uh huh, yeah, kool, oh," and I never know wtf he talks about. I just agree with everything he says while I jam to my CD player. Josh is just a weird guy!

When we got home, my Mom just turned it to CNN again and that was all they watched this evening. We are still watching it right now too and I'm getting very sick of it. I know nwo that we will go into War and we are all gonna die! Nah just kidding man! I don't think we will die, but we are going into war. I know we are.

Well I got nothin more to talk about so Imma go. Laterz!

September 11th, 2001, 11:25pm-

Well I don't know what to say right now because I am very shocked at what happened this morning in New York! I'll just say R.I.P. for those who died and for those who risked their lives to save other people. Man this is kinda scary because we are going into War. WORLD WAR 3 IS COMING!!!

During lunch I went to the Library to update my journal here, but the damn computer I was on was slow for some reason. It took like 10 minutes just to open up my e-mail account. I just checked my mail and then left because I didn't wanna wait for it to load.

Well again I had no homework for school. I finished all my work in class and in my fourth hour, we had a quiz. That's why I had no work for the night. I wish that could happen to me every night, but that won't ever happen, so I guess I will stop wishing for it.

I barely got off the phone with my friend Rhiannon too and man she is f*ckin scared like hell about all this that's going on, but I'm just freakin out on it. Man all my friends are pissed about it too. Man I just hope that we bomb their a$$'s and let the all die and burn in hell. If they think this was gonna stop us, then they're wrong. Didn't they see what we did to Japan back then? I thought that after seeing that, NOBODY would wanna f*ck with us again, but nooooo they must wanna die!

Well that's all I got to say for now, so Imma go. Laterz!

September 10th, 2001, 1:13pm:

Well so far my day is going alright. This morning I overslept because went to bed late and so I didn't hear my Mom yelling or tryin to wake me up. I just hurried and put on whatever I saw in the closet and ran out the door without tieing my shoes. It sucked too because then I tripped over them when I got off at the bus stop. It turned out ok though because this time I didn't miss the bus.

Right now I'm at school using the Library's cheap a$$ computer. Man this thing is SLOW! Plus it won't let me go to the HOTMAIL website, so now I can't check my freakin mail. So far I got no homework, but third hour barely ended and fourth is comin, and you all know how I am in that class. I KNOW that I will have homework in fourth hour, but of course I never do any of it, so why bother or worry.

Today is monday and all of you should know by now that I won't be online until 9pm my time. WWF Raw Is war is on at 7pm and so I will be off watching that and my man Kurt ngle kick the $hit out of Stone Cold! Wrestling is kinda getting boring to me now! I wish they would change the freakin storyline and get rid of this whole "WCW vs WWF" $hit.

Well I got nothing more to say, so Imma go write a couple of e-mail's. I will kontinue this tonight after Raw is over. Laterz!

9:31pm - Well nothing has happened, so Imma write a few lines and then go to bed because I don't feel too good right now. I think I'm getting sick all over again and it sucks big time. The only good thing is that I will be able to stay home on friday! WOOOOO!

Well after I left the library, I went to fourth hour and when that class was over, I left without any homework! Can you believe that? I was all happy cause for once I have no homework for the night. Even if I did have homework, I wouldn't be doin it anyway, so it really don't matter whether I have some or not.

After my Mom got off work, I told her to take me to the post office to see if my RAW MAGAZINE came and to see if my friends wrote back to me, but I got nothing in the mail. Pissed me off cause I got nothing to read during class. I need that magazine! Imma check the mail again on Thursday cause Friday I won't be in school. I'm going to the State Fair. Oh Joy! My mail better be in by then!

Finally we came home and I just jumped online and started chatting away to everybody. Plus my Mom actually cooked dinner, so I ate almost everything she made, and that may be the other reason on why I feel like $hit! I ate waaaaay too much. My stomach is goin to burst soon!

Plus I actually forgot that Raw was on tonight and when I heard my watch beep, I checked and it said 8pm. I thought to myself "Ain't I supposed to be doin something else besides eating here?" and thats when I snapped and changed the channel. I only watched the second half of it. Nothing that good happened though because the storyline is very BORING! I wish they would get rid of WCW!

Well I'm off to bed now cause I ain't feelin good. Laterz!

September 9th, 2001, 10:11pm:

Man my day sucked big time. I woke up and had nothing to do at all, so I watched BLUE STREAK. When it was over, Rhiannon woke up and told me that she HAD to go home, but what was I supposed to do? Carry her all the way to Gallup on my back or what? I didn't know what to do, so I just ignored her for a bit and got online and chatted with Kim for a while, but then I got dc and when I got back on, Kim was gone. It pissed me off.

My sister Nichole left for Phoenix today too. She won't be back for another two weeks. Man it feels good bein here myself without having someone say to me "God damnit get off the computer I'm waiting for a phone call!" I hear that everyday and night from her and now I won't hear it for two weeks. Nichole is staying with my cousins and hopefully she will come back normal because my cousins down there CHANGED and they have been gettin themselves into a lot of trouble, so maybe Nichole will come back being a guy or somethin else. Who knows?

Then this evening around 6 I called up my neice Tana because Rhiannon was bugging me about taking her a$$ home, and of course Tana is always taking off with her friends. I called and asked to see if she would be goin to Gallup soon, but she said she wasn't and so we just ended up talking on the phone for a good 3 hours. While I was on the phone, Rhiannon finally had the guts to ask my Mom herself to take her home while they were eating dinner. I didn't know she asked until she told me that she was leaving and I was all "Umm ok see ya" and she left. Man I was sooooo glad that she left cause it feels weird when someone is here with me for some reason. Plus she is boring to me. I got nothin to do when she is here and I told her that if she came, she would be bored out of her mind, but did her a$$ listen to me? NOOOOO! That means it's not my fault she was bored because I gave her the warning friday.

While I was on the phone with Tana, we got bored and so I told her that I would call up Tammy on 3-way calling, so I did and I think it was Tammy's brother that answered the phone. This is what he said
Her Brother: Hello?
Me: Is Tammy there?
Her Brother: Do you got ballz?
Me: What? Do I got ballz?
Her Brother: Yeah do you?
Me: No!
Her Brother: Oh alright well let me get her
Me: Ok
Her Brother: She ain't up
Me: Alright thanx
Man me and Tana were laughing like hell after he hung up. I don't know why he asked me that, but it made me laugh hard. I think he was high or drunk or something. He might have been on crack too for askin me a dumba$$ question!

Well that was all I did for today, so I'm going to go now so that I won't be tired tomorrow morning. Laterz!

September 8th, 2001, 11:43pm:

My day was boring as hell. I woke up around 10am this morning cause my Mom yelled "Seandae We're leaving now" and here my friend Rhiannon was supposed to go back, but like I said, Mom didn't wake our a$$'s up, so now Rhiannon is stuck here with me again. It sux because I can't go online when she is here. Plus it's borin too. Tomorrow I might ask my sister Dawn to take her home though since she is comin down. I hope she does too. I don't want her stayin here all weekend and then me having to take her to school and all monday morning.

Anyway enough about that cause none of you care and I really don't either. All I did today was sleep and watch the MTV Video music awards again cause they keep showing it. So far that was the fourth time I watched it. Then after that I just watched THE HAUNTING and man that movie is sooooo boring. It's not even scary.

When Mom came home, she brought back Taco Bell and me and Rhiannon ate that up in no time. Of course I didn't do anything after that except watch THE MATRIX. That movie kicks a$$! Plus I was high while watching it too. I was lookin for somethin in my junk box and I saw my bowl and so I decided to scrape it and smoke. I got about 6 hits with that and it got me high. I was just laughin and Rhiannon was all "wth is wrong with you" and so I told her and she just laughed. Now she is all into the internet cause of me. She wanted to go to the chatrooms, but I didn't want her using my name, so I made her an e-mail account and got her in, and so now she keeps askin me if she could get on here. She just goes to the heavy metal rooms.

Well I guess that will be all cause I got nothin else to put. Laterz!

September 7th, 2001, 10:09pm:

Well my day pretty much sucked cause I was up all night and I was not in a very good mood this morning. To be honest, I woke up feelin good and not tired at all, but then when we got into town, My Mom decides to stop at the store and she knew I was gonna miss the f*ckin school bus, but she stopped anyway. When we finally left, we raced up to the bus stop, but there was nobody there, and so I had missed the bus and she goes and yells at me for it, but it was her fault, not mine! I was pissed off all morning cause of that. Sometimes it makes me wanna f*ckin punch her every time she yells at me. They always yell at me for no f*ckin reason and it gets me so mad. I wish school would hurry and finish so that I could get the hell out of here and away from my f*ckin family.

When I finally got to school, I just didn't feel like doin anything cause in my first hour, we had to do another speech for our class and I forgot all about it, until I walked in and saw some girl doin hers. I just sat there thinkin about what to do cause I didn't wanna get a zero on that. The only thing I saw was that all the kids had them little index cards with them while givin their speech, and so I grabbed my WWF Magazine out of my bag and tore a little piece of paper out and just puttin all kinds of $hit on it. When it was my turn to do the speech, I just went up and did it without a problem, and so I passed. I got lucky right there big time. If I had not brought my magazine, then I would of failed the whole speech.

In my second hour, we took a test and I did good and I did bad, so I think I got a C on it, but at least I passed. Then after the test was over with, the teacher had to check our binders to see if we had everything in it, and of course I passed again cause I always keep my stuff. After doin that he gave us the rest of the hour to talk and do whatever. It was fun cause we had like 45 minutes left till the bell. All I did was laugh and jam to my CD player!

In third hour, I really didn't do anything cause that is my Gym class of course, so what's there to tell about that. Who cares anyway. Same with my fourth hour class. Nothin to do there cause all I do is laugh and fool around. I never get anything done in that class, but we took a test today and I know I failed because I left like 14 questions blank. I hate my fourth class. It's too hard.

When school was out I saw Rhiannon walkin to the bus so I ran after her to see what she was gonna do, but then right when I was gonna tap her, some girls were startin some $hit with her and it kinda freaked me out, so I just left her alone and watched the whole thing. All they did was say $hit to one another, and they were about to fight cause they both threw their $hit down. Then I saw a teacher coming, so I pushed Rhiannon and told her to just walk and keep walkin, so that she wouldn't get into any trouble. When we got outside the school, Rhiannon was so pissed. She was cussing and sayin every word in the book, so I told her to come back with me and forget about riding the bus because it was too packed in it. When she calmed down, we went back up to the front and saw my step-dad and so we left and we stopped at Long John Silver's. (eww) My Mom was parked there and I knew Rhiannon was still pissed, so I just told my Mom to go in and order while I wait outside. When they went in, I lit up a cigarette and gave it to Rhiannon cause she needed it more than I did. Man I was just trippin out on it, and so I asked if she wanted to stay the night at my place, and so she said yes and we went up to her place and asked her Mom, and so now Rhiannon is here with me now, but she is watching WWF Raw and after I'm done with this entry, we're gonna go outside and just sit out there.

Well I guess I'm gonna go now, cause I got nothin else to say, and if I made any mistakes then ignore them because I was in a hurry while typin this. Laterz!

September 6th, 2001, 9:30pm:

Well my day was actually fun. First of all, it was a perfect day cause the wind was blowing nice cool air in our faces. We again were outside for Gym and usually I never wanna do anything, but since it was all cool out there, I actually played.

After my PE class was lunch of course and all I did was laugh with Dante because he is a very weird person. He does the most dumbest things just to make you laugh, and it works too. I sit there and laugh through the whole lunch period. Plus everybody stares at us A LOT. It starts to get annoying.

Then of course there was 4th hour and you all know how that class goes with me, so I won't even tell you about it cause I know you all get sick of seeing Keith's name in here every single day. Anyway I actually got 1 worksheet done in class, but I still ended up with homework because I didn't finish my work for today. I was too busy doin my worksheet from yesterday, so I didn't do anythin for today. Other than that I didn't do anythin else in 4th hour class.

After my Mom got off work, we again went to Wal-Mart, but this time my Mom bought yarn for some strange reason. Then I just ran to the chip section and grabbed me some Funyuns, Hot Cheetos, and Twinkies. I know Imma be sick tomorrow at school because I ate all that when I got home.

When I did actually come home, I just ran to my room and started eating my junk food I bought from Wal-Mart and then turned the T.V. to MTV and watched the Music Video Awards. Man I thought it sucked because all them gay people won and the only band that won was MudVayne! Man I was soooo happy when they won because they f*ckin kick a$$! I loved the way they had their face painted too. All the blood on them. That part of the show just kicked major a$$! Then when it came down to the best Rock Video, it was a war between me and Tammy cause Weezer and Staind were against each other with 3 other bands, but of course Staind nor Weezer won. They both got beat by Limp Bizkit and I was pissed, but then happy at the same time cause Weezer didn't win! DAMNIT Staind should of won though. They are way better than Limp Bizkit!

After the awards was over, I just got online of course, but something is wrong with the f*ckin MSN Messenger AGAIN! It won't sign me in and it is doin the same thing with my friends as well. I wish it would stop doin that because it gets very annoying when you can't see how many buddies are online or when you can't see how much e-mail you got. AOL Messenger is the best.

Well I better go now, I got to do my homework. LMAO! Yeah Right, that will NEVER happen! Laterz!

September 5th, 2001, 10:04pm:

Well my day pretty much sucked. Except for my 4th hour class of course. Cause all I do is laugh and etc in there, so no need to tell about that. We went to some lab in that class and had to work on some worksheet. Here the teacher put Keith as my partner and man he acts so stupid, but this time I was the stupid one. We had to get a thermometer and write down the room temperature and he told us to "Grab them slowly because they will fall and break" and I was too busy laughin at Keith of course and here I just grabbed the package and I dropped one and it broke. I just laughed more and everybody was lookin at me and Keith cause we were the only 2 laughin our a$$'s off at that. The teacher just got mad at us and told us to go back to the other room cause "we can't behave". LMAO!

After school when I got back to my Mom's office, she wanted to show her friends my website, but I didn't wanna show them cause I think that my site sucks, but she made me and so when she saw my guestbook, she signed it and then everybody else didn't have time, so they just all told me it was good, but I think it sucks.

When my Mom got off, we went to the Post Office and I checked the mail and sent off my letters to Kim and Rach. Man we had a $hit LOAD of mail and so I went through the whole thing and saw my magazine. Stone Cold is on the cover, so I don't like it.

Then when we went home, I just fell right on my bed because I was so tired, but of course I didn't fall asleep. I just got up and got online of course. I just checked my mail and then signed out and went with Nichole to my older sister's place. We just sat there and then my neice Tana came home and we just started being stupid with her. I swear Tana is a retard big time.

Finally I came home and jumped right back online and just decided to update my journal as you can see. That was all I did, so I'm gonna go now. Laterz!

September 4th, 2001, 8:53pm:

It's tuesday, but to me it feels like it's a monday. I woke up feelin good this morning, but when the bell rang for school, I started to get tired of course. My first 3 hours were ok cause we didn't do that much work, but of course in my Geology class we had tons of work waiting for us. I didn't finish it either cuase of Keith. Plus we had a fire drill durin that class and so we all had to go to the front of the building and while we were goin, Keith pushed me down the steps and I fell. It hurt like hell too because I fell weird and landed on my left leg.

After the drill was over, we went back in and all I did was laugh because Keith is just stupid. I only got the first 2 pages of my worksheet done and then the bell rang and so I got to do that tonight, but as we al know, that's not gonna happen. I NEVER do my homework. I wait till the last minute and copy off someone. My friend Tammy got so bored that she offered to do my homework for me, but I dont want her to. I don't know why. Maybe I'm stupid like that!

After school I just went to my Mom's office and showed her my websites and she freaked out on them because she didn't know I could make one. All she said was "omg you did all this on your own" and she made it sound like it was a big accomplishment in my life. Then after she looked at all of it, I gave her computer a Kane wallpaper and she didn't like that, so tomorrow Imma have to change it.

After we left, we came home and as always I got online and here I saw Kim on and we chatted for a good 45 minutes and then she left to go watch Smackdown. We just chatted about how we were doin and other $hit like that.

Finally I decided to work on this site a tiny bit by adding a new link to it and the boring journal entry for it. I promised myself that I would be in bed by 10, so Imma take off now. Laterz!

September 3rd, 2001, 10:06pm:

Well nothin much happened today. I just woke up at 10 this morning and got ready. Why? I don't know. I just woke up feelin like that for some reason. Plus my Mom was being loud in the bathroom fixing her hair and all. She went to Albuquerque without me too. I wanted to buy some shoes from there, but nooooo she leaves without tellin us where she was goin. She sux man!

After I got ready, I just worked on my wallpaper site and added all my Kurt walls. Then I decided to work a little on my geocities site as well, but I didn't add anything to it, I just changed the buttons for it.

Finally I shut down the computer and watched Raw. Nothin good happened on it. I'm gettin so sick of seein the same thing over and over on it to be honest. Right now it's boring because they keep using the same storyline and it got boring to me. All they need to do is change the freakin story and everything will be back to normal. This whole WCW vs WWF got old pretty fast. When I first heard about it, I was just as excited as everyone else was, but now you see the WCW vs WWF every freakin week when it was supposed to be for 1 night and 1 night only. The only good thing that happened on Raw was that Kurt made Stone Cold cry! That was so funny!

That was all I did, yes I know it was boring, but oh well! I'm gonna go now cause I got school tomorrow and here I didn't do any of my homework. Laterz!

September 2nd, 2001, 11:57pm:

This will be a short entry because I didn't do nothing at all today. I woke up at 10am this morning and just got online to check my mail. I also worked on my wallpaper site a little by adding all my Kane walls to it. Plus I was chattin with Marcine and she told me that she got into a fight on friday night and I just laughed cause I wish I had seen it, but she did tell me that the left side of her face was all scratched up and that her hand was bruised badly. Then I just told her what everybody did last night at the labor day dance.

After we got done chatting, I got ready and then watched BIG DADDY. That movie makes me laugh hard. When it was over, of course I got back online and just chatted to Chris and Heather because of course they were fighting with each other again. I just laugh at them two. To make it even more fun, we were both on the webcam and all we did was laugh at everything and Chris was getting all hurt about it, so he just left.

That was all I did today, so Laterz!

September 1st, 2001, 11:56pm:

Well my day pretty much sucked because it was so boring and I still wasn't feelin good. All I did was go into town and I got me a new calender for the year 2002. I know it's early, but they only had 2 more WWF Calenders left and I GOT TO HAVE ONE! No, I'm not obsessed, so don't say that I am because I hate it when people tell me that. Even if I am, then what's wrong with it? I don't see nothin wrong with being obsessed. Just look at my friend Tammy, she is obsessed with Weezer and with the singer Rivers...eww! I think that is worse than the WWF!

This morning after I got ready, I jumped on the computer, but something was wrong with the color. It was all bright and weird lookin. Last night when I got off, the color was workin fine, and so I knew it was my sister that messed it up because she was the last one on it checking her mail. It was pissin me off because the color looked all gay and it just sucked. My red was orange and my white was pink and it was just weird. I just used the net anyway and chatted with Tammy and went on my cam, but then she played her Weezer all morning and so that was what I heard. Then we left to Gallup and I shut down and left.

When we got into town, the first thing we did was eat, but it was too early to eat and I wasn't hungry, but my Mom and step-dad were, so they made us eat anyway. I swear the people who work there took forever bringing us our food and it was pissing me off cause I wanted to hurry and eat and then leave to the mall, but noooo we were there for about an hour and a half eatin. Then after we were done, they took forever giving us our ticket to pay. I was mad the whole time we were eating.

After we finally left the restaurant, we went to the mall. First store we went to was JcPenny cause my Mom wanted to look around there, but me and my sister just took off from her and went to Anchor Blue. Man I do not like goin with my sis because she has to look at every little thing in the store. All I did was get the size for the pants I wear and then wanted to leave, but I couldn't cause of course my sis was still lookin at bags and all them other gay clothes. Man I wanted to die just standin there watchin her shop for clothes! I am never goin to go to any store with her again, unless it's a Music store with CD's and all. Finally when she was all done lookin at everythin, we went into Sam Goody and looked at all the CD's and then that was when we saw our Mom and so she told me to buy some pants for school, but she was bein a b!tch. I picked out a pair that I liked, but she said they were too long, but of course I didn't care cause I never take care of things. Man she made a big deal out of that and it pissed me off cause she wouldn't buy it unless I got the pair she told me to get, so I just said "well I don't care if they're too long cause you won't be wearin them and plus I never asked you to buy me pants damnit" and she got all pissed at me and said "well then I won't buy you pants damnit" and I just laughed and said "Like I said, I didn't ask you damnit" and so she was mad all day and when she went into K-Mart, I just remembered my friend Kim tellin me that they had WWF Calenders, so I ran to that part of the store and saw that they only had 2 left, so I made my Mom buy me one. She just gave me a "go to hell" look when I asked her to buy it. Of course she did buy it. After that we finally left and went to go get some gas and then went home.

When I got home, I watched my movie MORTAL KOMBAT. That movie kicks a$$! When it was over, I turned the computer on to see if my color was workin yet, but it was still the same as it was this morning and it pissed me off, so I unplugged everythin in the back and plugged it back in, but again it was the same, so I was pissed and didn't know what to do. Finally that was when I looked at the plugs and saw that one was loose a little and so I plugged it back in right and turned it back on and...IT WORKED! I was all happy. Come to think about it, I had turned the computer on and off about 7 times tonight.

After it was workin right again, I just got online and started checkin my mail and then chatted of course. Other than that I didn't do anything else.

Well that was my day, so I'm gonna go now. Laterz!

August 31st, 2001, 11:49pm:

Man I feel like $hit right now, and so I will make this as long as I can. Today was ok, but man I didn't feel good at all this morning. My Mom made me go to school with a sore throat and man it sucked cause in PE we ran the track and I wanted to kill myself running. It made my throat worse and it felt like it was 10 times worse than before. Then after 4th hour, we had to go to some stupid assembly, and there were wrestlers there that I dont even know, so I just did some of my homework while sitting there. I usually laugh and all, but we had to sit with our class, so I didn't get to act stupid like I always do.

When I got off the bus after school, it turned out that my Mom wasn't there at work, and so I was stcuk there all by myself, and so I had to call my sister and tell her to pick me up. I waitedt outside in the rain cause my Mom's boss is an a$$hole. My Mom didn't even tell me she was gonna get off at 2 and it got me mad cause I wasn't feelin good.

When I got home, I got online and went to work on my wallpaper site. I finally finished it, but I'm still adding more walls to it. I just added so much that when you got a lot, you publish it, and so I did that.

Well that was all I did for today, and I would write more, but I don't feel good, so I'm gonna go. Laterz!

August 30th, 2001, 10:03pm:

Well I had an ok day, but I feel like $hit right now. I think I cought someone's cold from my 4th hour class. I just hope I get to stay home tomorrow. Man my throat is killing me right now. Fourth hour was funny as hell cause Keith of course was acting like a little dumba$$ in class. I can never get my work done without him makin me laugh. I would sit there for about 10 minutes and get one page done and have like 3 more to go, but then he does stupid things and says stupid $hit to other people. I can't help but laugh everytime he does something.

After school I got off with Rhiannon of course and all we did was be stupid at her house. Man she must have been hungry or something cause when we got back, she ate all kinds of food and it grossed me out. I just sat there jammin to the radio while she was eatin, then we smoked a cigarette until my Mom picked me up.

When I got home, I just worked on my wallpaper site for a while and so now I barely have 15 walls up, but I will have a lot by the time tuesday is here because I got a 3 day weekend comin, but if I get very sick then it will be a 4 day weekend. I just hope I get to stay home because I miss sleepin in late, and for once I will be able to sleep good and not be all pissed when I wake up tomorrow morning like I usually am.

Well that was all I did, so Im gonna go now. Laterz!

August 29th, 2001, 11:14pm:

I had a fun day today. I was tired as hell when I woke up, and plus my first 3 hours sucked, but when I got to my 4th hour, all I did was laugh because my friend Keith acts so stupid and it's just funny! The only thing I don't like about 4th hour is all the work the freakin teacher gives us. I never have them done on time to make it worse! I doubt I will be passing that class this semester, but oh well. Just as long as I pass the others.

After school me, Rhiannon, and Josh were all being stupid on the bus. Josh is a freak big time. He was doin all kinds of weird shit to me cause I was sitting with him, but I don't think I wanna share it, yes it was that bad. Plus Rhiannon was just being weird cause she was sayin dumb shit and we just laughed.

After the fun bus ride, I got off at my Mom's office with Rhiannon and we walked back up to her house. It wasn't all that far, it was only a 30 minute walk, so when the sun ain't out, we walk home. It was raining today, so thats the other reason why we walked.

When I got picked up, we went to Wal-Mart and again got more junk that we don't even need. I got myself 2 huge bags of Hot Cheetos and some pens for school. Then my Mom wanted me to go with her to the gay clothes and she was askin me if they looked ok, but of course I would say "Yes Mom they look kool, so buy them", but what I really thought to myself was "god damn is she f*ckin blind or something because that's the ugliest set of clothes I ever seen", so then I just took off to the CD's and all. Of course I didn't buy anything from there because all their CD's are edited. Go to K-Mart because they don't edit their CD's anymore. Other than that I didn't get anything else from there because I have about three 12-Packs of pop in my room, so I don't think I need anymore.

When I got home, I was gonna jump online, but my sister was watching a movie and somehow I got into it, so I sat down and watched it until 8. The movie was ok, but all I thought was "Man I wish it was dark, cause I need a cigarette"

Finally I jumped online, and just checked my mail. After that, I went to my cousins house and we sat there for 30 minutes just chain smokin and talkin about stupid $hit.

Well I better go cause I don't wanna be tired at school tomorrow. Laterz!

August 28th, 2001, 11:58pm:

Well again I had another boring day at school! I was very tired because I went to bed around 1 this morning and only had 5 hours of sleep, so during 4th hour, I fell asleep while we were watching some stupid video! I made it through the day day though.

After school I got off at Rhiannon's house and all we did was watch some dumba$$ movie. Man I almost died just sitting there because it was so f*cking hot! We were supposed to walk back to my Mom's office from her house, but she didn't want to, so my Mom had to pick me up!

After I got picked up, my Mom had to go get her hair cut, so I just sat in the car while she did that and jammed out to MudVayne!

When I got home, I just got online of course and did nothing at all but work on my wallpaper site for my yahoo site! I didn't add any wallpaper though because I was too busy chatting with Chris and Heather. Those 2 always fight, but its funny!

Then I went over to my sister's trailer and hung out with my niece Tana and talked for a while. It was fun because I havent been there for about 4 months at the most. All we talked about was school and how people were doing and all that other crap.

Well I'm not supposed to be on, so Imma go now and I got on just to write a quick entry. Laterz!

August 27th, 2001, 9:02pm:

Well another day of school went by and it sucked of course cause it was boring, but like Tammy said in her journal, it went by fast. Plus my friend Josh fell asleep on the bus again this morning. The only thing I didn't like was Gym class. We had to exercise all over again and do all them other stuff and so I'm sore. Man I had barely gotten over it this morning when I woke up, but now its back and it sucks!

After school me and my Mom had to drop off my step-dad's stuff at his daughter's work. After that we just went to the grocery store and got some junk again that we didn't need, then came back home.

When we got home, I jumped right on the computer because I had no homework for tonight. The only thing I did was work on a wallpaper site for my geocities wwf site cause I'm running out of room on it. It won't be much, but oh well. At least I won't be bored!

After doin that, I just watched Raw of course and the only good thing that happened on it was Debra gettin the nasty milk bath. LMFAO! Oh man that was the funniest. She deserved it anyway! I don't like her at all anymore cause she became a real b!tch!

Well that was all I did for today, and yes I know it sucked and it's boring, but hey I can't do nothing about it. Anyway Imma go now! Laterz!

August 26th, 2001, 7:12pm:

Well I had another fun night last night! I been sayin that I would have a $hitty weekend, but it turned out to be fun. I got to hang out with my friend TammDogg and Marcine for once. We haven't hung out for about 2 years now and man all we did was laugh. Last night it was just me, Nichole, and Marcine cause we didn't know where Tammy was. We tried calling her, but the phone just rang and rang, so we went outside ourselves. It turned out to be fun though because Marcine's boyfriend came back from work, but then took off with her car...or so we thought!

We were all sitting outside my house just talking and smoking. Then we saw Marcine's boyfriend drive up and he just parked the car, and sat there for about 3 minutes and then left! Marcine wanted to get the keys to her car, so she ran to the road and the car stopped for her, but then took off, so she ran after it. She is stupid because she wasn't wearing shoes, she was wearing slippers! She ran all the way to the store, and we just laughed at her. Finally she came back to the house and we saw the car come by again, and this time Marcine ran on to the road and got right in the way and stood there so that the car can't get anywhere, but again the car just turned to the side and took off and Marcine just yelled "TERRY!" Man me and Nichole just laughed. Finally thats when Marcine called the cops and when she hung up, she wanted to walk to the store to see if her car was anywhere, so we did, but then we saw a Cop drive by while we were half way there, and it pulled over and turned around, then stopped us. He just asked us why we were outside walkin late, and all that other BS! Thats when Marcine told the cop about her car missing and etc. After that we just walked back to my house.

After sitting by the house for a while, we saw the car drive by again, and this time it parked into Marcine's driveway. It was her boyfriend who got out, so we walked back to her place, and she went inside to get the car keys from him while me and Nichole just stood by the "Yellow Pole". Nichole was saying "Man I'm gonna laugh if she called the cops on the wrong person" When Marcine came out, she had her car keys and we asked her what happened, and she just laughed and said "I just told him to give me my key and he looked at me and said 'what's your problem' and I just looked at him and asked if that was him that kept driving by and taking off, but he just gave me a weird look and said 'what the f*ck are you talkin about? I just now got home from work.'" and man me and Nichole just laughed because she had called the cops on the wrong person, and now I bet that person thinks Marcine is insane for standing on the road and in front of the car!

After that, we walked back to my house and smoked one more cigarette, then thats when Marcine called to her house and told Alex to get the beer from their storage, and so I just went back inside cause I was tired and sore, so they went to Marcine's themselves, and I came back in and got on the computer. After that I went to bed and woke up at 10:43am this morning.

I really didn't do anything today except watch "The Lion King" and "Entrapment" then thats when I got online again to check my mail, but my Mom was being a b!tch, so she made me get off. Thats when I decided to take a shower and get ready, and so after that I got right back on, and so here I am.

I'm not supposed to be on cause I got homework to do, but it's stupid and I don't wanna do it. I got to do a speech tomorrow morning on the posterboard that Imma be doin here in a few. The board has to be cut into a shape that represents me, but what am I gonna make it of? My friend Josh told me to cut it into a shape of three H's, since I like Triple H, so since I don't wanna make it too big, I think I'm going to do that.

Well that was all that happened, so I better go now before my Mom yells at me again. I got to go work on my stupid posterboard. Laterz!

August 25th, 2001, 4:14pm:

Man I had a fun night last night with my friends. First I had got home from school all tired and I didnt wanna do anything, so of course I got online and I saw Tammy and Marcine on, so I added them both to my conversation and all we did was laugh. That's when Tammy wanted us to go out and do something, but it seemed as if Marcine didn't want to. Her boyfriend was at her house by the way, so that might have been the reason. I didn't wanna do anything either, but Marcine told me she was goin to get ready and come to my window, and so Tammy said the same thing, and they both signed off, but me. I was just waiting for them to come over, and when Marcine did, we met Tammy and then came back to my house and got my older sister Nichole. When Nichole finally got ready, we drove around our small little town for about 30 minutes, but it seemed like an hour to me. When we got back, Tammy asked me if I had any rolling paper for her weed, but I just said "Umm no, but I got a bowl" and I ran back to my room and got it. Thats when all of us went behind the "Little House" to get high. Me and Tammy were just all smokin it until my sister said "Marcine if you take a hit, I'll take one too" and so they each took 3 hits and that already got them high cause they haven't done it in so long. I was just laughing at them, and plus I was very surprised that my sister got high cause she never does. She acts stupid when she's high.

After we were done, we just walked to the "Little Yellow Pole" and stood there laughing at everything. Man I had to go pee too, and laughing wasn't helping at all. I think everybody had to use the bathroom cause they kept sayin that every 5 minutes. We would all laugh and someone would say "shit I have to pee"

After sitting there for a good hour and a half, Tammy had to go home, but she was too scared to walk back up by herself. She is scared of the dogz that bark for some reason, so me, Marcine, and Nichole walked her back home. When we finally got up to her house, Tammy ran inside and brought back some candy and soda cause we all had the munchies big time. It was funny though because we were out in the streets eating candy late at night. Plus her brother and his friends were out in the back and we could hear them laughing, and so it made us laugh of course cause of the way it sounds.

Finally we left and walked back down to our houses. When me and Nichole got home, we ran to the bathroom first, then we ate up our whole kitchen. I had like 4 ham sandwich's and 3 cans of Mountain Dew. After I was done eating all that, I got online and saw Tammy on, but she was just askin me about what background she should use for her website, so I told her to use the blue one. Man I was tired as hell, but I checked my mail and chatted with Tammy for a while. When I was readin an e-mail I got bored of it, so I leaned back in my chair and kinda fell asleep. After sleeping on it for 10 minutes, I just told Tammy that I was gonna go, and so I signed off and shut down. I'm sure that Kim will be disappointed about that because I didn't chat with her or say "Hi". I'm sure she won't be mad, so I'll be safe.

Then when I woke up this morning at 9:30, I was tryin to turn the other way on my bed, so that I could lay on my stomach, but man my legs were very sore, and I couldn't move them at all, so I decided to get up. I woke up hungry too, so I told my Mom to make me some breakfast before she left to town. I had Mountain Dew to go with it.

After I ate, I got in the shower and got ready. Then when I was done, I got right back on the computer, but only 4 people were online, but this was at 3, and now I got 11 on. By the time 7 or 8 comes, my buddy list will be in the 20's!

I don't know what I'm going to do tonight because Tammy hasn't been online all day. She was up all night updating her website, so I think she is still asleep, but she never sleeps till 4, so I think she might have gone into town or something. If Tammy wants to do something again, then I'll be outside again, but I don't know about Marcine. Earlier Marcine was tellin me that she wants to drink and not get high, but I don't drink anymore, so I don't know. I'm sure Nichole will come outside again, but she won't be gettin high either, so I don't know. We might not go outside at all, so who knows.

Well that was all that happened, so have a fun night everybody. Laterz!

August 24th, 2001, 6:54pm:

Well it looks like I'm going to have a $hitty weekend. I'm all sore as hell right now. My legs, arms, and even my ass. I can barely walk. I hope I will make it through my Gym class. Right now I am all sun burn from the heat, and my face is red like an apple, but I just hope nobody will notice. My oldest sister already did, and she just laughed at me!

I didn't do much in school. Just the same thing I been doin all week, which was work and do nothing for the rest of the hour. The only time I have fun is during lunch because Dante is just stupid and he makes me laugh.

After school, me and my Mom went to check the mail, but I didn't get my WWF Magazine, like I was expecting. All we got were bills. My Mom wasnt too happy about that, but oh well, just as long as I dont got to pay for it.

When I got home, I just started chatting with Tammy and Marcine, and now they are wanting to do something, well Tammy is the one who wants to go out, but I don't feel like it. I won't be able to walk at all. I'm just going cause I got nothin better to do anyway. Plus I gave Tammy a new nickname, its TammDogg. LMAO!

Well I got to go now cause Marcine is here. Laterz!

August 23, 2001, 6:01pm:

Yet again, I had another boring and $hity day. This morning I didn't want to wake up at all. I went to bed last night around 11:40. I made it through the morning though, so I'm alright. The only thing was that I didn't see Rhiannon at the bust stop this morning. I just saw her brother and he told me that she had gone to some birthday party last night and that she hasn't come back home, so he said that if he didn't see her in school, he was gonna tell his mom and then Rhiannon was gonna be in big trouble! I was just laughing because I KNOW she didn't go to no birthday party. It was a friend of hers that had the party, and so she was out drinkin all night and when I saw her at school, man she looked like $hit. I just laughed and went to my PE class before I was tardy. Plus when I got on the bus, I sat with Josh, and man he looked tired! I knew he was because he fell asleep on the bus and he probably thinks I didnt see him, but I did and his head was against the window and his mouth was all wide open. I just laughed and turned away. He hasn't been on yet, so I think he went to bed early tonight.

In PE we did the same thing as yesterday. We played tennis in the hot weather, but again I made it. I was just standing there watching everybody else play because I was too tired to do antyhing, and to make it worse it was too damn hot outside! That class went by sooooo slow. I would check the time every 5 minutes to see how much longer until lunch, but it would seem as if 30 minutes went by. When the bell rang I ran to the lunch line and got me subway! :)

Finally when school was out, I hauled a$$ to the bus cause that thing gets crowded in less than 5 minutes, so I told Josh to save me a seat, and so he did. All we did was laugh because the radio plays such stupid songs and all them white girls think they're all bad a$$'s singing to something like "Bad Boy 4 Lyfe" by P. Diddy. Then after that was over, Madonna came on and they were singing to that too, and omg it made me wanna freakin throw my shoe at them cause they are annoying and they can't sing for $hit!

After Mom got off work, we went to go see my step-dad again because he had surgery this morning, but when she went inside, she came back out in 10 minutes and told us that he was dead asleep. He must have took drugs or something cause he wouldnt wake up, and so she just left!

When I came back home, I just e-mailed my friend Rach and then started to work on this site here. It's aint all that good, but hell I don't just wanna sit here and do nothing!

Well I'm going to go now because JTP and Roy are messaging and its hard to type my journal and chat with them, so Laterz!

August 22nd, 2001, 8:21pm:

Hello once again. Well there ain't really anything to tell, so Im just gonna say that school sucked and I hate PE. In PE we're playin Tennis, and man we got to play outside in the hot weather. I don't like it at all because the heat gets me sick! The only thing I like is that I got lunch right after PE, so usually I run to the get in line because after 5 minutes the line will have like 50 kids already, and since the gym is right by the lunch line, I usually haul a$$ down there and get my lunch!

After school we went to the hospital again to see my step-dad. I just waited in the car with my sister and man it was hot like hell, but I was gettin tired, so I smoked a cigarette while I waited for mom to get back.

When she came back, we left to the grocery store and got junk like always. All I got was a 12-pack of Cherry pepsi, and so now I got two 12-Packs of Mountain Dew and one 12-Pack of Cherry Pepsi. I'm sure all that will last me only a week and a half. I drink pop like nothing.

When I finally got home, I jumped right on the computer, and guess who was on! KIM WAS ON!!! Man it felt good chattin with her again because its been too long not chattin to her. All we talked about was Kane and Triple H of course, but then her dad came back from work, so she had to sign off. Plus she was tired, so she left and I just decided to update this site here.

Well thats all I have to say so Im going to go now. Laterz!

August 21st, 2001, 8:21pm:

Hey Everybody! Well I made it through the second day of school, but man I hate my PE class! Man I swear I almost died in that class today. The first part was exercising, so that wasnt at all hard, but when we went outside and walked the track 4 times, man I almost died from the damn sun! I was walking ok at first, but after 10 minutes of being in the heat, I was dieing and man I was sweatin like crazy cause I aint used to bein out in the sun anymore. Plus I dont like hot weather. Winter is the best! At least I made it though. Right when we went in, I bought myself a bottle of water and drank it all in less than 5 minutes. I paid the price for it in 4th hour though, because I had to use the bathroom real bad. I dont like using the school's bathrooms though, so when I got back to my Mom's office, I ran to the bathroom. It all turned out to be a good day for me though.

After Mom got off work, we went to the hospital cause my step-dad got sick and so he is there and Mom went to go visit him. When she got done, we went to go eat. When we were leaving, my sister dropped her sandwich in the carton she was putting it in and it looked like it jumped at her, so I started acting stupid saying "Oh no its the attack of the talking sandwich" and man me and her laughed for a good 10 minutes! My Mom yelled at us though, so we tried not to laugh.

Finally we came home and I jumped right on the computer because I miss talkin to everybody, especially Kim :( I wish Kim would hurry and get online before I got to go to bed, but I know she wont, so we e-mail each other everyday!

Well thats all I got to say for today, so Imma go now. Laterz!

August 20th, 2001, 9:52pm:

Hey Everybody! So how's it going? As for me, it sux waking up early every morning at 6:30am. Last night I stayed up until 11pm watching SummerSlam for a second time, but only this time I was recording it, so I just left my TV on and went to sleep. Around 1am I woke up and the channel was just playing $hitty music and my tape was still recording, so I had to wake up and stop it, then rewind the whole thing to see if it recorded the whole show right. After I was done with all that, I just turned my radio on and went back to sleep. Around 4:30am I woke up again because my sister was on the phone and she was talkin to someone and laughing all loud. Thats the reason why I woke up in the first place. I tried goin back to sleep, but I was just layin there. I think around 5:15 or 5:20am I went back to sleep. I slept for a good hour, but then had to get up for school. It only seemed like I slept for 5 minutes because it was my sister who woke me up and told me to get ready for school. I didn't wanna wake up at all, but I had no choice, so I got up and got ready. I wasn't in a good mood either. Finally we left for town and for work and school.

When we got to town, my Mom was driving towards Rhiannon's trailer, and I asked what she was doin, and she said that she was gonna drop me off there, but I didn't want to get off there, so I got off by the office where all the other kids wait. I felt kinda weird standing there all by myself, so to calme me down, I smoked a cigarette. Then finally I saw Rhiannon and her older brother walking towards the office. I was actually glad to see her because I didn't want to ride that dirty bus all by myself. When we got on the bus, we saw my friend Josh sitting there all by himself, so we sat right next to him. All we did on the way to school was laugh. Josh is still the same guy I knew back in 9th grade. He still acts like a dork and a prep!

Well there is too much to write here, so Imma go to bed now. I'm very tired, so Laterz!

August 19th, 2001, 9:13pm:

Hello again people! Well my day was alright cause all I did was wake up and get online. Man I got I dont know how many e-mails saying "I got online around 3am and I was surprised that you werent on" What is wrong with me taking a break from the computer?! NOTHING! I just been goin to bed early all last week because of school! I don't know how many times I told everybody this, but I WON'T BE ON AS MUCH ANYMORE!!! School got in the way, and I won';t have time to be online, but I will be on over the weekends! The only person that understands all of that is Kim! Now the rest of you need to get that through your head and realize that school got in the way, so if you don't like it, then thats too f*ckin bad!

The only thing I did all day was be on the computer and check my mail, then I watched SummerSlam. I thought it was pretty good, except for the Kurt Angle and Austin match! I already knew that Kurt wasn't going to win, but just by watching the match, it looked like he had a chance because he was bloody big time. His face was covered in blood, and man I really thought he was goin to win, but of course that stupid referee Nick Patrick ruined the whole thing by disqualifing Austin and by ruling Kurt the winner, therefore Austin still retained the WWF Championship! I was so pissed when I saw that! The only good thing about it all was that Edge won the Intercontinental Championship and brought it back to the WWF! Then X-Pac won his Light Heavyweight Title back and I was happy he did cause X-Pac rules and he DON'T suck! Last but not least, The Rock beat that "Sucka" Booker T for the WCW Championship. Now therefore, Austin and the alliance have the WWF title, and the WWF has the WCW title, so its even FINALLY!

Right when I got back on after the ppv, everybody decides to go and message and start talking their $hit about Kurt losing to Austin, but like I said, I already knew he would lose, so I didn't care what they said! After all that I just updated here a little, so I'm going to go now and watch the ppv again. SCHOOL IS TOMORROW, SO I WON'T BE ON! Laterz!

August 18, 2001, 9:13pm:

Hey What's up Everybody?! Not much here, just tired! Today was a fun day because I actually hung out with my friend Rhiannon. Man I felt kinda weird with her because it's been so long since I seen her or hung around with her, but it all worked out fine! I called her a$$ around 4 askin her if she was still gonna meet me at the mall, but she said she had no ride, so me and my sister ended up picking her up and taking her everywhere with us. First we went to the mall and got some cd's, which were the Hip Hop Hits 3, and I got D-12. My friend got 6 Feet Under. Whoever the hell they are. Man they sound all weird and $hit. That's like gothic music right there and I don't like it all that much. After the mall, we saw my Mom eating, so we stopped there and got more money for food. We ate at McDonald's. Oh man I was laughing like craxy there because on their menu where it says "Big Mac....$1.99" and etc, I saw a part that said "Smiles are always free" WTF is that supposed to mean anyway? I was sitting there saying "God damnit they better give me my free smile or I aint ever coming back" When my sister brought the food to our table, I said to her "Damnit go back and get me my free smile" and we were laughing about that the whole time we were there. It was too funny and plus I dont think Rhiannon laughed that hard in so long, cause she was laughing pretty hard with us. My food sat on the table for a good 10 minutes because I couldn't stop laughing at that stupid thing on the menu. Finally after being stupid there, we went to go buy another pack of cigarettes and then took Rhiannon back home. From there we went back home.

When we got home, we smoked a cigarette and I changed into my night clothes because it was freakin hot in our house. Then my sister put in our movie "The Outsiders" and so I decided to get online and update my journal.

Man 1 more day until school starts back up, and I actually can't wait because then I will be seeing all my friends again. Like I said before, the only thing I won't like is riding the bus everyday.

Right now I ain't got nothing else to do because nobody is online, so that means I'm going to go now and watch the movie and then go to bed, so Laterz!

August 17th, 2001, 11:52pm:

Hello Everybody! Well it's friday and boy I had a fun day today. Actually it wasn't all that fun, but by the time 7 came around it was fun. First off, we went into town again and I had to turn in the freakin register forms for school. Man we signed in around 1:48 in the afternoon, and they didn't call us in until around 4pm! I'm happy though because I got all the classes I wanted. I'm FINALLY gonna take a typing class, so that I can type better when I'm chatting to everybody online! I also got some other computer classes, so Im glad because I'm a internet freak! Man it was actually fun waiting for a whole 3 hours though because I saw my friend Dante there and man he is funny as hell. He was doing stupid $hit to my older sister and it was just funny. Plus he was singing some stupid song of Blink 182. It went something like "$hit! F*ck! Co*ksucker, motherf*cker!" and he went sround singing that all day and it started to get annoying to me, but it was still funny. Then he was mooning my sister too, and that wasn't a pretty picture to see.

After we were done with all of that, we had to go pick up my Mom from work. From there, we went to Wal-Mart and got some junk that we don't even need, and especially me! I didn't get nothing like I usually do. The only things I got were a 24 Pack of Mountain Dew and some chips. My Mom told me to buy some school supplies, but I still got A LOT of stuff from last year, so all I need to buy is at least 5 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of shoes.

When I finally came home, it was 9:45pm and I called up my friend Rhiannon and asked her if she got her scedule, but she won't get it till tomorrow, so I'm just hoping that she will have second lunch, cause if she don't then Imma be a loner during lunch at school, and I won't be too happy about that. We just talked for a while discussing school and all, but I was too tired to even talk, so I told her I would call her back tomorrow night.

Finally after that, I got back online and my good friend Madison gets pissed off at me because I told her I wasn't going to be on for long. I don't know wtf it is with my friends these dayz, but all they did was get mad and block me from their list. Like I said, I don't care! She got mad for the dumbest reason though! I'm too tired to stay online, and I'm goin to bed right after this, and if she don't like it, then that's just too f*ckin bad for her! I'm offline for one f*ckin day, and everybody gets pissed at me about it. I got other things to do you know! Plus school is back on monday and I won't have time to be getting online as much as I used to over the summer. I can just think about all the people who will be pissed at me for not getting on. $hit happens damn! It's not my fault!

Well I'm going to bed now, so Laterz!

August 16th, 2001, 9:32pm:

Hey There Everybody! So how's life going for you so far?! As for me, life sux! I'm finally back on a normal sleeping scedule too, so by the time monday comes, I will be all set for school, cause I now sleep at night and stay up during the day. My family is kind of freakin out on me about that cause they think I'm on drugs! They act like I never done this before, but I think they are freakin out because over the summer I was up all night and then around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, I would go to sleep and wake up at 12 every night. If it weren't for freakin school, then I would still be like that, but for the past 2 dayz, I been going to bed at 10 and waking up around 7 every morning not tired. I'm just glad that by the time school starts, I'll be all ready to go. Have I mentioned that school sux? Well if I didn't then SCHOOL SUX BIG BALLZ!!!

Well it looks like me and my friend Heather won't be talking to each other anymore all because of a stupid picture I put on my site here. I think it was saturday when she told me that she would never talk to me again, and of course I didn't care cause this is the internet! Then this morning she decides to go and message me, and I was still pissed, and so I didn't talk to her at all, and plus I took down her damn picture, so that she won't freakin bother me about it anymore. She also told me that she wasnt gonna be online as much anymore, but hell I don't care cause all we freakin do is fight, fight, and fight! The reason for that is because she's moving and they arent gonna take their computer, so hahaha! The only thing I will miss is how she made me laugh every damn minute. Man I would laugh non-stop every time I chatted with her, but that aint gonna happen anymore because I got my other good friend Kim to laugh with, so goodbye to Heather!

I have a lot to tell for the day because all I did was laugh. Since I mentioned Kim's name above, she got online today around 1:30 and for some reason she wasn't answering me or chatting with me at all. It kind of freaked me out because I thought something was wrong with her. All I said was "Why arent you talking to me" and she said "Give me your phone number and I'll tell you" and man that freaked me out even more, so I just got offline as fast as I could, and then she called and told me that her computer wasnt working right. It was her brother who f%cked up the damn thing and it pissed me off because now her and I don't know when she will be back. I was just happy she called and told me about it becase man the way she was tellin me the story made me laugh like hell and she told me to e-mail her bf for her, and tell him how her "computer sux major monkey ballz" Plus when she was tellin me his e-mail address, I busted up laughing like hell again because his address is a funny ass name. It is Man every time she said it, I would laugh for a good 30 seconds. I think thats a cool name for an e-mail! ROTFLMFAO!!! Plus she was tellin me that she was tryin to call her Mom at work, but the damn company her Mom works for wouldn't answer the damn phone and Kim made it sound like it was an emergency, but she said the only reason she wanted to call her Mom was because she needed her to bring Kim back a pack of cigarettes! LMFAO! I told her to call her Dad, but she said she doesn't like to because her Dad hates his job and he is always in a bad mood at work and so she said every time she calls he would answer and say "WHAT?!" and man the way she said it made me laugh so f%ckin hard! Oh man you guys had to hear us talk, it was just too funny. The only thing is that her bf might think she is weird now because of the way I sound in that e-mail I sent to him. Then I wrote Kim an e-mail from her account and sent it to her aol account. I'm sure that will kind of make her laugh! Plus now I got her phone numbers and when I get bored Imma just call her up and laugh all day long with her! Man Kim is just a good friend and probably the best out there!

Well that's all I did for today, so I'm gonna go now. Laterz!

August 15th, 2001, 11:01pm:

Hello Everybody! Man I feel good today because I slept for 13 hours last night. It felt good too! I'm sorry I didn't have a entry for yesterday, but I was tired and I had to go into town to register for school. I was at my sister's apartment all day and she has a computer, but it's very slow and I don't like using it, so I left it alone. Around 1:30 we finally went up to the high school and man all them people stare too much. Right when I walked into the office with my sister, this girl would stare at me for a good 10 seconds and then look away. It was annoying. About 30 minutes after sitting there they called my name and we just got the register forms and left to go pick up my Mom from work. When my Mom got off work, we went to go eat out with my step-dad and when I finally got home, I was to tired to get online, so I just put my night clothes on and fell on my bed and that was it.

Finally around 8 this morning I woke up and decided to watch WWF Raw again. Man I can't stop laughing about what Jericho said to Stephanie. Oh man I laughed at that part for a good 5 minutes. It must have been so embaressing for her to stand in the ring and let the whole world see and hear that. Man what was my man Triple H thinking when he decided to date her now?! He was better off with Chyna!

Around Noon, I got in the shower finally and got ready. I felt better after doing that, and so I got right back on the computer and just surfed the internet for a while. Then I decided to work a little more on this cheap site of mine by adding more banners to the homepage. I found a lot of good banners and so I said to myself "Hey why not add them" and so I did and you can go look cause they rule! Also I added 2 new links to my link page and of course those of you who know me well, know that I hate Stephanie, but them 2 websites are Stephanie and they rule. They got everything there is to know about her, so go look at them.

Right now I don't feel to good because my stomach hurts like hell. I think its because I havent ate anything at all today. I just wish my sister would hurry back from the store with my cigarettes because I am dieing for one right now. My friend Josh aint helping it at all either because he is saying stupid $hit to me on msn messenger, and it just annoys me. Wait till school starts, I will be seeing him everyday, and it's going to be a lot worse for me!

I'm also very tired right now for some reason, so I'm going to bed early tonight and that will be going on all this week, so that means I won't be on after 11 my time this week and the rest of the year. It sux, but it ain't my choice. It's all school's fault! I HATE SCHOOL!!!

Well That was all that happened for the day, plus my sister came back and I'm going to go smoke a cigarette now. Laterz!

August 13th 2001, 9:48pm:

Hello Again Everybody! So how was your day? Mine was ok, but man I'm very tired right now and I'm going to bed soon cause my eyes can't stay open much longer. I woke up around 11:30 last night and then fell asleep from 8am this morning and woke up 3 hours later at 11am. I got to get used to this though because school starts next week. Plus I got to go into town tomorrow so I can register for school again, but then again I'm not sure cause I wanna sleep in.

Nothing really happened today. The only thing I did was get online and chat with everybody like I usually do. Around 2 I finally got in the shower because it was hot and I didn't feel too good in that kind of weather. Around 5:30 my Mom finally came home and threw me my new RAW Magazine and I started reading because a certain friend of mine told me to start reading books. Of course it was Tammy who told me that cause she said "Reading is good for you" and that it's fun. I don't think reading is fun at all because I can't read good. The only time I read is when I'm in school and they make me read out loud, or when I get my new magazines. Other than that reading sux and its boring.

Finally around 7 I got offline and watched WWF Raw. It was funny as hell when Jericho was insulting Stephanie again. Plus Undertaker and Kane won the cage match with no problem. The only thing that got me mad was when The Rock got "Rock Bottomed" by Booker T. Of all people it has to be by some stupid black "sucka". I did not like that at all, and plus Jeff won the Hardcore Championship from RVD. I was hoping that Kurt Angle would win it, but then again I don't care cause that belt is back where it belongs.

After it was over I got right back online and started chatting with everybody again. Actually everybody is on, but I don't feel like chatting cause I'm soooooo tired and I'm going to bed real soon. After JTP signs off, I'm going. Kim will be very mad if I ain't online by 12 still. She will know I'm asleep though, so it don't matter.

OMG my long lost friend Abby just now messaged me. I thought it was going to be Kassi cause she uses her name, but it ended up being Abby. Man it's been FOREVER since we chatted to each other and now we are just talking. She is doing "wonderful" and so is her little sister Mindy. I wish they would get their internet hooked back up, because I actually miss chatting with them. I'm just happy right now cause Abby is back on and it feels good chattin with her again. "It's Been A While" Ok don't mind that part cause I was singing there.

LMFAO! Look at what Tammy sent me through msn messenger. Man after I read it, I was laughing like hell cause this is funny and stupid all at the same time. Here it is:
After jumping unnoticed into a washing machine, a kitten survived a 20-minute tumble in piping hot water, according to a Danish paper.
"He was screaming but I could not open the machine," said the owner.
That's just too funny. Every time I read it, I laugh. I would of laughed harder if I had seen it with my own eyes!

Well I'm going to go now because I got nothin else to say. Laterz!

August 12th, 2001, 8:28pm:

Hello again Everybody. Well I had an exciting morning. Hope all of you had one too cause if you didnt, then that just sux.

Man all I did from 1am to now was laugh like hell with Kim. Man she is sooooo funny when she's mad. Now my stomach is going to be sore by the time I wake up tonight. That's going to suck.

Man the other morning I was standing outside with my night cothes on smoking a cigarette. I was out there for about 10 minutes and man mosquitos bit me all over my right leg. It sux cause it itches like crazy, but I cant scratch it.

11:53pm - Well my day pretty much sucked again because I finally went to sleep around 1:30 and woke up about 5 minutes ago. I really have nothing to put down in here cause like I said, I didn't do nothing.

Well last night I put up a lot of pics of some of my friends. Some of them will hate me for doing that, but it's just a pic and nobody will even know them anyway, so why get mad. Heather on the other hand is very mad that I put hers up cause she said "Take it off or I'm never talking to you again" and so I told her it was staying there, and so she blocked me on all her names, but I don't care cause we always fight over stupid things like this. Only little kids would say that to me, but I don't know and I don't care.

Then my older sister decides to finally get on the computer tonight. I don't what got into her, but she wouldn't let me get on and here I was supposed to get on right when I got up, so that I could chat with Kim. First she checked her mail and then started chatting on yahoo, and finally she got off and I only chatted with Kim for like 45 minutes and then she left, so Kim wasn't to happy about that, but hey at least we chatted.

That was all that happened for today, so I'm going to go now. Laterz!

August 11th, 2001, 9:09pm:

What's up Everybody? Nothing going on here, just decided to work on my journal here. I had a pretty exciting morning. All I did was laugh with my cousins cause they were telling me to drink with them, but I didn't want to, so I came back inside and they ended up following me into my room. To make things worse, I was on the webcam with my friend Heather. They were shouting stupid things into the mic and I wasn't sure if she heard them, but man it was so embaressing.

Finally after they all left, I turned the cam back on, and man me and Heather were being stupid. Man she knows how to get me mad too. Her brother dared her to do something in front of me and I didn't know what it was, so she told me to watch and here she ended up tearing up Kurt Angle and Triple H pics in front of me. Man I wanted to hit her right there for doing that. She could of sent those to me, but noooo she has to go and tear it up.

11:43pm - Hey I'm back. Well my day sucked cause I didn't do a thing at all. I just went to bed around 11:40am this morning and woke up about 15 minutes ago. I got a full 12 hours of sleep and it felt good. I would of been asleep still if my damn sister didn't have to go and wake me up. I don't know why they did, but when I went into the livingroom, my cousin just put his jacket on and left. They probably wanted me to go out and drink with them, but they all know that I don't drink. They need to get that through their head!

Nothing really happened after that, but my friend Tammy told me to tell all of you that she was wearing her new glasses. She is a retard, I dont know why she wanted that to be in here. I think she was on crack when she said that cause she also said that she was "so cool" for wearing new glasses. What a dork!

I think that was all that happened, so I'm going to go before I put you all to sleep with this. Laterz!

August 10th, 2001, 12:04am:

OMG I'm so tired right now everybody. I only had 6 hours of sleep today and that wasn't enough for me. I didn't go to bed until 3pm yesterday afternoon and my mom woke me up at 9pm. She was asking me where my sister was, but I was asleep and I didn't know. After that I couldn't go back to sleep and so she told me to get up cause my aunt and my cousin were here, and I didn't want them to see me asleep at 10pm, so I had no choice but to wake up and get ready. I'm sure my cousin saw me sleeping still, but who cares. I sure don't!

Then my friend Tammy was online and she was writing stuff about me in her journal saying that my music sucks. Well I don't think my music sucks because Staind, Korn, Marilyn Manson, 2Pac, and all them are the best. I think her music sucks because she likes Weezer! I only know 2 people who like that band, and everybody else likes Staind, so I think she got confused there for a minute about my music and her music. Then she was telling me to go to their website, but I told her to go to Staind's and so we both went to them and man Weezer has more stuff than Staind's, but on Staind's they got more cooler pics. At least Staind don't look like nerds, unlike Weezer. In speaking of Staind, I finally added a banner of them on my homepage. If you wanna go to their website, just click on the banner.

Ok my cousin is here and he peeks into my room and watches me for about 5 seconds and then leaves. He does that like every hour and its starting to bug me. He was watching me chat with my friend JTP earlier and he probably thought I was weird cause JTP was cussing like crazy. I bet he thinks that all my friends on here are weird cause of that.

(8)Cause it's always raining in my head, Forget all the things I should have said(8) Oh don't mind that part. I'm just jamming out to my Staind CD. It's on replay and so far I think it played like 5 times already. This CD just rules. Once again I will say that they are betetr than Weezer. Me and my friend Tammy argue over that, so don't mind me saying Weezer sux and all. If you go to her site and read all her journals, she will have Staind sux in every one of them. She is weird like that.

Also I changed the look of my links page. It was too plain, so I added the banners and all to the websites, just to make it look good. Then after I was done with all that I decided to check my e-mail as always.

Right now my friend Charles is bothering me because he knows I'm busy working on this worthless piece of crap. He won't leave me alone! I hate it when my friend's do this to me. Especially my friend Josh. He is a big time nerd and he is always asking me stupid questions on messenger like "Who's JTP?" and when I'm busy him or my friend Tammy would message me and ask "Are you busy?" and Im like "well my status says I am, so yeah Im busy." They do stupid things like that and it bugs me. Tammy ain't that stupid though cause she just always wants me to go to her site, but Josh is the annoying one.

*Yawns* Man I'm getting tired already. If I go to sleep now, I won't wake up till tomorrow around 2 or 3, and my friend Kim will be pissed if I ain't online at 7 in the morning. I already told you all that she got herself a job, and so she doesn't come online anymore at night. When she gets off from work, which is 6:30am, she would get online and chat with me for a while. It just sux not chatting with her at night. I just hope I can stay awake till 7am so that I could chat with her.

8:03am - Well it looks like I made it. I actually had an interesting night last night. I was chatting with everybody online and around 2am my time, they all went to sleep for once. My messenger list was down to 4 and man it was sooooooo boring. Then finally my cousin told me that he wanted to use the phone, so I had to disconnect from the net. I didn't care though cause it was boring anyway. After I disconnected, I went outside my house and I saw my sister and her stalker Seth sitting there. They were smoking a cigarette and just by smelling it made me want one, although it's been a while since I had one. I was just standing there smoking and laughing with them 2 cause they were talking about stupid things. Finally after about 30 minutes of standing outside with my night clothes and without shoes on, I went back inside and got back on the computer. This time there were only 2 people online. I just decided to work on my site a little and change a little bit of this and that. After doing all that I just changed my status to "away" on all 3 messengers and went back outside to talk to my cousin, my sister, and her stalker. Me and my sister were actually laughing together because we were talking about how our friend Marcine peed on herself before. Oh man it was so funny, but I doubt any of you care, so I'll shut up.

Man my friend Rachel just gave me some very bad news. She told me that IBM (Place she wors at) might not allow them to go on to the internet at work anymore, and so she won't be able to chat with me anymore. Man that's going to suck because she is the only one I chat with every morning. Plus me and her are very close friends now and it's not going to be the same once she quits her job. That's if she quits, cause she will only quit if they dont allow the internet anymore. Man its gonna suck if she does.

Also some guy added me to his yahoo messenger this morning around 8. I don't even know him and I don't know how he got my screen name, but he's weird. We were chatting good at first, but then all of a sudden he said "Hello? Say something!" and I was talking, but he would say that same thing over and over and finally I was all "I AM TALKING YOU RETARD!" and so he signs off and then signs back on. He is boring to chat with. We only chatted for about 10 minutes and that was it. How stupid was that? Adding me and then talkin for 10 minutes. Ugh! Sone people are stupid!

Kim finally decided to sign on, but her Dad only gave her 30 minutes to be online, and here we only chatted for a good 20 minutes and he chased her offline. Man I was pissed cause I wanted to chat with her all morning, but noooooo! Also she told me what all happened on Smackdown and boy was I pissed about what I heard. Man at Summerslam DDP & Kanyon are going to get what's coming to them when they face Kane & Undertaker in the cage match. Plus my man Kurt Angle is going to destroy Stone Cold for what he did to his ankle! Poor Kurt! :( I hope he will be ok to wrestle him at Summerslam!

Well I guess that will be all for today. I'm going to go take a shower now before I go to bed, so have a nice day everybody. Laterz!

6:51pm - Wow can you guys actually believe that I'm up during the day?! I finally went to bed around 11:30 this morning and my Mom woke me up at 5:30pm! When she did that, I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to wake up. Plus my cousins are here, and so I couldn't sleep all day like I usually do.

In speaking of my cousin, they went into town today and came back around 3. Around that time I was asleep of course and I woke up because I could hear someone knocking on my window really loud. It kinda freaked me out cause I didn't know who it was and finally my cousin yelled "Seandae open the door" and so I got mad and opened the door for him cause it was locked. I went back to sleep after that, and then thats when My Mom woke me up.

Then finally around 6 I fell asleep again, but then I heard someone knocking on the damn door again, and so once again I had to unlock it for them. Here it ended up being my other cousin Josh. He was asking where everybody went and so i told him. He then asked me why I didn't go and so I told him that I was too lazy and that I never go anywhere. After that he took my CD's and left.

That was all that happened to me this evening, so once again, I'm going to go back to sleep and see if I can without anybody knocking on my window or the freakin door. Laterz!

August 9th, 2001, 3:36am:

Hello again everybody. How was your night? Or day? Well I had an ok birthday I guess. Slept all day and got up and went right back on the computer and decided to check my e-mail cause I had 38 e-mails in my inbox. Most of them were birthday cards, so Thanx to everybody who sent me one, they were cool. After that I decided to update my website here, so that's what I'm doing and I already finished putting pics up, so now I'm just updating my journal for it.

While I was online, I was chatting to Heather and all we talked about was piercing our bodies and stuff and then about getting shots and how much they hurt. LOL she was telling me about a shot she got when she was 5 and I couldn't help but laugh cause it was so funny. I got nothin to say for now, so I'll write more later.

7:14am - I'm Back. After Heather signed off I decided to go and check my e-mail again cause I keep getting birthday cards. Get this, everybody sent me the same card like 6 times. I got about 7 cards from my friends of the same thing and that was the Kurt Angle Birthday card. They all know I like him now, and thats good.

Finally after reading them all, my sister wanted to get on and check her e-mail, so I let her get online to do that cause I had to take a shower. I didn't wanna go around all day and night not taking one because that's gross, so I finally took one around 4:20 this morning and when I got out I got right back online and decided to finish my journal.

Oh yeah I also watched Dr. DoLittle while my Mom was awake. That movie is so funny, you gotta watch it sometimes. If she had seen me online, she would of yelled at me, so I just turned off my monitor and watched the movie. When she finally left for work I went right back to work on this.

I also added a poll to my site, cause I seen one on my friends and so I thought "Well then if she gots one I'll make one", so once again I thank Tammy for that idea.

OMG GUESS WHO FINALLY DECIDED TO GET ONLINE JUST NOW?! My best friend Kim finally got online and omg now I'm not bored anymore. It's been too long since I chatted with her and it feels good chatting again cause Im laughing. She was just telling me why she wasnt online tuesday, and then she was telling me about how her job was going. We just chatted non-stop and it was great to do that again. She just now told me that my man Triple H MIGHT be at SummerSlam, and he will just be on TV. I hope he will be cause it's been so long since I seen him. I miss him.

Then finally right after my friend Kim signed out, my other good friend Rachel signed in and its been like 5 dayz since I chatted to her, and man I was sooooo happy to see her online. I thought she had died or something, but it turned out that the place she works for (IBM) got that code red virus and she couldn't get online all week, but now their computers are finally comin back to them. It must have sucked not being online or anything for 3 whole dayz. I would of gone crazy if my computer cought that virus. I can't live without getting online. I always have to chat with my online friends. They are better than my real friends.

While I was chatting with Rach, I decided to check all 15 of my e-mail accounts and I had a lot of mail. In my old accounts some people sent me cards again, and here I hardly chat with them anymore, but they still sent me birthday cards. Then I keep getting that stupid e-mail with them stupid pictures of the ghost and that guy putting a curse on you. I got that letter like 10 times now.

OMG I wish my sister wouldn't snore so damn loud. It's very annoying cause I would be chatting away and then she would start snoring or she would talk in her sleep. This morning she said "weirdo don't do that" and I was all "don't do what?" and here she just said something else and turned the other way and I was all "Ummm ok I didn't hear you, but ok." I always think she's talking to me every time she talks in her sleep, its very annoying and her snoring is worse. Ok she just now said "stupid it's not done." I wonder what she is dreaming about, that she said that. It makes me wanna put a dirty sock in her mouth, just so I won't have to hear her. She also farts a lot in her sleep too, so my window is usually open at night, so that i wont die from the smell ewwwww!

Well I hope you all enjoyed that, I know I didn't cause I'm boring. I did have a fun morning chatting with Kim though, lets hope all of you did too. Have a nice Day. Laterz!

August 8th, 2001, 7:52am-

Hello Everybody! Well as you all can see, I'm finally done with my website. I worked on it all night last night and now here it is. Now you all know that I got no life cause I'm always on my computer doing stuff where I won't be bored. Well I don't know where to start off with on this thing cause I barely finished my site and all, but I will give it a shot anyway.

Last night I didn't do anything for my birthday because there wasn't anything to do. Usually I would go out and drink with my friend's, but they are all weird and they all got their bf's and some got their own kids, so they couldn't do anything and plus I would rather be on the computer chatting with all my online friends then get drunk.

Also last night I was so bored out of my mind because a certain friend of mine, Kim, finally got herself a job and she works from 10pm till like 6am and so she wasn't on at all last night. Man it was so boring not chatting with her cause me and her are always chatting and laughing like hell. The only person I was chatting with was with my other good friend Kittie. I was on my webcam with her and she kept telling me to wave to her, but I didn't want to. I would feel kind of stupid doing that cause then I would actually be waving at my computer. I know she would see me waving to her, but still I felt weird doing it, so I didn't wave to her at all. Man she was making me laugh like crazy too, but every time I laughed I hid from the cam cause I didn't want her to see me.

After Kittie signed off, I went back to work on this website here and I finally finished it too.

After that I was chatting to my friend Tori and me and her chatted real good cause we were telling each other about how much our step-dad's suck and all. Then she went to my website too and after she saw my Jeff Hardy Bio, we started talking about the Hardy Boyz and all. Jeff is the best lookin one out of the 2.

Well I don't know what else to say so Imma end it here and see if Kim gets online. I will write more when I get back on tonight. Imma be asleep all day, so tonight I will write more.

11:57am - Alright I'm back everybody, and no it's not night, it's still daytime actually and I haven't got any sleep at all. I stayed awake to see if my good friend Kim would get online, but she never did, and so I give up and I'm going to go to bed after I finishing this entry here.

Well this morning I had fun because me and my friend Tori went on our webcams and man all we did was laugh. Man right when hers came on the first thing I noticed was her hair. Man she gots some bright blue hair. It looks cool though. If I were to dye my hair, it would be black and not red, or any other stupid color like the rest of my friends, and I ain't saying that Tori's hair sux cause it don't. I'm just not into things like that, so I would rather dye mine black and leave it that way.

Then me and my friend Nate were chatting for a while and laughing at our friend Liz for liking men who wear masks. He was telling me that she liked Jason, and Kane. I just laughed, but I really don't wanna say anything cause I know Kim will be reading this soon and she is Kane's BIGGEST fan and of course he wears a mask, so I'm going to shut up right now. By the way, kane is one of the best in the WWF!

I forgot to tell you all that my good friend JTP made me a webpage for my birthday. I thought it was one of the coolest things that a guy ever sent to me. I known JTP for a long time now and me and him became very good friends and now he is probably one of the guys I like over the net and the only guy I like over the net. He don't act stupid like some of the others I know, *coughs* VenoM *coughs* Anyway if you wanna see the page he made for me just copy this link and paste it into your location box and see.

Right now I am chatting to my friend Dante and he is actually telling me about WWF Raw. Man he never watches Wrestling, but all I am hearing from him now is "Haha Rock got his ass kicked by Shane of all people" and Im agreeing with him cause it's true and that was embaressing. Booker T kicking the crap out of The Rock was funny to watch cause Booker T is a "Rock Wannabe" I could care less if The Rock got beat up or not! I don't like The Rock and I never will, and plus he needs to get some hair or he needs to go out and buy some Rogain. He is ugly without his hair, but he did get bigger!

Well that was all I did for the morning and now it's really time for bed because I'm about to fall alseep here. Laterz!