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My Friend's

My Friend's At Home & On The Net!

This page will just be about all the friend's I got. There will be a lot to read, so enjoy.

Friend's At Home:
Man I got so many friend's at home that I don't know where to start off at. The list goes on and on, but I think I will just talk about the friends I hung out with the most out of my whole life, so here it goes!

I think that first friend I ever had was Shane. I have known him since I was about 5 years old. I don't actually remember how we met, but I just know I was always at their house being all stupid with him and his younger sister Shauna. Shane was the first person to get me high when I was 9. I just remember sitting in his room smoking a cigarette, and then he said "Wanna smoke this cigarette with me" and here it was a joint. Of course I was stupid back then and I said "what kind of cigarette is that?" and so he lit it up and right when I smelled it, I wanted to try it because it smelled so good. He then passed it on to me and I didn't know how to smoke the damn thing because I thought you could just smoke it like a cigarette, but of course that wasn't how you smoke a joint. Shane then got mad and said I was smoking it wrong and so I said "Well then how do i smoke it?" and so he told me to smoke it like a cigarette, but keep it inside of me as long as I could hold my breath and then blow it out, so I did what he told me to and man by the time we were done smoking that, I was all freaking out on the sky. I was standing on a chair outside and I was just staring up at the sky, and when I looked down, I freakin tripped out big time and fell off the chair and into the dirt. Man Shane just laughed at me for the longest time, and I was also laughing at myself because it was funny to me for some reason. Shane was also the first one to tell me to drink with him. That night he was wanting me to drink, but I didn't want to because it smells nasty and plus you don't know what you're doing when you're all drunk. Of course Shane got mad when I said no, and so they started in on the pressure and man peer pressure is a b!tch. After I finished that one can, he made me drink another and another after that and another until I was finally to the point where I was drunk. The only thing I remember was seeing my older sister Nichole yelling at Shane for getting me drunk. After she was done doing all that, she started yelling at me and asking me why I was drinking. The only thing I said was "Who gives a $hit about that, now give me another beer" LOL. Right now I don't know where Shane is because its been over a year since I seen him.

Now on to my other friend Marcine. I really have nothing to say about the both of us because I didn't hang around with her that much when we were small. I knew her since I was in the 3rd grade, but I was always around Shane as you can see. Me and Marcine are still friends right now, but I hardly ever see her. She lives in Gallup right now with her boyfriend Terry. She would come down every friday, and she only comes over once in a great while. So you know, I hardly talk to her and she hardly talks to me, but we been friends for a long ass time.

There is also Tammy. I don't know how the hell me and her met, but I know that we have been friends for about 4 or 5 years now at the most. Tammy is the one who makes me laugh a lot because of the way she cusses. She don't match cussing. Everytime I would get on her nerve she would tell me "Damn Seandae will you shut the fuck up" and I would just laugh my ass off about it and she would just give me a weird look. Right now me and her communicate through the internet because we are both internet freaks. Well she is not exactly an internet freak because she don't stay on the computer 24/7 like I do. She cleans around her house and she washes her own clothes, washes dishes, and a bunch of other things that I can't even do. All I do is sit at home and get on the computer. That's all I got to say about me and Tammy. Oh yeah I almost forgot, Weezer sucks Tammy and Staind Rules. To see her website, go to my favorite links, and go to the bottom.

Also there is my friend Josh. Josh is a retard that makes me laugh everyday when we're on the bus. I been friends with him since the 7th grade. osh is the type that's into school and like to get his work done so he could be a good boy. That means me and him have nothing in common. Josh is just cool to talk to and is funny to be with. You laugh when your with him.

Internet Friend's:
My first and very best internet friend would have to be Heather. Heather was the one who I always saw in the chatrooms in MSN. I would tell her "Man every time I come in here, you're always here" and all she said was "Yeah I get online at school and right when I get home" and me and her just started talking to each other and thats when I finally asked her for her e-mail address. I added her name to my MSN messenger, but for some reason she would never sign in, and so I finally went back to the chatroom and there she was. I asked her why she hasn't been signing on to her MSN and all she said to me was "huh" and so I asked if she has MSN messenger and she didn't have it, so I told her to download it. After it was done I just started chatting with her there and thats when we both got to know each other. I feel like I could tell her anything and she wouldn't tell anybody about it or say anything because that is how good of a friend she is to me. I told her I dont know how many times my passwords to my e-mail and I told her stuff that I havent told my friends here at home. I think she does the same to me too, because she tells me ALMOST everything about her and what goes on with her life. Every time she is depressed, mad, or something I would try my best to cheer her up. She does the same for me too, whenever I was sad, or pissed she would always find a way to make me laugh somehow. Me and her always get into an arguement about who is better in the WWF. She goes for The Rock and I go for Triple H. So when she wants to piss me off, she just starts talking her $hit about Triple H, and it always happens to work cause i always get mad and we end up fighting. That is just how me and Heather are. Our friend Billy told us that we act like sisters, so now Heather calls me her sister. I just laugh every time she says "Hey sista". One of these dayz I will meet her somewhere, somehow. To know more about my best friend Heather, visit her website by going to my favorite links, then go to the bottom.

There is also Cynthia aka Kittie. I don't remember how me and Kittie met, but I know me and her got along for liking the same music and all. I just remember me and her talking in a chat room about Coal Chamber and she was telling me that she never heard them sing, so finally when she got a mic, I played a song for her and she liked it of course. The only thing is that Kittie likes Weezer just like my friend Tammy. I don't know what else to say about Kittie. I just know that she is one of my very good friends on the net.

Whoa I almost forgot to mention 2 other friends. They are sisters and I met them both on msn messenger of course. First there was April aka Chickenhead! I don't remember how me and April met, but we always chatted on msn and then one night she was telling me that her sister was online all drunk. I told her to invite her into our conversation, so she did and man we were laughing like hell. That was how I met Jean, her sister. They are just 2 crazy girls that make me laugh every time they get online. I talk to Jean the most now though cause I'm always online when she wakes up every morning. They have been my friends for a long time, and so it will stay that way no matter what!

There is Rachel too. I met her in a Triple H club that we were both in and I added her to my AOL messenger and we just started talking non-stop about Triple H. Rachel is the one who understands how I feel every time I am feeling like $hit. Plus I try to be there for her every time she feels like $hit. I really don't know what else to say about me and her because nothing really goes on with us. There is one thing, but I don't wanna bring it back up cause it will make me feel bad all over again for her and I think she knows what I'm talking about. Anyway Rachel is one of my very good friends. WE LOVE OUR POWERFUL TRIPLE H!!! To know more visit her site by going to my favorite links and then go to the bottom.

Finally there is Kim. I met Kim in her chatroom on MSN of course. I just told her the same thing I told Heather and that was "Damn Fire I always see you in here". Me and Kim have been friends for only about a month or 2 now and we already know each other very well and she is obsessed with the WWF like I am. She is so in love with Kane too. It's like me being in love with Triple H, but hers is Kane. Me and Kim chat with each other every night until about 12 in the afternoon everyday. I would help her out with her website by explaining everything to her and tell her where to go and what to do, but I don't mind doing all that because that is what friend's are for. Just like I said about Heather, one day me and Kim will meet like we keep telling each other. We live so close to one another and we have to meet up and watch a WWF show and laugh our ass off at it. The weird thing about us two getting along so well is that she likes Kane and I like Triple H. I don't know if any of you remember, but Triple H was kicking the $hit out of Kane and then Kane kicked the $hit out of Triple H to win the IC title. Kane didn't do it all by himself though, he had help from that stupid Austin. I just hope that one day, Kane becomes the WWF champion because he deserves to be the champ and so does my man Triple H. I think that is all I have to say about me and Kim. All we do is laugh on the computer, especially when we voice chatted for the first time. Man all we did was laugh and when her dad was getting mad at her, it made me laugh so hard. I think that was the funnest night or should I say MORNING that I ever had with someone. Ok I am out of room on here so I better end this now, but yes Kim is my best friend and it will always be that way.

I forgot to mention to you that Nate is also one of my best frends. I met him in a WWF Chat room on MSN of course. First me and him talked about WWF and about our favorite star. Then finally I added him to my MSN messenger. When I first got my computer, I didn't know shit about the internet and what "lol" and all the others meant, so I would ask him and he was patient enough to tell me cause I think I got on his nerve asking him all that. Nate was the one who helped me out with everything on my computer. If it werent for him, I would never have my desktop created with my WWF stars. Plus I remember when I was feeling bad one day, he asked me what was wrong and of course I said nothing was wrong and so he left me alone for a bit and finally when I told him, he understood how I felt. Plus he knows my older sister Nichole. I swear he is in love with her, I dont know why cause my sister is a bitch! Now every time I am on he would inform me about what went on with wwf because I think he knows more about it right now than I do. Sometimes when I am bored I would message him and my other friend Dirk. We would be in the same room and man all they do is fight and it's funny to watch because they are big time WCW & ECW fans, especially Dirk! They like to talk their crap about me and my WWF, but it just makes me laugh the way they joke. To know more about Nate just go to his website by going to my favorite links.
There is also Dirk.  He's my oldest bro on the internet.  Both he, and Nate are always there for me when they know something is wrong or when they know I'm not feeling good.  Every time I chat with them on MSN, I ALWAYS laugh non-stop because of the way the treat each other.  Man they are so mean to one another, but they just joke about the things they say.  Dirk is the one who got me into RVD and now I'm all in love with RVD more than Triple H probably.  Dirk is just a good friend and hopefully I get to meet him soon.
There's my other sister Estel.  Man she is the funniest one out of the rest of my friends.  I swear every time I mention something or when she mentions something, we die laughing.  I remember one night when I sent like 100 files straight of Triple H to her through MSN.  Man every time one file finished she would scream on the mic and then after every other file, she was telling me that she was getting "Turned On" by the pictures.  Man I could not stop laughing at her.  Estel is crazy, but in a funny way.  Her and Kim are the best!

Let's move on to my other Triple H friend now, and that would be Mizzy! Me and Mizzy met in a MSN chat room of course and she was the one who was agreeing with me that Triple H was the best and so we were going on and on about that to the other people saying that he was better than The Rock and Stone Cold. They didn't like it of course, so then finally we added each other to our messenger, and now every time she signs in, I would bring up Triple H or the Hardyz. She gets online to early though, and I am always asleep by the time she gets on, so sometimes when I see her, I would chat with her and etc.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about my other friend Liz. I met Liz in a chatroom and yes, she is one of my friends who loves Triple H too, but now I think she likes Spike Dudley more! Liz is the one who hardly comes online anymore though, so I hardly ever see her. When we first met, she was on everyday, but now that she works, she never gets on. The only time she is on is when she checks her e-mail, but other than that she don't get on anymore. I just remember that one night when she was on, she was all drunk and she called me up and man all we did was laugh and listen to Eminem. All she did was hang up and then get back on the phone again because she thought someone was tryin to call her and she would hit flash and then I would hear "hello?" and man I would laugh and say "It's still me Liz" and she did that about 4 times that night. Other times when we talked, it was always with Nate. She would be on the phone with him and Dirk, and then Nate would voice chat with me, so then all 4 of us would be on talking to each other! I haven't talked to Liz for a while now though, but Nate is always telling me how she is doing, so I guess she is doing good.

I have a couple of other very good friends that all live out in Tell City, Indiana too. The first would have to be Abby. She was one of my first friend's that I met on the net when I first bought my computer. I met her in a MSN chatroom just like all the others. I always use to chat with her, but then one day when I got online, I was chatting away and here it ended up being her little sister Mindy that was on her name, and I got to know Mindy too, but she was the one who ALWAYS got mad at the smallest things, and man me and her ALWAYS fight! Me and Mindy are still friends now and same with Abby too, but I heard that their Mom got their Internet disconnected, so now they have no way of getting online anymore, so I hardly chat with them. The other friend I got would be Kassi. Like all the others, I met Kassi in a chatroom on MSN and we just started talking about Mindy's little stories and we were laughing our ass's off at them. Kassi is the one who informs me on everybody out there and then tells me what has been going on. Kassi is the one that is nice and agree's with me on most things we talk about and plus she don't get mad at every little thing I say or do. Finally there is Madison. Madison is probably the best out of all of them because she makes me laugh and plus we get along just fine and we never fight. The only thing is that we hardly ever chat with each other because I don't think she is allowed to get online anymore either. The only way I get to talk to her and Mindy is when they go to Kassi's house and chat. That only happens every once in a great while. We chat like once every 2 months or so,but other than that, I am always chatting with Kassi cause she hasn't got in trouble yet. Madison right now is going out with her bf Brandon and Brandon is the one who is "hot", and is very sweet. Mindy is going out with Kyle, and I swear man, they always break up and get back together. I remember when Mindy got online and told me that Kyle said she was selfish. LMFAO She asked me if that was true, but of course I was all "umm no you're not" and of course she told me to be honest and so i was honest and she got mad and didn't chat with me for a good 2 weeks. I didn't care if she was mad or not because I heard that she is always like that at school and to some of the girls in school just cause she is the "Popular" girl. I don't know what else to say about all of them because they are all very good friends and like I said before, Madison is the best out of all the others.

There is also Tori Babes. I have known her for a while now and just like Kim, she lives a couple of hours away from me and one day me and her will meet up and get all high together. I met Tori through MSN Messenger cause JTP invited her and HG into our convo and they were all fighting of course, and so Tori added me to her MSN Messenger list and we just started chatting about all the same things that we like. Toir is just a real kool friend cause she is always helpin me out with things. That's all I got to say about her is that she is one kool friend of mine and she always will be.

Then there are Amber and HG. I met Amber in a community that Kittie told me to join. The popular community that everybody just loves to take over. I met Amber and HG in the DIVA community. I just signed on one day and my MSN Messenger said that they added me to thei list, so we just started talking and me and HG always laughed with JTP. I swear we would laugh like hell. Me and Amber chat every night and she wants me to wave to her on my cam, but that won't happen soon lol. Im just glad to have them two as my friends.

I almost forgot to mention my other good friend Nina aka Undertaker. I been friends with Nina for a while now too and I don't remember how we met exactly, but we get along good cause we are both Undertaker fans of course. Only once we got into a fight and that was over Pale. I don't wanna say why exactly, but just for the record, me and Pale never went out with each other. Nina has just been a good friend to me and she scares me now after the fight we had, so I dont ever wanna piss her off again. Me and her talk now like nothing ever happened, Im glad she is my friend.

Finally there is JTP. JTP was the one who made me laugh the most because he was so mean to all the girls he knew, and especially to VenoM. JTP would try to get me mad by callin me names and all, but I just laughed at it because I thought it was funny. He would call me things like "Bitchass, Assfuck, Assclown" and some other names that were funny. I think he was the only guy that made me laugh the most because he would say shit to his girlfriends and to his other friends. Plus JTP was actually in love with me, and he sent me a card one night and all he said to me was "Ok read the text first and then write back to me! Ok bye" and he just signed off all of a sudden. In the card he sent, he was asking me out, and I was surprised because I never thought he would like me. He just told me the reasons why he liked me and all. I actually understood why he liked me. I was the only one who laughed at his jokes, the only one who didn't take him seriously, and the only one he liked to chat with (yeah right). We actually didn't go out because we both knew that if we broke up, our friendship would never be the same again, so we just left it alone. The only time he got me mad was when he sent my pic ;) to Roy. I never thought I would be mad at him, but that night he got me mad, and so to get even with him, I told him VenoM was funnier than he was and that VenoM sent me a lot of files about him. Man that got JTP very mad and so then he blocked me for a couple of dayz. When he finally unblocked me, he told me he was leaving MSN for good and never coming back, but I doubt that. They always come back. I just hope that me and him never fight again.

Imma say one more thing about a very, very, very good friend of mine! That of course would be Kim because she just always has a way of making me laugh like hell when we chat. She just does the funniest things I swear. One night me and her were online chatting as always and that was the night I found out that one of my friend's had passed away, so I was kind of sad and mad all at the same time. When I was telling her about a new WWF poster I got she thought it was cool, until I told her Kane was on it wearing his see-through outfit and that was when she screamed and told me that she was going to go into town to look for it. Around 2 she took off into town and went to go look for that poster and all I did was sign off and I let my sister check her mail and I fell asleep kind of, but then I woke up cause my sister yelled to me "THIS IS A GOOD SITE SEANDAE" and that woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep after that, so I watched TV for a while and got back on cause I wanted to chat with Kim of course. When I was on, she was here and I asked if she found what she was looking for and all she said was "YYYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS" and I busted up laughing like hell. All she told me was that she went to K-Mart first cause it was closer, but they didn't have it, so then she went to Wal-Mart and looked and she saw it and she told me she yelled out loud "YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!" and then she finally realized that she yelled it out loud and so she said she was lucky nobody was around to hear her, and man all we did was laugh that night and now me and her are planning to watch Wrestlemania 2002 together and just laugh our asses off. Kim is the friend that always cheers me up when Im down and I really think she is one of my very best friends. It will stay like this for a long time cause we live about 3 or 4 hours away from each other and yes, we are going to meet! So Kim, I thank you for being such a very good friend and a very best friend. By the way I call her Kane cause she is obsessed with Kane, and she calls me Triple H or Kurt cause I'm in love with Kurt Angle and Triple H! Anyway Thanks again Kane for always being there for me!